Flying to Banff National Park



click the load work the load 18.4 right

the bag was actually 40 pounds that

scale was in kilograms

ludos is that you



wait this is a blog we need someone

what's happening I don't know it's Labor

Day weekend for this whole week we're

going to be in Jasper what's our plan

for today good Playa Calgary yeah a car


yeah today's family a very logistics day

but I mean it'll be fun you know


we've been traveling for 11 hours feels


are you looking up that's fast-casual we

need fast we need casual some class yeah

we're in the cowgirl just best sunset be

part of the energy Calgary welcome gonna

have to pull up okay so we're in the

beautiful town of Banff whoo we got

groceries we just got some beer what do

you think what are your driving in dope

dope I'm excited yeah I feel like we've

been so like in the weeds planning out

what we're gonna do is this enough

mileage I like forgot that it's gonna be

this beautiful amazing place right now

we're headed to golden British Columbia

we're gonna cross the Continental Divide

all week we're gonna be camping

last-minute but we have two nights we're

gonna stay in beds and this night we get

a real live bad people

smells like nature she said she might

leave it on lock tracks she did oh my

gosh this is so cute I can live here

there you go wait so is it upstairs

where we sleep so the catch was that you

had to sleep on back in a tent

Wow been model the kitchen love it I

know they'll kill occasions cool it's

like old school so I get you from the

steps call the friends call the peeps






I'm a quinoa guy on the couscous guy I

don't know where


we got three different types of beer

this is a kelp been thought over yeah

this is what we're starting with because

I said well let's get it over with

it says if there's once intimate that's

constantly repeated among craft beer

drinkers it is this beers good but it

needs more seaweed okay and then we got

two other sleeping Buffalo stout grizzly

paw Brewing Company Canmore Alberta it

looks dark and this is Whistler Brewing

Co black tusk ale I'm



hey what's up out making play good ones

our parents will see see we're not going

to canoe and bam because it's $100 an


literally no joke nor just just showered

oh yeah

so we got to shower is great day one how

do you think you want them I'm real

happy with it we do we're here alive

yeah that's a name come work here in one

piece and our we had burrito spinner is

really good there's up our beer and I'm

pumped for tomorrow I'm excited for this

whole thing to kick off same kick it off

in style fashion grace it's already like

10:30 so we're gonna but you have to go

to bed on 30 minutes ago