GOING TO BENIDORM!!! (vlog 96)


blending video and this one is a super

special video because it's the start of

an amazing adventure because today I'm

gonna bend into them it should be

absolutely amazing I cannot wait it's

reading outside right now it's the first

time in ages that I'm just not being

bothered cuz I know I'm going to a

really nice sunny place hopefully it's

sunny out there I mean that's kind of

what you're fearful but yeah it should

be really good I've got loads of things

planned there

I'll make loads of videos I'm gonna try

and vlog every single day so yeah it

should be great



okay guys we are now at the airport

I can hear lots of amazing I think when

you're done into miss we have Nunda

percent sure we definitely have some

sort right yeah we're at the airport now

so we'll go in get sorted and then jump

on plane


the GED here so yeah

credits of the holiday on the wind nice

Sanford quick change these are the new

shoes guys look at these looking good


thanks a lot

we wondered guys spin is really wool to

stop a fling and cut weights quitting








okay let's put the hotel now show you

all that later on I now wanna go get

something to eat yes yeah we've got some

food yes yes let's go down


okay go stop with really nice I'm back

to the hotel now my family's waiting for

me downstairs so I'll just give you a

quick brief tour of the hotel nothing's

really tidy Gus we're just sort of

getting our stuff together but this is

like mine and my sister's room got two

beds here these need pulling out and

stuff but yeah we've got two beds here

Oh wardrobes and stuff and yeah no this

is a mess but we've literally just got

your dumped everything in gum symmetry

so yeah but a little table here nice

Samsung TV and oh couch to sit on table

here and this is the hover bedroom with

the big bed quite a nice view out here

there's lots of stuff downstairs to do

hang back feel this is the kitchen this

is only small but yeah it's on your

kitchen it's functional it works here

quite nice have you out of that window

and then hook go over here through here

and this is the toilet and obviously

about the shower the tile and then I'll

also sink pretty good now let's go and

look at the best part two adult balcony

look at this look at all clubs and stuff

down there we've got two swimming pools

down here another swimming pool right

here got old bars and stuff along here

the sea is just over there yeah it's

pretty cool

this goes onto my bedroom as well so

I've got a bedroom queen for my balcony

yeah it's nice out here this is a lot

better than I was expecting to be honest

we did only booked like a cheap hotel

this was supposed to be anything amazing

it was just supposed to be getting us

out I mean I'm not bothered I've done

overnight challenges of how but I've

been I can't sleep

I don't need to bed to sleep so yeah any

auto Lu for me but yeah this is quite

nice anyway I'm gonna go back downstairs

to all my family now we'll probably got

some pubs or something I don't know I

will see what we do beautiful school

we're down at the pool now this is the

first one obviously our balconies just

up there this one into deep this is more

of a kids pool but yeah it looked pretty

cool from a little boo-boo and stuff

yeah there's no pause appear that I'll

show you now throughout this cool little

waterfall as you come in alright so this

is the big pool that I'll probably do a

few flips into some other we've got some

music on down there a little bar over


it's a good vibe man there's a little

just of Danny I'm a lot of buffers

playing Sonny his computers there's all

our kids and stuff all together looks

really really fun ok guys now I'm gonna

go for a quick walk while my family just

saw in a few things down and then

yeah I'll be back soon so I've not got

long to love but here we'll just go and

see what's around you

I've not even been out yet so it'll be

interesting to see what's Tanya how be

the first one to see everything I can't

believe what I'm seeing

I've seen McDonald's and Burger King

Simon's right yeah it's literally down

the road Thomas it is a five-minute

night on the farm it's like a two minute

walk away that is amazing

literally right there you can see myself

having a Burger King and maybe a Mac is

quite often on this holiday I've noticed

as well this school is everywhere along

here school isn't more about it's all

over this is the beach right yeah it's

really close let's see water sports like

this they're always good it's probably

good to send some flips as well but not

in the new shoes you got change useful

huh I don't know what that is over there

guys you can only just see it looks like

some sort of playground thing at water I

can see all the lamps in water they look

good you know there's all lights that

way down there so I'm assuming they have

all bars yeah seems good so far just

good bad nor wrong I love those holiday

vibes just amazing so yeah what Danny a

little bit and see what I can see

it looks like this Lord's at war I can't

really say right now girls obviously

it's dark book it morning and we'll see

everything it should be really good

seems it so far anyway but yeah like I

said these limited things a can see so

we'll wait till tomorrow okay so from

what I've seen it's really good only

here besides of the turn back now I

guess I need to get back to all my

family if they want to go out as well I

thought I could look around while they

were like waiting around so yeah right a

little look around and look even more so

mother so I'll go back to them now and

see what we end up doing


so many huge hotels I've looked at loops


I don't know my laws it's been so it's a

bit more risky

I'm have to search it more I don't know

we'll see offender put in it if I did

it'd be really good book

yeah no guarantees guys just a living

Park picking how's it going Sylar okay

with the rest of the family now so we'll

just look around


okay guys were back at the hotel that

about to take my top off I've been

walking on my top off I'm in that warm

it's lovely the way for you

I really enjoyed just looking out it's

been good being able to chill that good

to sleep wake up early tomorrow morning

you're looking a lot more should be

great so yes stay tuned for the next

Locke's idea but we should all be

amazing so yeah for this video that's it

if you did enjoy of Emmet's leave a like

new to tell them subscribe remember to

come because I love comment so yeah

that's it for me I'll see you all in the

body is a blessing girl I ain't trying

to pressure her temperature horrible

song but I am the messenger