Money Saving Tips for BORA BORA

hey guys it's Sebastian and today we are

going to talk about how to save some

money on your next trip to Bora Bora for

this trip we ended up using points and

certificate nights for the hotels and

then here we wanted to save some money

on the excursions and other activities

and food and stuff like that we went

from San Francisco to Los Angeles to fly

to Tahiti and now we are in b.o.b

airports after taking a one-hour flight

from Tahiti for a lot of people if you

want to save money this is going to be

the point where that really starts off

the other big benefit is that even if

you don't care about nickel and diming

yourself this is still the optimal

strategy to me before I dive into

everything if you are someone who likes

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to the channel when you land the first

thing you're going to see is a bunch of

different stalls by most of the hotel

chains before you get here once you make

a reservation one of the things they

tell you was mandatory is that you have

to take the shuttle but in most cases if

we go on forums they tell you that it's

actually not the case

even though they might say it's

mandatory it really isn't the prices of

these shuttles can be pretty expensive

and again it's still not the optimal

strategy even if you don't mind paying

that rates instead of going directly to

the resort what we're going to do is to

go into the main city and then from the

main city go to the resorts if you do it

the other way then you're taking an

extra step and then for a lot of places

you might be paying for a boat ride for

no reason and it just doesn't really

make sense

the reason we're heading in here is

because it's very cheap to buy alcohol

and some other snacks and groceries if

you need anything if you didn't bring

enough also it's very cheap to book

excursions because you're not paying a

premium to the hotel there might be

excursions where the hotels want to tour

to 120 or 150 dollars for but if you

booked it directly with the locals it's

going to be fifty sixty seventy dollars

half the price

we won't be spending a day on the way

I think we waited about 10 minutes for

the shuttle to get here so there is a

bit of a delay but for the most part

they're coming because there's a flight

that landed and they're bringing locals

to bring other people who want to go

into the main city and it's a free

service well jump to some travel vlog

footage but one thing to be careful

about once you get there is not to take

taxi rides just because people are there

they'll tell you lies because they want

customers we'll talk more about that

once we get there though



Oh upstairs


it's really boat ride is pretty short

about 20 minutes and if you don't want

to get wet or take out your camera wets

I'd recommend not going to the Front's

are going upstairs just because the boat

is moving pretty quickly one thing you

guys will notice once we get to the tape

is that there's going to be a few water

drops on the lens that I didn't notice

until editing this video also after

someone trying to do a budget vacation

maybe you're staying at Airbnb ZAR other

smaller properties this is also going to

be the bug or taking the taxi drivers

are waiting by the Visitor Center but

this one was super aggressive and

waiting right in front of the boats we

got pretty lucky because one of the

other taxi drivers ended up telling us

that no everything is open and she was

actually the taxi driver that we ended

up taking afterwards because we kind of

want to return the favor

um it's longer walk around nothing open

yet let's open now hello we are here at

the bank you have the second one at the

post office on the right side second

people within one hour you can do

everything the last year shop with the

first shop rubber bands and the last

shop here is the cross of the farmers

one hour should be good oh yes

what time is supermarket open is opens

with these wait oh they have these here

oh yeah if we want to do stuff in my way

sign up here rather than

somewhere else Elias you keeper them


from those huh yeah usually it's a half

day to the morning first priced at 275

US dollars per minute and full day it's

100 so you had three stuff both no

peeing one at the coral garden what a

new race bald and one in shock spot

factor and then today take cash or

credit card of both movements of the

companies don't have some machine for

the car found not okay but roughly they

come and pick you up in your hotel they

take on the cash because you go directly

to the spot

soon they don't go to the office enough

for the car if you want I can look for

you when you will really know when you

want to do it come back here and I go

there they stay before

ok that's the first to do here the

likely to and after you had the 4x4 to

to visit the inside in the mountains hmm

which one is it there's different

companies they admit this but you seem

to century if you do want to walk around

town and you don't want to carry


I'd recommend leaving the big luggage in

the visitor center yes there might be

some risk but I don't really think it

was that big of a risk and for the most

part it was just closed

we had our cameras and stuff in our

backpacks would you recommend half their

fall day and garden and Oh shucks if you

don't talked about we can access for I

think you mentioned the one secede

mountains is all inside seventy five US

dollars also

a c-cup teacher yes one day part in the

morning at 8:30 and one at 100 you go

all in half and you have you can stop

down the mountains and then do you know

the UM do you have to do gratuities here

we're tour guides you through

traditional percent we don't have a

percentage and then we can leave stuff

here while we walk around okay thank you

in terms of what drawing money I think

it really depends on how many activities

are looking to do these like count slows

as I it's not posed in the next video

we'll walk through all the shots and

show you guys the prices of different

items but I would only come here once I

don't think I would go to the resorts

and come back here afterwards the second

time your goal here is to finish off

everything you need to do whether that

is buying souvenirs booking activities

withdrawing money buying alcohol or

snacks or buying anything else that you

need on a notice souvenirs French

Polynesia is known for their black

pearls so if you are someone who wants a

gift to bring home or maybe you're

buying something for your significant

other that's probably going to be the

go-to gift

depending on the resort you're staying

at the prices and the shops are going to

be different so it might make sense to

shop here I'm not an expert in this

Mandy ended up buying stuff her thoughts

are that the IHG properties so the

Intercontinental properties their prices

didn't really make sense if you are

going to the Conrad though they have

pretty good prices for the brand there

Mandy is the subject matter expert here

so she'll probably do a video in the

future since we are going back pretty

soon hopefully that was helpful and my

question for you guys is if you're

someone who's been here what are your

tips and it for someone who's

considering this what would you like to

see a show off in the future for stuff

like this I have a lot of footage from

this trip so it's just making sure that

I show you guys what you want to see if

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