we're lien Nate

we just landed

captain after 11:00 and he's truly sure

very very pleasant stay here input on

what I goodbye



what is this a coconut coconut coconut

waters we're about to get some lunch

we're all starving



what is this I think this is a speaker

oh they gave this a little speaker

we got the brushes these are really


sir gorgeous look look at this Tara

look at this tub more makeup oh my gosh

that's so cute they made me a little

mermaid oh look at this oh my gosh just

look at her room um how do i how do I

open it ah oh my gosh look out beautiful

you can literally go into the water you

can have your breakfast here watching

the waves and then you come down here

and you literally can just go swimming

here's the shower oh so cool it's so


trying to get at thumbnail so we're

about to go swimming in the water I

can't swim can you touch the bottom no

it is deep its deep wait I can't tread

water are you gonna save me yeah it's

cold yeah it's cold I can't get in here

are you for real let me try don't push


I don't fly steady in the water let's

flat bone no the booty on point boo oh

oh it's cold don't push me

I won't it was just dirt that's

jellyfish it's dirt it's dirt I want to

come in I'm going in FUBU over and out

is the body looking right or not

yeah no no you have to jump in terrible

can you bring your back


yes you got this

hold on let me get it

we just lost it again it's all the way

there I don't I think we have to let it

go boo long outta back

this bird keeps coming back in the same

spot every hour but look it's raining

outside Tara is blow drying her hair but

it's raining oh he wants shelter guys

see all those bugs look at all those

bugs three-night what'd he do

Tara what are we doing we should name

him he looks like a bob he looks like

super cool Tara look at these bugs

though what do we do how do we get him

out if we open the door is it gonna

bring more inside let's just do it

you're bringing more in oh I have an

idea what move of that move okay oh oh

gosh okay all right okay okay okay cool

no my locket

what what we gonna do we gotta turn off

all the lights and then we got to open

the door ready all the lights are out

and then oh if we open this one the plan

is hopefully all the bugs will go

towards the outside he just flew in

there's three that just flew in go

so we just got ready did our hair while

we didn't do our hair because of rays

but is that our makeup we're about to go

get some food

and we're going to like a beach a beach

dinner I guess like a dinner on the



limit drinks good is yours good Terry

you know what happens when the song

comes on what happens not gonna work for


oh she tipsy wait no he's got the hair

look so we are just my eyes and then we

are getting ready we're gonna take some

pictures got my bathing suit on you




locally doing exercises this trip and

maybe one more car - so more piercings

is that normal I need more piercings -

I'm gonna see if Bobby's still there so

this is why this is why Bobby was here

this is the real reason you don't like

us here with Tara eating breakfast I got

some eggs some what are these potatoes

and some bacon Morgan Lane good morning

so we get in on a boat to go snorkeling

mommy we got a little towel we got some

shave run the boat


go to a private island

we're here on the islands a little


and we'll set still go in look how clear

the water is

because we can't swim like it is you

know no life is there clink for the

first time she's doing pretty good

actually guys give her some props


we just got our foods and look it's

literally in a leaf bolt plate thingy



you're stuck boom there's one right

behind you listing all about took on the

water sharks I swear before sharks

videos in a cage now Eddie's want to

swim with the sharks just try boo I'm

more scared the cold water to be on her

for reals


we're at dinner

and I don't know I'm just hungry

like I'm really hungry so

breakfast a omelette with some apple

juice and toast update so we were

supposed to go jet skiing but it was

raining so now we just ordered some food


we've been eating all day long yeah so

we just may eat in got some food we're

on our way to dinner got the fit on

trying to be cute or whatever okay I

don't know where I got this just from

where did you get your outfit from


oh boy forever 20 wanted forever 21 got

the matching says

I gotta take this necklace off its sharp

like I'm bleeding you know look at how

I'm walking like it hurts


mine's excitin so we're having a mermaid

makeup contest right now we have all the

makeup yeah yeah we gotta get in bed cuz

I'm just carrying on just got already

this is the outfit of the night Free

People Steve Madden shoes very boho

today all I know is that as soon as the

center is over break it down you can't

ever both taking our braids out cuz I

just can't it's just too much just too

much but yeah we're running late so tere

are you ready yeah okay we're ready to

go to the goodbye dinner we're really

leaving Bora tomorrow that's so sad we

just got these mermaid

cocktail for a dinner


let me just cut back and I'm finally

taking at my braids oh my gosh it feels

so good to take them out this thing

feels so good yeah

we're literally just taking them out and

just feeling our scalp because it's like

we didn't get a chance of stuff here

either with apple cider vinegar so it's

been really itchy this whole trip I'm

just glad I only have a few braids I

have like eight maybe eight or nine oh

my god - boo well them aren't you

helping me yeah the more the better this

one I'm not gonna do the rub like that

though I think our scalp is actually

sunburned yeah I agree

I just picture having like a whole bunch

how do you do how you get like box

braids out Tara did you did you help me

last night yes I did actually and

there's hours I think

yeah that's torture oh my gosh my

natural natural hair come take the

braids out but um yeah mister curls man

just feels so good I can't wait to wash

it we're gonna swing one last time cuz

we're in Bora Bora cuz you know why not

and yeah in the morning we're gonna