GOODBYE PHILIPPINES! Flying from Manila to MALAYSIAN BORNEO (Kota Kinabalu) | Orangutan time!

we managed to drag ourselves out better

this morning and we're driven to the

nearest town we wanted to just pick up

some water in 7-eleven but one with a

picks up a coffee and an instant oatmeal

so we're gonna eat this hours drive

driving actually it's our very last day

in the Philippines which you're quite

sad about inside Chris Cole Asia we're

going to Borneo but it's quite sad to be

leaving the Philippines so we're going

to need the Sun quickly and then we're

gonna get on the road

just ahead of us on the road is Mount

Arreat you can see it there in the

distance and how incredible is that you

couldn't see it looks like such a

classic volcano it's got like the bit

missing from the top it's so cool

so in going about four and a half hours

now and about two of those hours we've

actually been in Manila or Metro Manila

and the traffic here is so bad but we're

now getting really really really hungry

so we're trying to get to SM City Mall

where hopefully we can get something to


as our last meal before we get to the

airport but this traffic is proving

quite tough so we're running pretty

short on time out

we didn't actually make it

the morning had begin

the traffic so it was getting worse and

worse and worse and we were like it well

Chris weren't taking me to be up like to

drop the car off now at the airport

there should be lots of places to be

and I guess

Jenny Stein's get very unhappy so I'm

gonna find somewhere for us to go and

eat some food

this is in a bit of a ground pound I'm

only recording this so that's a laugh

when she has to come back to watch this

footage later

I'm great I really needed this

this is gonna go quickly so we've got

the garlic rose and lepton Kamali's

which is really tasty no need to be here

quite quick whispers yeah

they was so friendly there and the food

was tasty but we ate it super quick now

we're running that to go through

security hoping there's not a massive

line sometimes happening and it's what

about an hour for our whiteboards yeah

so it should be

we made it through security and actually

the immigration queues were really long

we didn't realize it was going to be

that long so we didn't have that long to

wait I think I bought it on five so

luckily we kind of got through really


we had to wait a little bit as Jenny

said but we're here and now they're

boarding so we don't have to wait long

at them

thank you


again dude


do you know what I actually feel a bit

like until we landed another island we

made it

on the other side got through

immigration and we've been very sensible

and we've got cash out and this time

we've got a different one cause when

were in the Philippines he's both film

is smart and so many places who went

like we didn't have taken off always get

a different one of the two of you

because then at least one of you will

probably always some signal anyway now

we're just waiting for our graph to take

hers into town to our place which is

only about five minutes drive away it's

not very big place tipping we're gonna

plan out what we're doing tomorrow but

we'll be excited to be here in Malaysia

I know when we're in Singapore those are

people and then we flew from Singapore

to the Philippines loads and Malaysians

commented on our video being like why

are you leaving Malaysia you've gone to

like Thailand and Singapore and you've

got like skirt round a country when I

was today but we're here now first of

all in Borneo in the Malaysian part of

Borneo and then we're gonna move on to

mainland Malaysia so a bit excited and

hopefully if we're lucky over the next

few weeks we'll get to see some animals

we're hoping to see some orangutans in

the wild we've got lots and lots plan we

only actually got five or six days in

Borneo and we've got a lot that we want

to do so I'm really really hoping it

doesn't rain but no no like it probably




okay so

we've come to a place we're gonna have

to be really close to the camera because

it's so noisy here you still might not

be able to hear us but come to a place

around the back of our hotel my hotels

really nice by the way they recommended

that we come here which is like local

street food and they also show movies

and we cup concurrently watch and listen

to at the same time which is kind of

distracting but the food is really very

yummy a little bit spicy really tasty

we're probably just gonna leave it here

now because it's so noisy here we're

gonna finish up our food and we're gonna

see in tomorrow's video and we're

exploring a bit of cotton candy bar