Microsoft Flight Simulator Los Angeles Gameplay Tour 2020 [Xbox Game Pass] - Disneyland Too!

roger this is your sky captain speaking

we're going for a nice scenic tour of

the city of los

angeles and the surrounding cool area

and with this tour i do actually have

experience as i

used to go there yearly for e3 that

streak was obviously broken this year

due to the pandemic and with that we're

able to visit the city the only way that


can this year and yeah it's kind of

exciting to be here and hopefully go

over a number of the cool spots and

landmarks if you do notice that i'm

missing anything cool

be sure to note that if you'd like to

see me visit anywhere else in the world

leave a comment if i fly over your house

say something like that because it's

kind of cool to

read those comments where people are

like wow you're actually flying over

where i live because this game

has the entirety of the world available

i do hope you enjoy the visuals we are

on ultra settings

with an rtx 2080 ti and a 9900k

just keep in mind that this is quite

demanding to record and also show off

the gameplay at this level

so if there are performance tips and i

do apologize for that but i think this

is the kind of game where you

can sort of get get away with those kind

of things

but yeah let's enjoy a nice scenic and

easy going to where we're going to first

head over to the los angeles downtown


which means we got to go through the

inglewood section

and over there is the satellite santa

clarita area

which you might have heard of from the

santa clarita diet

and uh down that way we've got the

supreme beaches

and a number of other areas such as like

san diego and that

so that's down to right over there and

this is one

big mega city hopefully we'll be able to

fly over to the beaches to a degree

and i hope you enjoy this tour it will

be a nice and relaxing one i do

hopefully promise that and let's begin

so this is like the main road i believe

i take every single time that

i'm picked up my buddy grabs me from the

airport which is

really nice i think he's done that

almost every time

i do thank him for that and for

assisting me when i get into the city

so i do believe that is the main road we

go down and it's got a bit of a

speed thing on it you can actually pay

to go faster down it which is kind of

unheard of

with a particular area that i live in uh

just because that would

get shot down so fast but uh it makes

sense for

what's going on in los angeles and i

think that's another

smaller runway airport area probably

just an airstrip but

yeah you get the gist of what i'm saying

uh so this is the inglewood area

kind of cool lots of density within the


it just goes on and on and on kind of


we are going to be making a bit of a

left turn as we head towards the

downtown of los angeles and the

hollywood area

because we want to obviously talk about

that section now while it would be cool


bring a big jet in here to whip through

this area fast

you just can't appreciate the sights as

much as you can in this

beautiful red-colored plane that i have

kind of been using for my tours

it's just charming and i definitely

enjoy giving it a whirl

so it will take a little bit of time in

order to actually get to the downtown

area but i hope you enjoy these sites

and the buildings that we get to

experience along the way

while we are making our way over there

and i hopefully i'll be able to talk


some of the buildings that we will

encounter on our way

down this very long strip of road seeing

that main road over there up ahead

being kind of a key you know sort of

section that leads us into the downtown

of los angeles you'll already

be starting to see in the distance there

the the university

area university of southern california

kind of a

big section and yeah you'll see that on


left of the major road artery which is

kind of like a highlighted

spot very neat very cool

indeed and there's a lot of kind of

cool little landmarks along the way

as my plane takes a slight dive that was

totally calculated in order for us to

adjust our elevation totally

procedure and a classic why move

100 percent that is true

and it'll take us just a little bit

longer to get over there but we can take

a look at the outside

seeing the tons and tons of buildings


are present if you do see other planes

there's a lot of traffic because the

game is now out and other people

are flying around which i think is

really really quite cool and it should

take us

not too long to get over to that area of

the university which i believe i

end up driving around due to the


it has to all of these other locations

that i visit when i am actually

going to uh

big events that are in the downtown area

such as e3

and you know we do conferences and stuff

the xbox conference if there's a

playstation conference

we'll usually check out the different

buildings i've been in like the gallon


and uh this beautiful one the name kind

of escapes me

right now uh i don't think it's the

globe but it's got this


i can't even remember the name lawrence

of arabia

style look to it which is absolutely

just gorgeous it is

such a beautiful beautiful theater area

truly charming and a pleasure to be in

there each time that i am

able to i believe that's close to the


yeah that's the university it's fairly

large i think i don't know in my opinion

it's quite a big

spot a lot going on there a lot to see

actually i think that building might be

the one

that i'm talking about it's hard to 100

tell from this uh vantage point it is

neat to actually see the city from the

spot though all the little details of it


fairly well done so coming up here we do

have the

las vegas convention center and that's

where e3 takes place

and the staples center too so kind of

big landmark areas i think there's like

a staples under one of the overpasses

here which is kind of funny i've been


i get stuff printed off but uh yeah i've

walked those halls

many many many times kind of going down

that main drive section there it's kind


just nuts to see it like this and like

some of the buildings along the side are

really cool

but yeah that's the e3 area

very nice a shame i did not get to visit


this particular year and we are

crashing and they usually paint the

adjacent buildings i think that's

actually one of the buildings i spend a

lot of time in they do meetings

there which is kind of funny so you go

from e3 over to that building and then

they put

on that building i've been in that hotel

too usually put on the wall

uh some like big painting like doom or

something usually gets that spot which

is kind of cool

here's the main downtown i've walked

through it many times for

various means uh kind of a really dense


and you know what i expected it actually


kind of be bigger if that makes sense

like i know it's all one big massive

never-ending metropolis but

uh yeah i did expect this particularly

to add more skyscrapers to it it's

always under construction though so

there's new stuff popping up

just uh an interesting thought and it's


usually ever this green i've never seen

it this green so that's worth

uh mentioning i think we're going to be

heading over

to not that per well we can fly over

there but we're going to be heading over

to the hollywood section which is more


to the left but i think we should fly

over this spot because it

kind of looks important there's a canal

area so you might have seen that number


you know movies and everything like that

it's kind of a little spot

this lovely area which is i believe

dodger stadium and a historic

los angeles park that's kind of cool a

little football stadium to the

right there too i don't know if it's an

important one

sorry and we'll continue on so that's

glendale over there we're not gonna

head over to that section we are going

to fly over to the

left as we make our way towards

hollywood and yes we are definitely

going to be seeing

the hollywood sign i do kind of want to

go down

uh the main road here that takes you to

that section i think we'll fly around

the middle of it i just don't want to

miss any of the

the little like theaters like the tcl

and everything like that because

i think they're such historic spots that

are part of like hollywood and i have


in the dcl for like a


i don't know what the thing was there

was some kind of party i was

invited to or dx or something like that

they had

it was when overwatch was like just

really kicking off and they had tracers

that would bring you into the

place and you get to see you know all

the the handprints and all that

just the hollywood main hollywood strip

area is really kind of cool

i think that's kind of over here to a


we don't want to miss the important

spots to our right we will definitely

fly by over this again and

visit a little bit more kind of in depth

we do that so we're just gonna take a


cut over to the right here because


an important little spot uh right up


i believe this is one of the more iconic

locations right that right down there in

the uh

griffith park area and the observatory

which has been seen in

many movies and films and references and

so many things

you know actually glendale's a pretty

big spot too all these cities are really


and apologies for any performance dips

at this particular point

and it is quite demanding on here

so there it is a lovely little location


really would like to go there at some

point but i never have time when i'm


at my e3 trips they're usually quick

fast to the point

and there is if you've been noticing it

coming up that is the

hollywood sign that's kind of

cool i think it's kind of a

neat little spot to fly

over and

see yeah

there is the plywood sign which we'll

try to get a

little bit down closer to so you can see


more in depth and a super rich

neighborhood i'm guessing

i don't know it'd be cool to see that up

closer i think i've seen it in the

distance but never like

too close i don't think you can really

go up there or anything which would make


i think this is also a bit of

a well-known area here

too that we might be worth flying over

just to show it off

again there's like a lot to see

uh in los angeles so we're trying to you

know hit the the

key points so apologies if we've missed


uh truly scarring in that regard

i think this one is also worth showing


because it's a bit of a special

area to your degree yeah i think this is

a bit of a

universal section

that's that water world down there

that's kind of a cool area

and now we begin our wrap around

uh using little barrel rolls in order to

achieve that

and we're gonna head down this

main road because that's gonna really be

our anchor point in

showing off some of the the key

buildings that i wanted to

uh present because i thought those were


and then we're gonna go ahead downwards

uh beach wise

all towards the beach and we're gonna

kind of go on there and sorry this is an

extended tour

i hope it's somewhat uh you know calming

and stuff to watch

not too intensive just because it is

something that is a little bit of a


tour so you're seeing these clusters

of bigger buildings this is kind of

making up that

uh key hollywood section and i don't

know how detailed it's gonna be but

we're gonna

be careful kind of getting in here


i hope this is showing it off all right

see kind of some main uh building spots

that i don't think are well presented

due to the

elevation we're at so i

think we finally got the right kind of

area set up here for some of the more

uh iconic buildings and stuff just

hollywood over there

i've been having a lot of trouble

kind of setting this up well enough to

show off some

iconic places and i i hope this

will kind of give a close enough angle

of those particular we spots

towards them and yeah there's just a lot

of density

a lot of stuff going on here that it's

kind of hard to

really get all the key spots

and to not have any problems when you

are crashing your plane

totally did not happen relaxing

to transition easy going time

and we are just flying over nice and


to try to showcase some of the cooler


it should be right there because that's

got the dolby's eater and everything

there we go nice iconic spots

will be theater and all


and now for our bonus addition to this

tour we went a little bit far away over

to anaheim

and we will be showing the most magical


on earth that's right we're all the way

over here

at disneyland that's right

both sides of it strangely covered in

trees makes it a little bit

harder to see but we're going to be kind

of going in deep

so that hopefully you can appreciate the


of the park

and all of the key little locations that

are present within it


definitely a lot greater than i thought

it would be oh does the castle

really well it kind of stands out

now there's disneyland