Things You SHOULD KNOW Before Visiting ANDORRA

Hello Guys, we are in London, but we are going to Andorra Andorra is a country and is in Europe

but Andorra doesn't have airport if you want to go toAndorra you have to fly to

Toulouse in France and then drives to Andorra or you should go to Barcelona in Spain, we chose to fly to France

if your flight is departing from B or C gates please board the next available

train from either platform

this is our car for five days actually we are on our way to Andorra, we rented it

at the airport it was so easy. It should take us two hours to Andorra

If we don't stop but I think we are going to stop more

hopefully it will be two hours

Did you know that Andorra doesn't have National Bank it never had

and actually never had its own currency Andorra is not part of you EU or eurozone

but the currency is used in Euro. That makes it easy

we are right now in La Vella, the capital of Andorra which is the highest

capital city in Europe

I've seen in Google many people are searching and asking if Andorra is a safe country or not

well actually Andorra is really safe and peaceful why I'm saying that because I

have evidence for that Andorra hasn't been in any war for

almost 1,000 years Andorra didn't take any part in world War 2 either

Do we have any country like this I don't think so

if you have European SIM card and you

think that you can use it in any European countries yes you can

But this is not a case for Andorra, because Andorra is not part of EU

And for using your European SIM cards here you should pay roaming charges which is not cheap but this

is not a problem because whenever you go you can find Wi-Fi like hotels, restaurant and anywhere. I didn't have issue

In Andorra you can use Visa and Master cards but if you are like me the customer of American Express you should leave it at home

because here they don't accept American Express almost anywhere

Did you know Andorra produces a lot of tobacco and

because this country is tax-free is heaven for whoever smoks and there

We don't smoke, but if you do this the country you should come

because it's cheaper than anywhere in Europe

Andorra is so popular for winter sports. As you can see now we are in

cable chairs and we're going up yo ski. Andorra has the most tourist per capita in

the world which means that eighty percent of the income of the country

comes from tourism and you see more tourists than locals. Another fact Andorra

is the only country has Catalan as the official language but It doesn't mean

that when you go around and no one speaks other languages because it's so touristy

because it's close to France and Spain most of the people speak

spanish, catalan, french, and English

even though you see Andorra in the winter in this video, but Andorra is so popular even

during the summers and there are lots of activities you can do during summers like

mountain biking and hiking and you know it's Mountain you can just enjoy anything in nature

right now if we are back in France and we just crossed the border I

hope you enjoyed this video same as always thanks for watching and if you

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