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situated in a place of outstanding

beauty Lake Garda has long been

appreciated and enjoyed by locals and

tourists alike Lake Garda just a few

kilometres from the city of Verona is

the largest of the Italian lakes




pastiera del garda is a river in Lake

town near important routes to the Upper

Lake region

Verona Mantua and Brescia peskier arises

where the waters of Lake Garda and to

the mean show the river which flows to

the Po Valley after having dug its

course to the marina kills


the town center of Ischia is a special

attraction indeed four was built in the

middle of an enormous fortress in the

form of a five-sided star and is

completely surrounded by water


among Porticus splendid

buildings slender towers and picturesque

little streets lined with artisan shops

peskier has maintained its ancient

traditions the unique atmosphere of

peski eras many cobblestone streets

invites the visitor to take a stroll and

admire its many ancient buildings and

their charming architectural details





on the other side of the castle is a

charming pedestrian zone of the small

historic Center strolling leisurely

around the village centre taking a boat

ride or exploring the breathtaking

natural surroundings by car bicycle or

on foot are some of the best ways of

enjoying the lively atmosphere the lake

and the beauty of the town


fascinating example of a town still

largely contained within its medieval

walls lies easy looks out from the

eastern shores of the benek oh where the

lake is at its widest at the foot of the

hills that form the marina camp a

theater of Lake Garda

impressive relics of its medieval

splendor have been preserved including

the Magnificent castle and the scaliger

was that still enclose the historical

center beginning at the end of the 12th

century Lhasa was acquired by the

scaligeri Verona's ruling family only to

be taken away by the Visconti it later

fell under Venetian dominion and would

live through various vicissitudes until

the unification of Italy


a straw through Aziza reveals a

characteristic streets of the center

which bear witness to the architectural

styles of a former era but which

continue to give the town its unique

atmosphere for centuries lazier has been

a holiday destination as can be seen

from the town's splendid villas it is

pleasant a straw through the town's

medieval streets lined with boutiques

artisan shops and wine stores


la ziza was once an autonomous town

under the Romans with a port used for

commercial traffic with the entire lake

typical fishing boats are moored in its

picturesque and charming little port


an alum go la hesperia a path reserved

for pedestrians and cyclists extends

along the lakeshore the passage at

arrival Unga or stroll along the

lakeshore stretches from Lhasa to garden

beyond for nine kilometres of shoreline

nearly to Punta San Basilio with its

wealth of history and remnants of bygone

eras la zis is certainly one of the

oldest towns on lake garda



located at the center the Revere of the

olive trees on a gulf between Mirabel

low and corny charlo Pardo lino is one

of the most enchanting towns on lake

garda strolling through the center of

bodily no one happens upon the typical

streets that bear witness to the

architectural styles of an earlier era

and today I'd color in life to the

town's atmosphere


nestled between towering hills and

vineyards this resort town has given its

name to one of Italy's most popular

wines Bardolino has it all from ancient

origins to picturesque pastel coloured

buildings and a lovely position on the



the main street in piazza Matteotti lead

to the parish church of since nicola and

Severo this magnificent Church in the

Corinthian style with white prone airs

is the worker Bartolomeo Julie Ari


Lake Garda spreads over parts of three

regions the province of brush and

Lombardi the province of Verona in the

Veneto and the province of Trent in

Trentino RDJ the northern end of the

lake is elongated in shape where it

pushes into the Alps mountain chain

while its southern end widens and

extends to the Veneto lombardi regions

where it occupies a portion of the Po



another enjoyable way to move about the

lake is by boat one can travel from one

town to another aboard speedy hydrofoils

and catamarans or taking the tranquility

the lake offers aboard a slower cruise

boat the lake is an ideal place for

those who like to win surf sail or canoe

but also for those who enjoy pleasure

boating sport fishing and swimming