PERFECT day in SAN SEBASTIÁN Basque Country

¡Aquí están! ¡Aquí están!



Good morning, guys. It's 8 am.

We are going to spend the perfect day

in Donosti, San Sebastian.

And that begins at Playa Zurriola

with a surf session out in Gros.

We're meeting up with our friends from

Pukas Surf Shop.

Aitor and Dama are going to get us some boards.

And then we're going to hop in the ocean

and start this day off right.

Yeah, there are some waves, man.

It's going to be fun. [Vamos]

Nothing like the smell of a surf shop in the morning.


Got this nice little Pukas 5'8" pintail.

The wave here can be difficult.

There's a lot of current.

A little bit more foam is always a good call.

We're suited, booted, and headed to the water.

Oh yeah.

Thank you for a fun, little session..

Ok chicos. - Eskerrik asko. Thank you

Bye Dama. Agur

And now it's time for a little breakfast.

The breakfast of choice for us is a tortilla de patata

with a cafe con leche.

And the best place is our opinion is Cafe Zabaleta.

Bar Zabaleta in Calle Zabaleta.

You're right. That's what I mean. Let's go.

So guys, you may be confused......

tortilla is not like in Mexico.

A tortilla here is eggs, onion, and potato.

The reason that this tortilla is so delicious is

that it is simple.

But it is done with his secret touch.

Nobody really knows how he does it,

but it's delicious.

It looks like photoshop.

The reason these eggs are so yellow

is that they use them straight from the caserío

and it's really gooey on the inside.

Key points.

Breakfast completed.

Couple key points about the city:

First things first, the name: San Sebastián

In Spanish, Donostia.

In Basque, both names mean Saint Sebastian,

the Christian martyr you can see in front of the main church.

One of the coolest things about Donosti

is the geography.

It's got three mountains,

two bays, one river, and an island

with the old town situated on a penisula

right in the middle.

The heart of the city is the port and the old town,

which was a walled, fortified city

until it was occupied by Napoleon

and then burnt down by the British

when they were trying to kick him out in 1813.

And now it's the European Capital of Culture for 2016

And after having traveled all over the world,

it's still our favorite city to come to visit.

We've just made it up and over

the back side of Monte Urgull,

and we're coming down on the ocean-facing side.

It's beautiful back here, you guys.

Nobody ever comes back here.

It's a temperate rain forest.

There are ferns everywhere.

It's nice and cool

You're in the trees.There are birds chirping.

And there's a cool, little graveyard

We'll swing by there out on the Paseo Nuevo

around the point of Monte Urgull

and back to the old town for lunch.

We're in the English cemetery,

which I think is a pretty cool place

because it's overlooked by a lot of visitors,

but it's really important to the city's history.

The battle between the English and the French

is commemorated every January in La Tamborada Festival

which commemorates the day the city was destroyed

and then later rebuilt into what it is today.

We're going to head back down to the path,

over to the Paseo Nuevo

and around to Playa de la Concha.

Let's go.

This has to be one of the most

picturesque corners in San Sebastian.

You have the whole view of Bahia de la Concha.

You've got the island,

and then you have the ocean coming in

just taking over these huge chunks of rock.

Not to mention all the art work.

You have this one here, "Construcción Vacía" by Jorge Oteiza

and across the bay you have

"El Peine del Viento" the Wind Comb by Eduardo Chillida

both Basque sculptors.

It's like the intersection of natural beauty

and man-made art that's really accessible to everyone.

Another one of the reasons why

Donosti was named Culture Capital of 2016.

It really is the cultural capital of the Basque Country,

and that extends this year to all of Europe.

Well let's be completely honest, guys.

One of the best things to do here is

to sit on a bench and chill.

People watching is the number one activity

in Donosti.

I actually think the number one thing to do in Donosti

is to eat.

But the place we're going next,

you can eat, people watch, and sit in a park.

So, Bro. Let's go to Plaza Gipuzkoa

Bideluze. My favorite place.

I love this.

Can I get some of your goat cheese?

One little piece?

Post lunch. How you feeling, Brother?

Ready for caffeine. Nice.

We are going right here to my favorite

Bohemian coffee spot, Kohtao.

We were lucky enough to run into

one of the great personalities of San Sebastian,

El Grande P.J. Kahuna

If you're lucky, you come through San Sebastián

maybe you'll find our homie here playing a concert

at Koh Tao.

We've had a nice little lunch.

We've had some coffee,

and now it's time to head over to Playa de la Concha

and hop on some stand-up paddle boards.

We're going to meet up with our buddy Kike

and go for a little tour of Bahia de la Concha on a sup.

We're going to grab some stand-up paddles,

and then we're going to head out to the island.

It's a nice little paddle.

And I think we're bringing some beers.

Yes. Vamos.

Apparently two dolphins just showed up here in the bay.

We're going to go see if we can check them out

without spooking them too much.

We told you this is going to be

the perfect day in San Sebastián.

Look at that, man. We've got dolphins.

Salud, Kike.

Well our stand-up paddle session is over.

It's getting a little late.

It's 8 pm which means it's time to eat.

We're heading back to the old town...

few beers, a couple of bites to eat.

It's going to be dope. Stay with us.

We've grabbed a couple of friends.

We're heading to the old town,

and we're going to go to one of our favorite

pintxo bars, Bordaberri.

Bordaberri is a really great place,

very highly elaborated pintxos.

Good vibe. It's right on the main party street

Fermin Calbetón

This city has a ton of Michelin Stars.

I think it has the most Michelin Stars

of any city in the world, except for Paris.

The pintxos are the most accessible way to do it

And there are also more bars per square meter

than anywhere in the world in the old town.

Cheers. Topa!

This little beauty right here is a pig's ear.

Basically, "Donostia is la hostia." [Donostia is the best]

We love this place.

We hope this video will help show you

why we think Donosti is just a great place to visit

and deserves to be Capital Culture for the year 2016.

How long have you wanted to say Donostia is Donostia?

Forever. I say it all the time. It's my saying.

Anyway, guys. It's been an incredible trip.

We have had such an amazing time in the Basque Country.

And hopefully our passion for this place

has come through these videos

and has inspired you to come check it out for yourself.

The Basque Country is extremely complex

and interesting place.

It's more than we need to explain in simply these videos.

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And don't forget.

Big "eskerik asko" to all the Basque Country and to

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And in the meantime, stay curious,

keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road.