welcome to Santorini this island is best

known for its stunning views of the

water amazing sunsets over iya and for

its famous volcano in Santorini you can

find some of the most luxury and

expensive hotels that are in Greece some

of the main areas to stay here include

iya which would be the most expensive

and then you have fear out which is the

capital of Santorini and found right in

the middle

and since fira is the hub of the island

you'll have easy access to everything if

you stay here and then there's kind of a

new up-and-coming area for more boutique

hotels in Akrotiri and even though this

area is kind of far out you will be

situated near some popular tourist

destinations such as the red beach the

archeological park and the lighthouse so

definitely something to consider and

then I will leave some resources for

even more areas around these main areas

that you can check out in the

description below since there are a lot

of different areas to visit in Santorini

you're going to need to figure out some

transportation options there are a few

ways to get around the island and the

most affordable being the bus which is

actually a really nice air-conditioned

bus that is mainly just tourists the

best part of it all is it just cost a

few bucks to get to different parts of

the island you can also hire a driver or

rent your own car or a TV now there's a

lot you can get up to on this island and

spending around two to four days here

will allow you to see everything and

have some time to relax as well from

dining out one of the many Greek

restaurants on the island - doing a day

trip to the volcano there is definitely

a no shortage of both relaxing and

adventurous activities here so

definitely make sure to add Santorini to

your list of places to visit Greece

good morning everyone and welcome to

century nice so we're almost there it's

just right up there we're gonna be

taking a little cable car


so to run a cable car up it costs six

euros one-way so we're gonna go visit

the excavation site first with all the

runes and it's about 25 minutes to get

down there from thira which is where we

are now and that's where you get the

cable car from so on the first day that

we were there we hadn't figured out the

bus situation yet so we actually ended

up hiring a private driver it did take

some searching around to actually find

one with a reasonable price the first

tour company that we walked into said it

was going to be 300 euros for the day

which is way too high in my opinion so

make sure you look around we actually

ended up walking into a random hotel

that had a tour company in the lobby

that I will leave in the description

below and the guys that he would do it

for 40 euros so he took us on a half

detour around Akrotiri and then drove us

to iya and even though the bus would

have been substantially cheaper having a

driver was kind of nice and our guide

was fantastic and gave us so much

interesting information about Santorini

so our driver just stopped off right

before getting to Akrotiri and there's

the lighthouse right there and an

absolutely stunning view of Santorini it

is a 12-year old mission field

we've made it to Akrotiri

which is ruins of the old city that

Megan I think was destroyed by a volcano

we're not sure but it's actually all

indoors which makes sense because it

keeps it protected from all the elements

but it's really really cool this thing

is huge and goes all the way back there

so this right here is actually a storage

room and these huge pots stored food so

if you like swimming there are a few

beaches in Santorini that are quite nice

to come for the day so we're currently

at Red Beach there's also white Beach

and black Beach and kind of surprised

throughout the island a lot of the tours

as well do include trips to the red

beach is paid 10 euros I got a nice

mocha lodging a little bit coffee chips

the project wander around yeah our

lovely guide has been showing us a bunch

of the best photo spots thank you so

much for today you were wonderful we'll

do them go yeah please thank you and if

you guys want a bucket sure with him I

will leave his info below

so we've arrived for a dead red bicycle

mezcal drink it's called the coup

numbers but we just watched a bit of the

sunset and this is absolutely

breathtaking here honestly Santorini I

think is probably my favorite place I've

been so far in Greece because I have

never been to three places I'm excited

to come back and explore tomorrow we

actually have all of tomorrow to go

around we're gonna spend most of it eeya

which is where we are right now and see

more of the white buildings and the blue

domes and apparently we found out that

the reason everything is shaped like a

dome here is so if there's another

volcano eruption that it kind of easily

falls off and it's more structurally

sound basically


we've got our first course we have the

bread with olive oil and salt and the

octopus so I've never talked to us in my

entire life Dickerman yeah and what's

your verdict it is not as I mean is just

attempt to basically freak you out but

it obviously does not taste do banana

and map

I'm in training it's also really cool

when everything gets dark you can see

all the pools that are lit up such a

nice view we figure know where the local

bus stop is so we believe it's just

right here good morning everyone and

welcome to a brand new day in Santorini

so we just took the cable car up from

fira and we're actually like chasing

after the bus right now we figured out

where the local buses because we took it

last night see they saw so we're going

to actually take that into iya today

because it's way cheaper than a cab and

just makes more sense it's also a really

comfortable boss in some countries it's

like graffiti old buses and you're like

uh I might just prefer to take a cab



just been wandering around we're just

trying to find a few good places to take

photos because in Santorini you know how

to take at least a few instrument photos

but a lot of the good spots are either

in the hotels or you have to pass

through gate that says private property

which I know is kind of like I don't

recommend this they're doing it all the

time and I literally hate getting in

trouble so I always just like hope that

no one's gonna get mad at me because it

makes me so uncomfortable I do think it

is kind of respectful to go into

people's roofs because a lot of people

will sit on people's like house roofs

and then we saw so many people yesterday

like get trouble


so we've just been wandering around yeah

and it's actually quite hectic it's kind

of funny because everyone like everyone

is trying to take photos there's like

wedding shoots there's just every type

of camera you can imagine you might go

get something to eat there are a ton of

restaurants here so many different types

of food I've been looking for this

fried cheese called saganaki that I

always get this Greek restaurant back

home so that's kind of my plan for the

afternoon so I just looked up a

restaurant on TripAdvisor that

apparently is the number one for Greek

tapas here so you just have to walk

behind the main road area and you come

across this place called nella tini

best day ever this is what I was looking

for a pasta - the prices here are very

reasonable the spreads cost you about

four euros and then the oven baked

cheese for example is 8 euros stone oven

so update on the second Omni it is

absolutely delicious this place is on us

a really good and definitely worth it

coming and checking out so that meal

cost us 36 euros and we got two things

the cheese some tzatziki shootings of

pita two waters and a lemonade so there

was a really long line for the bus and

so some guy was walking around being

like I'll give you guys a ride to Fiera

for five dollars and there's a big group

of us here since everything is so high


on literally an etched outside of the

road there's a cart tell you to go to

just taking the cable car down and are

currently waiting for our little tender

boat to take us back to the ship we've

been doing a 7-night cruise on the

celestial cruise line

I won't leave their information below if

you guys want to check out the exact

cruise that we did but our time in

Santorini has come to an end I'm very

sad to leave I definitely want to come

back at some point and actually stay in

Santorini because it is absolutely

breathtaking here but if you guys

haven't subscribed it definitely make

sure do so and you can check out my

other vlogs I have in Greece I will

leave those all links down below and

I'll see you guys in my next video bye