Sorrento, Italy | Tour of The Amalfi Coast

so we left Naples and took a train down to the Amalfi Coast a stretch of

coastline in southern italy known for its cliffside terraces turquoise waters

and unbelievable views since we booked on a whim it was much cheaper to stay

somewhere between Italy and the coast so we booked an Airbnb in Castellammare di

stabia on our way to the dream that

that within the powered in there

after a quick break we took the hour-long train ride into Sorrento the

Gateway to the Amalfi Coast the Amalfi Coast is known for being expensive so we

went to a market and bought what we needed for a cheap meal and some wine

one way to save money is to come to an alleyway like this or to the beach and

make your own sandwich we've got some salami some cream cheese some lettuce

and we just made sandwiches for about four years

what do you mean Wow

because of the shape of this Cove from here we could see the whole Bay and it's

turquoise waters the houses and restaurants above and a beach below we

stood here for a long time taking it in

hey we're in Sorrento

with its location on the north coast of the peninsula sorrento is perfectly

situated looking over the bay of naples and melt vesuvius what do you think of

sorrento so far

you can smell lemon in the air because Sorrento is known for its lemons and

it's also where the limoncello comes from one of the famous drinks of Italy

this is newschannel the chorus writer a journalist later so we're in sorrento

one of the most beautiful places in Italy and Italy is one of the most

alluring places in the world so I think that means sorrento oh it is one of the

most beautiful places in the world

we made our way down to the water for a new perspective

so here in this region you have black sand beaches because of Mount Vesuvius


Sorrento is the perfect place to get lost in its narrow streets and alleyways

where you'll discover colorful shops and truck Turia's most likely you'll find

your way into an amazing view

so Sorento is kind of the Gateway to the Amalfi Coast so hopefully tomorrow we'll

be able to show you Amalfi Positano and maybe a couple other

places we'll see where we get so it takes about an hour from Naples to get

here and in our case we're staying at Castella de maría which is about a half

an hour 20 minutes on the train

all right so if you want to go shopping you're gonna go to via fewer Oh fewer or

something like that and that's where the Main Street is this really narrow street

that has everything you could want in Sorrento let's go find some at

limoncello since it's from this region of Italy

okay so if something you should do when you're in Sorrento is you shouldn't just

stay on the main drag but I really like to do when I come here is to get up into

the hills and that's where you really get the views like this

so when you pull up here past the city this is where you can get a whole view

of the city because of the winding

our last stop in sorrento was something we came across accidentally there's a

deep canyon with thick vegetation where you'll see the old abandoned mill it was

used her in the 900s and abandoned around 1866 this is one of the most

impressive places on the Amalfi Coast

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