Whistler In Summer - Canada's Stunning Scenery




good morning I'm in Whistler Canada and

if you look around how empty is that's

because it's about 7:00 a.m. right now

and I've woken up really early to go

grab breakfast and then get started on a

huge day got two maybe even more than

two but got two for sure

amazing things I want to do today so


first thing this morning I'm doing one

of the quintessential Canadian

experiences which is canoeing for a lake

for a river in this stunning scenery

first thing I've got to go sign a waiver

because everything you do in Canada

requires you to sign your life away



beautiful perfect way to start the



this is the life hey you're saying

Canada hey this is cool

I am also passing occasionally by the

way but whenever I film sure are just

doing all the work here what an amazing

start today I feel like I kept saying it

in the last video but honestly it's just

stunning scenery everywhere like the

landscapes are incredible that was

called altar Lake and we just canoed

across it and just couldn't stop looking

everywhere yeah how was it did you crash

a lot no oh we crashed a lot and we're

pulling up


all right good luck hope we see you on

the other side


yeah okay



crickets but in the dream and this is

the chill section


what an epic morning insane I've been

looking through some of the photos I got

off the GoPro and it was just just

insane scenery and some cool shots go

check out on my Instagram if you want to

see some of them that's not even it for


just come back to the hotel room quickly

to pick up my bags to go onto the next

thing and trying to find time to talk to

the camera and sort of weave a narrative

together because it's just so much

happening I'm going to run off right now

and begin the next activity so in case

you haven't guessed we're going up a



so next up we've come to the top of the

mountain to try and get some of the epic

views up here there's a thing called the

peak-to-peak gondola I've just bought a

ticket for and it takes us across wait

for the peaks so I'm up here now and let

me just try and show you some of this








the views up here absolutely insane and

I think it rivals the scenery I've seen

in any country it's just I don't make

views all around I think this is one of

the reasons why you could come here

during the summer most people know about

Whistler just for the winter and just

for the skiing and snowboarding the the

views and oh my god the colors makes it

so worth it to be here during the summer

by the way if you come Alicante cute or

this is how to make friends and now

we're friends



seriously today though it's just shown

exactly why he should come to Whistler

in the summer I've never thought about

it I've always just thought about coming

skiing or snowboarding here which I'd

love to do as well but hey at the

scenery I think I've said that a hundred

times in this video the scenery




what an absolutely incredible day I'm

gonna finish the vlog here I just came

back to the room and I'll leave it here

cuz it can't really top that today

amazing amazing scenery everywhere and

what's really clear is that the national

parks are really well looked after

there's like no rubbish around it's all

so just beautiful and it seems like

Canadian people here really value the

outdoors as well there's so many

activities to do both in the summer and

in winter they're all suited to towards

the outdoors mountain climbing hiking

skiing snowboarding and so if that is

you they can get across here to try out

some of this stuff and you won't regret

it I'm gonna leave it there for now it's

only two days into the Canada trip and

there's so much more coming up check

back tomorrow for the next place but for

now thank you for watching and this is

my life