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hi everyone this is Dave Hoffman from

David's been here I just finished my

journey through India and Qatar it was

an incredible 18 days it was just out of

this world experience and today I'm here

at the Hamad International Airport this

is the International Airport in Doha

Qatar they opened in 2014 and 2016 over

37 million passengers travel through

here they go from Europe to Asia to

Australia to Africa you name it they

travel through here with guitar Airways

this is one of the most incredible

airports in the world they have gold

a-rod's restaurants I mean you name it

as you can see it's like beautiful and

today I'm flying economy class with

Qatari always for the first time I've

never flown economy with them at all

it's like business class so let's go on

the flight and I'm gonna show you what

economy class is all about with Qatar

Airways so this flights pretty empty

over 100 seats empty so I got my own


super-excited sixteen hours it's gonna

be great unlimited movies the food I

heard it's great

this is the ancient 15 and let's start

to fled to give us a little package this

right here

it came with socks my mask earplugs

toothpaste and lip balm and right now

level 16 arms

one and enter payment system


- 16

super hungry no way for the day to bring

the food

for me every free airline has to have

three things in economy

second loss of entertainment third


with electric here

I have like many pirates

I'm very lucky that I have

my brunch

drink my wine

call it sleep for a few hours then do

the same thing and just repeat

so this is a very long way you know six

one of them talked to her

shred in

incredible attorney

really is


right now and tell you a little bit

about I liked

and that was my first Street food in

Delhi is my employ everything they stood

militias with 60% better not

get telephony

you never know where it's going

the best way to prevent this

got to thank my friend Trevor Gates the

Blue Ranger forgive me that too and save

me the rest of the trip

terms of like attraction stuff my

favorite stuff was


and and the

it's a

must visit

and next part is agra agra is famous to


but I definitely recommend you take the

hi speech

from Delhi to Accra every single day

from 8-10 the morning except Fridays we



settlement in the world

really until you get there you don't

know what it's like an experience with


extract of all the time and it winter

I'm here in winter it's

the coming summer is going extremely hot

but they have had big sunrises there and

beside the pod she should definitely

visit the Agra

beautiful pizza personally I liked it


in Delhi just something to play

different and every single for inside


now let's because basically

bill around the palace so the Kings can

have their guards around the floor so

look now look now is certainly puffing


but basically is the meet capital

of in the

oh it's so good

Big Papi restaurant they have part of

the best

involves like really nice and tender

these spices and

besides that you can visit a lot of

different things there lots of


horrible attractions this was another

capital of global Empire

it's really awesome place I really

enjoyed my time there I was still sick


the next up is Varanasi the holiest city

my 48 hours about an awesome experiment

was riding on the Ganges River

before the ceremony we got out there on

3 p.m.

it's very spiritual you really feel like


and yeah you going on

ride that you can necessarily

you see them basically you know palazzi

the river in the Ganges River the Ganga

river swimming hole deeper

you have time ever met Hornets are not

birthplace of Buddhas

the berries little place they're really


all these places like it changes your


next up is Jaipur the capital Riders

down and they're famous for their

palaces that

there's three main forts in the city

kind of his all of them for sure but the

street scene in the PC is so good it's

an amazing northern India

and understanding another hidden gem I

recommend visiting is some wood

a 45-minute overdrive

deposits hotel and

Manufacturing support

see how they manufacture like bracelets


blacksmiths it's really incredible one

of those shopping for Christmas and


gotta go here it was probably my

favorite experience and it's very little


my final stop in India was by okay where

do I begin

history it has a ton from the British

occupation all the way back over to

the years is so much to explore

the street food scene in Mumbai is on


you know my favorite dish was pannier

chili which is a guy indo-chinese

you know

ish human beach god try that and then

obviously you're gonna have money it's a

bust one thing you have to do invite is

write a local train it's an experience

on its own packed cars and people hang

out the doors

why this

was crazy so many people

another thing ever do if you have

let's take a half day

go to Elephant Island Ferry there at

this button

or the caves for about two hours

years old it's dedicated to Lord Shiva

he's a Hindu god wow that was

club history so that was something


in the the caves really blew me away

Doha Doha where do I start though most

people connect in Doha then completes

the Nexus nation both

and don't love it it's like connect who

I recommend is he is taking 24 hours of

72 hours to see Doha and really

experiences I recommend staying at the


inside this is like the most historical

area in Doha they have a bird market of

gold market

they're famous for having

to develop in hospitals

Falcons is like a big part of Atari

Soldier every single Atari has about


no business in Doha is complete without

going down so that desert


it's really an adrenaline rush

very different from skydiving everybody


but you really get scared because it

feels that you're always gonna flip you

don't please go

shiny news

well it's such a rush they're just a few

of the bus dues in each of these cities

I visited to see everything I did watch

my videos I still have seven hours to go

to get home I'm beyond excited to see my

daughter's been too long I've been gone

18 days




you've never done

but it's worth it go straight shot

this is an incredible economy class and

the stewardesses


they really

for the ultimate service your donut

India or Asia for man that they closed

her Airways it's a muscular business

class or economy

alright guys I hope you liked this video

please give it a thumbs up leave me

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