How To Get To The Galapagos Islands

first off huh yep good morning everybody

and welcome back to Ecuador I don't

think I wipe this smile of my face of

acres today we're heading to the

laughing gas

oh my gosh this is such a bucket list

and I feel really happy that we get to

go here I want to take you guys along on

this journey because it's a little bit

of a complication to get to these

islands yes starting at all yeah we're

starting it off at the domestic airport

here it's the first thing you need to do

is you need to come to this immigration

counter just here and we need to get a

visa which is about 20 u.s. each and you

have to do it before you check your

luggage awesome so we have our visa card

with you on that you then go into that

door to get the luggage

you can't bring any for Eagle seeds or

anything on the island now we have to go

check into our flights and hope we made

it so we have really bad traffic today

you know we're running late and we have

better breakfast and I want to coffee

baggage check thing coffee - dance so

technically we're business premium a

common Pacific

Jannis thinking is that we are currently

at 2900 meters above sea level and wait

I don't have a window seat can't film

outside me guys but we'll see

quick stopover still hunger this strange

thing that I really think happens in

South America where you just stop stay

on the plane not your stuff move on

but I feel like this like should be



- folk island everybody

so once he landed we thought you know

the the visa to get us here was enough

but no you have to pay 800 US dollar

park fee also that just as strict as

Australia here with bringing fruit

animals nuts everything into this island

we then all wait behind this white line

for the sniffer dog can go check that

out luggage

oh my gosh that's so cool she's like war

not from Australia don't you actually

walk all over our bags the baggage

handlers yong-chol a focus I feel sorry

for the dog just enough to smell a lot

dirty laundry ok we can go never wanted

to cross a line more than we aren't

there yet because vulture Island is a

Airport Island we have to catch a bus to

the ferry terminal

okay I did enjoy for that quick 15

minutes paying nothing here in the

islands let's back to pain with me a

dollar on this ferry to get across to

Santa Cruz Friday welcome to Santa Cruz

Island everybody now there's two ways

you can cross the island 15 either just

drive across the gets in town one is a

box 2 is a taxi we need to catch a taxi

because we actually have a theory that

we need to get to in 55 minutes we've

been assured we're gonna make it

fingers crossed we make it otherwise

that's the last ferry for the day also

the taxis are these pickup trucks so the

bus is cheaper I can't actually remember

I'll put it up here for you guys but the

the taxis about 25 us

muchas gracias thank you thank you

I can't believe we made it it's like

five minutes to spare but now have to

catch a water taxi to our boat bodies

first for the Galapagos were out live

from one boat to another

we made it to the island of Isabella

can't even get off the jetty crazy how

much you have to pay but we're here now

in Isabella Island and that was the

bumpiest boat ride of my entire life

and it was almost three hours long that

was the most insane

I've ever heard oh this is why we've

come to the Galapagos hey buddy we gon

we gon you found a little hole wow

that's so cool what a greeting yeah I

heard a big sneeze closest alliance

you guys are very cute

oh just good like no Gorga big wanna

solid what the hell are there's like so

many of them just chilly yeah iguanas

wow that's cool just at the entrance

it's after mid 1600 around 1600

Australian dollars just to get to

galapagos from ecuador i mean that's not

even counting flights actually get to

south mary it can be actually quite

expensive so if you are wanting to come

here you probably know why you want to

come here it's for the wildlife that

yeah that's that's not even including

accommodation of food and tours to to

explore the island it is an expensive

place to visit I will say that good

morning everybody and welcome to the

Isle Isabella here in the Galapagos we

kind of kind of crashed after that in

st. boat ride to get here but here's a

beautiful sunny day let's go show you're


so even though this is like the biggest

island here in the Galapagos this is the

like least inhabited island this like

2,500 people that live here this is the

town this is it it's like a lot of

little restaurants a lot of schewe

companies and a couple of mini months

that's basically it which is really cool

but I'm hungry yeah it's got the lunch

that sounds like a plan

cuz we need to find some tortoises we're

here the Galapagos that's the number one

thing we need to go and find wildlife

especially especially tortoises so they

have a lot of these restaurants along

the side of the road

kind of like Bali it reminds me and

we've gone for a bit of a seafood snack

because we're going on a hike later yah

Mon Calamari oh yeah I got some calamari

so we're the same thing they weren't

lying it is an iguana crossing oh wow

just look how many there are

oh wow hey guys there's so many of them

so we're gonna go see the turtle

breeding center tomorrow but at the

moment we're going on a bit of a five

kilometer hike see how we go on this


I don't even last thing we did any sort

of exercise I do Inca Trail yeah also

guys I know that meal looks so basic but

I'm so full and the seafood here is

insane over guys it's crazy this is the

beach and there is no tourists



I didn't even know that poisonous trees

were a thing not touching this doesn't

even look like it looks dead like it's

just death bringing with it I'm good I

hope this means that there's some

tortoises nearby goodness guys we've

seen oh wow Sylar buddy

such a bucket list this has made it all

worth it coming out here seeing these

guys in the wild I think you can tell

how big hey Bobby this is so cool this

is I can't even like put into

perspective how big this dude is in

videos you can never tell how big they

actually oh that's me they want to talk

to anyone that's insane hey big this guy

is like his foot is probably like the

size of my fort wow that's so cool and

look at these paws like I think as we've

been working with sea turtles who have

flippers but this guy has like big old

dinosaur feet


guys we made it to the end of our little

hike this is called the wall of tears

because back in the day there was some

prisoners that lived on the island and

they had to build this wall penitentiary

colony and they built it and I think

maybe they were crying when they were

building it so they called and this is

just they've they got rid of everything

except this wall in memory of how bad

the prisoners were treated it's a great

big wall to be honest

Wow this lava rocks well this little

dude that's really cool but now that

we've made it every time we hike or

something we always have a Snickers to

celebrate tada

guys I don't know what I was expecting

in the Galapagus but I wasn't expecting

that's like a desolate wasteland with

cacti everywhere like this is insane oh

my goodness they're everywhere oh my

gosh this one's huge

we've come down to the beach to watch

the sunset and all the seeds are being

taken in tomorrow can can you scooch

over a bit Oh No we'll have to find

another spot

you just want to Pat them but you know

you can't give them a scratch like a dog

they are caught see dogs aren't they

sea lions girl like don't people call

them like the dogs of the talked to the

sea when we came to the Galapagos we had

we didn't poop on this place we didn't

look it up we honestly loved to travel

to come here and then you get everything

out as we like explore and honestly if

I'd describe the Galapagos its the

Northern Territory of Australia meets

the mountain

but you can have this barren wasteland

then you have this island life that is

giving us such melodies vibes but then

it doesn't look like it it's a very

unique place I can see why people come

here because it's not like anything

you've seen before

one in the globe with some fun facts

food yes okay so before we came I wasn't

actually I hadn't looked at no photos

are no videos because we kind of wanted

to be surprised but I was reading up and

they say that the Galapagus was never

ever connected with a continent which

means this is always in secluded so the

only animals that really got over here

were marine life birds and reptiles

so no mammals are on the island besides

the ones that humans have now brought

over which means it's kinda like the

prehistoric times where the reptiles

ruled the place

that's a reversal parka that would just

mean we're literally just about right

now and one more thing

this is a place Charles Darwin came and

do a lot of youth research for his

theory of evolution that's really cool

because so many of these animals here

have been separated from the mainland

for so long that they've been helped to

evolve into what they are now and I'm

here that's my little fun facts for the

video I hope I'm right with all that I

can enjoyed fun facts with Jess and I

hope you enjoyed this video

yes a lot more from us from the graph I

guess yeah we're gonna show you guys

around and