alright guys so we're here in our Airbnb

and praiano got one of the best views

ever late ale what's up guys it's been

super sick all day had a fever but in

bed no bueno


what's up jaycationers so I got sick

while we were at the Amalfi Coast and

getting sick while traveling sucks I

mean you could do things to try to

prevent it but if it happens it happens

I'm sure y'all have gotten sick

traveling before

just wasn't good because I had three

full days or three or four full days in

the mob because I wasn't able to enjoy

much I felt like this video is laggy I'm

gonna have to guide this video including

for a master down to Naples took the

train from Naples all the way to

Sorrento and then from Sorrento we took

a bus to amalfi it was a very windy bus

ride it was like a roller coaster but we

got there and it was fairly cheap but

when I got there I got super sinks check

out the bidding go ahead leave 6:30 to

early going the Naples shout out the

following game and Rachel



Marty's in Italy

alright guys so we made it here to

Napoli just grabbing our bags that we

checked in we're gonna either hop a bus

or a train over the Sorrento and then a

bus over 200 we're saving our Airbnb

it's in the part of Amalfi Coast phones

pretty I know


shoutout Paulo for the tip alley bus is

five euros - Stassi honest and trolley

now we're gonna help a train but I think

we're gonna eat first

excuse get some pizza


hi guys were here in Sorrento not

Sorrento Valley in San Diego for all you

sandy Aegon's sorrento italy we're

catching the CETA bus to praiano which

is near the amalfi coast gonna be about

an hour but it was pretty cheap 7:20 for

3 tickets one way so 720 is not bad and

then getting over here was only like 11

euro for three of us so not that bad but

it's really crowded so if you have heavy

bags you gotta watch your stuff right

yep my mom becomes as mute when I put

the camera on her I should always just

put the camera on her face so she

doesn't talk no gee



alright guys so we're here in our Airbnb

in praiano it's only a 67 at night and

it's got one of the best views ever we

had to recharge our batteries for a few

hours because it was a long trip it's

really long trip to get here especially

from Naples windy roads trains and

everything so we're gonna go grab some

food parents are recharged I'm barely


check this out we're gonna talk more out

of here out of this balcony I might even

go live out of this balcony one of these

days check out my Instagram sweater that

I got from VidCon you what's good

there's many great things about this

place but they also grow lemons and

they're really popular for lemoncello

I'm on a hunt for finding some

limoncello yeah we're out on the streets

like literally no sidewalk no sidewalk


repeating a hotel


alright guys so we are in a quaint

little market it looks like a

convenience store but it's the market of

the city right by our Airbnb tomatoes

and lemoncello and lemons that's what we

got to have a lot of fun this next three





is the pizza from our Airbnb hosts



so I think we ordered the four cheese's

but they get was something else which is

funny because with much stuff on it and

then the normal margarita alright guys

you guys know how much I love pizza so

let's try it out it's got blue cheese

artichoke from ham

I like the classic one too but this is

really good the following day what's up

guys it's been super sick all day had a

fever been in bed no bueno

but uh hopefully we'll get the travel

vlog reconvene tomorrow and see Positano

and Amalfi but we're just showing that

the Airbnb not a bad place to hang out

though when you're sick I get that view

got some lemon Peyronie's some creamy

chitters honey

let's beat up it is you see the pizza


who dazzles good that's the tuna pizza

yeah she knows we get yeah a lot of

people have to wait 20 minutes so I've

logged that place on my phone a little

bit last night but it's a really good

pizza place and it's just like a

5-minute walk up a hill here that's the

second time you've gone back so we

really like it there red sauce is money

anyways it's gonna drink this so I

definitely skip today that's because I'm

doing the Positano vlog and that coming

so wait for the post comment video will

come out in the meantime enjoy the rest

of this vlog in pre on the very next


so just picked up some souvenirs over at

the ceramic shop in praiano Rihanna is a

really nice town it's really quiet and

it's away from all the tourists in

Positano and Amalfi unfortunately we

will make our way to Maltby on this trip

because I was under the weather so can't

have it all guys but you know at least

they got they go to Positano and I was

able to rally so that's all that matters

so I went ahead and got the tickets for

Sorrento tomorrow ahead of time there

are only 240 and I bought them at a

tobacco shop right across the street so

240 is not bad just to get all the way

and that's the threat of us

so this is our Airbnb for 67 euro a

night we get a great view like this

check that out

get a nice view puts the tonneau in the

distance I'm sure when it's more peak

season the prices go up a little bit but

Tiano is a nice and quieter place to

stay so if you're looking for less

tourists and more quiet and relaxation

you got to come here Cipriano look at

Airbnb Billy the next mommy final day

leave in Amalfi Coast region praiano

this is a great Airbnb nice and quiet

great view this is where I spent most of

my holiday because I was six and yeah

check out the tour this is the kitchen

nice spacious kitchen nice bathroom here

hot water warm water level it was great

this is the bedroom


since it was a hassle to get here I

didn't really record how we actually got

here but we took a bus from Naples

Airport to Naples Central Station which

was five euro and then we got onto a

train that was very long and crowded

train and it took us all the way to

Sorrento and that was only like three

year or something and then from Sorrento

we took the CETA bus all the way here to

praiano which was really cheap it was

only like two year old that's how he got

here watch this video hit the note

station bellator subscriber if you're

not a subscriber please subscribe and

I'll see you the next video we're going

to go in this beautiful Positano

I was still sick there too but I did a

better job blog so I hope you guys will