Is Positano Worth the Hype?! Italy's Amalfi Coast

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- [Christian] At one point or another,

you have seen this destination right here,

Positano, Italy,

most positively one of the most beautiful places on earth.

But does this Instagram sensation

really live up to all the hype?

Let's find out here today.

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I've always heard of the beauty of the Amalfi coast,

but this is it.

Guys, we are on our way right now to Positano,

I can tell you one thing,

there are a lot of cars coming down this road

and it's not a very big one,

but I can see why everyone flocks

to this beautiful side of the world.

So we just passed through Sorento here,

and we're going to be basically

following around this coastline around that bend

and just behind there should be Positano.

Unless it's moved, but it's probably still there.

(Uplifting music)

I am just jaw-dropped right now, with the cliffsides,

the beautiful winding roads.

It's time to start bleeding dry,

first expense of the day, parking.

It's 6 Euros per hour.

We have officially made it here to Positano.

It's a little early to be saying this,

but this is one of the most standout,

spectacular places I have ever seen.

Incredible little narrow alleyways,

and everything is so colorful,

there's beautiful purple flowers growing everywhere.

Yeah, I'm just curious to see what

the experience of being here is.

It's not just about getting a beautiful Instagram photo,

there's much more to it than that.

What do you think so far?

- I think it's really beautiful,

but it's very touristic and I don't like that.

- Well you've gotta give it a chance,

cus we live in Bali, we love Bali,

and Bali is the exact same.

Tourists don't always ruin a place,

sometimes they bring more to it actually,

I like busy places.

(Upbeat music)

So guys, this is why everybody comes to Positano.

This whole beach line is known as Positano Beach.

Spagio Grande.

- Spiaggia, but it's also known as Positano Beach.

- [Christian] It's actually a nice temperature!

- Yeah, I like it.

- [Christian] Very nice!

- Not the gear though!

- [Christian] Not the gear.

(Adventurous music)

And I just saw, back there at the booth

that renting a day bed, 25 Euros.

But the saving grace is if you wanna be

in the peasant class,

one of the further back rows from the beach

you can actually save 2 Euros and 50 cents.

Oh but of course the towel is separate,

5 Euros for that.

Hot shower is 1 Euro 50,

but if you wanna get the cold shower,

you can save a whole Euro and just pay 50 cents.

Not sure if this qualifies as a pro tip here at Positano,

but we did find a lot cheaper food

just by leaving the beachfront.

By walking not more that 2 or 3 minutes

the prices went from like 25 to 28 Euros

per person minimum for a pizza and a drink,

to being more like 10 Euros.

So, it's a lot more affordable

just by leaving the main beachfront.

Now is the pizza as good?

I'm not sure, but it's a lot cheaper

so I'm happy with that because

everything here seems to be very expensive.

Today's Positano history lesson is brought to you by,

questionable Google searches.

So right in front of me is the Positano Church,

and it's said that a band of pirates,

maybe Jack Sparrow, open to interpretation,

basically had this Virgin, they took this Virgin,

they had her on the boat, they were going to take her

all the way out to sea to somewhere,

who knows where?

And all of a sudden, the winds just stopped

there was nothing pushing the ship any further.

Pirates are like "Yo, where do we go now?

We got this Virgin and we can't get out of here".

From there they started to hear a whisper,

"Posa, posa, posa"

Apparently in Italian, it means "put her back"

or "put her down" or something.

And so, the pirates brought her back here to Positano

and from there the people who lived in Positano

built a church in her honor,

and that's why this church is here.

- By the way its called Santa Maria Assunta Positano Church.

- Close enough.

The Amalfi coast is known for its lemons.

(upbeat music)

Shout-out to whoever gave me this Instagram recommendation,

Colina's Positano bakery,

very nice.

Lemon sorbet,

this was 5 Euros.

(chill lofi music)

- [Kirill] (speaking Italian)

What are you doing, man?

It's illegal! (speaking Italian)

(mellow music)

- Okay so we've now arrived at our Airbnb,

and we're actually staying really, surprisingly

far away from Positano.

To be exact, and hour and 10 minute drive to get here.

A very large apartment with 2 bedrooms is about

80 US dollars a night, so it's really cheap.

But the main reason we came back so quickly

without doing much in Positano

is that we realized really quickly,

Positano is one of those spots

that if you don't plan in advance,

you're gonna be just one of the many tourists

wandering around, going to the same tourist spots

that probably won't have very good food,

probably won't have very good experiences,

and you're just going to be paying a lot of money for them.

So, we want to give it another shot tomorrow,

with a bit of planning.

We're going to start on that right now,

so that we can get started for sunrise.

I'll see you guys in a few hours.

(chill lofi music)

4 hours of sleep, but that's just showbiz baby.

(chill lofi music)

Stop number 1, right on the main road.

(chill lofi music)

You guys have probably seen this bridge before,

it's incredibly beautiful and during the summertime

people will typically come down here and sunbathe,

but they've shut it all down.

There's 3 access points, they've all been blocked off,

I think it has to do with loose gravel and loose rock

but we're gonna keep moving,

cus we wanna get into Positano.

We've got another 45 minutes to go.

(funky orchestral music)

We have arrived,

I just got ourselves a decent parking deal, relative.

I got a daily maximum of 35 Euros by parking higher up.

All right guys, welcome back to Positano,

and we've just arrived here at Spagio Grange,

having a real grand time here.

Just going to get a thumbnail for the video.

As you guys saw yesterday,

the beach gets really busy throughout the day.

But, the nice thing is it's currently 9 AM

and it's actually not that bad.

There's no more than 100 people on the beach right now

and it's a pretty large area so

I guess an obvious tip to make the most of this area

is just to get here early,

and even by 9 AM it's really hot outside

and I'm ready to go for a quick swim.

(whimsical lofi music)

- Kirill and I just basically swam all the way

across the beach to a little hidden area

where there was absolutely no one.

It was so so beautiful,

and the reason Katye didn't come with us

was cus she got stung by a jellyfish

probably no more than 20 minutes before

and then when we swam all the way out there,

he got stung by a jellyfish.

So that makes me the chosen one.

- Whatever.

- Jellyfish do not mess with me.

- Maybe we are the chosen ones.

- You're the chosen ones?


So now it's time to get some food

one of the things we did this morning to save some money

is we basically just had a croissant for breakfast,

a super super light start to the day,

but now it's time to enjoy a really really good meal.

We're going to have some lunch right here at,

Ristorante Buca di Bacco.

(chill lofi music)

All right guys, so this is what we've got here

- We have an Aperol spritz that the chef recommended.

We have limoncello, which is the traditional drink

from Positano.

- It's like a hard liquor, and it grows here

in the Amalfi coast, well the lemons do.

And so naturally, they made a liquor out of it.

- Hmm, mamma mia, or no mamma mia?

- Mamma mia! (laughs)

It's nice!

I like it!

It's really not that strong.

- (laughs) It smells strong!

- It's appropriately strong, it tastes really fresh!

It actually tastes like a real lemon.

- It's very, it's very fresh, like you said.

- And this right here, what's an Aperol spritz anyways?

I've heard of them.

- Yeah, me too.

- Is it a European thing?

- I think it's kind of bitter.

- It tastes like tonic water with

a little kick of like an orange, mandarin flavor.

- Oh!

- And a bit of lemon.

- I see why he recommended it.

I like that a lot!

- It's not my personal preference, but

- It's good!

- So this right here, vegetarian appetizer.

Looks really good.

- Perfect

- [Christian] Well he's the first one to have tried it so

- Mm belisimo, Mamma mia!

- [Christian] (laughs) Mamma mia!

- Mamma mia (laughs) What is mamma mia?

- Mamma mia, my mother.

- [Christian] My mother.

- But, do you use it for a purpose?

- Yes, like when you see something beautiful, oh my god.

- Oh it's like oh my god!

Mamma mia (laughs)

- [Christian] Okay, we've got an eggplant croquette

with mozzarella.

Oh my gosh, the eggplant one was so good.

We have 2 of these incredible entrees here

so we have ravioli with burrata cheese

and it's unbelievably good,

and Katye got a local Amalfi coast specially by the name of

- [Katye] (speaks Italian)

- (attempts to speak Italian)

- It's like a tagliatelle but shorter,

and a little bit thicker.

- [Christian] A lot of the main specialties around this area

are seafood based and pasta.

Another thing that's a fun fact,

is Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon,

was apparently out here on his boat yesterday.

This beach is absolutely beautiful

but it's not perfect, let me tell you why.

Reason number 1.

First of all, most of the area near the water

is actually little pebbles and stones

and although they're not sharp,

they're not comfortable on the feet

because they're black so they get really hot

and they just don't feel good.

There's nothing quite like a white sand beach

and this is very very far from it.

I would recommend wearing flip flops.

Second thing I don't love about the beach,

in fact, I really don't like about the beach,

is the sectioning.

As you can see here; private beach, private beach,

private beach, private beach,

(laughs) public beach!

That little tiny rectangle there.

But there are other public beaches like this one here

and if you go around the bend

there's another one over there,

and there's also a lot of private beach clubs

that are not on the main beach here on Spagio

- Spiaggia Grande, spiaggia means beach and grande means big

- Spiaggia Grande!

For example this is a beach club right here

that has it's own private boat that will

escort you and take you over to another beach.

Nobody's women are safe out here,

this man has a beautiful boat.

The other thing I wanted to talk about

that I thought would be a bigger problem

was how busy it would be, but to be honest

I haven't really felt that to be an issue here.

If you look at this as a nice relaxing coastal

getaway vacation town, it's busy but it's not overwhelming.

It's actually kind of surprisingly not bad.

That was a really really nice meal

and an awesome stop here,

took about a 2 and a half hour break there

to eat, to drink.

Goodbye guys! (laughs)

Another successful Lost LeBlanc meetup guys,

it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Now with that being said,

one of the best things to do here in Positano

is actually to leave it.

You have so many options for day trips just outside,

you can go to Capri Island.

Where's the other place you can go, Kirill?

- They go to Amalfi, they go to Capri.

- [Christian] Amalfi, that's it.

So there's awesome little day trips that you can do

to get some more blue ass water,

to fill your heart desires.

These lemon trees?

The limoncello, it's being vandalized

in front of my very eyes.

This is going to be a rather expensive part of the itinerary

but for those of you who want to maximize

what there is to do in Positano,

you gotta take out a boat,

and we're doing it with Lucibello.

Oh gosh,

(laughs) Lucibello!

Okay, thank you!

You can do it for roughly 80 Euros

if you're willing to drive your own boat.

- I heard 60!

- You can do it for as cheap as 60 Euros!

But none of us want to take the responsibility

of driving the boat today, so we have a driver here

which of course, brings up the price

and they've so kindly seen that we're filming here

and hooked us up with their nicer boat,

but generally it's about 150 Euros for 1 hour on their boat.

So Kirill, he's actually our captain for today

we got him on discount.

It's going to be a little tight.

- Nothing new to me!

- [Christian] Okay, you take the camera, I'll sit here.

This right here, is our beautiful ride today.

Are you the captain?

- Si, I'm Torino, nice to meet you.

- [Christian] Christian, nice to meet you.

This, is a machine.

(uplifting techno music)

Here we go!

The water is remarkable,

the views are perfect, and the weather right now...

I have to say this is the highlight

of all of Positano so far, has been right now.

There's something about getting out on the water

and just seeing the Amalfi coast from the water,

without the distractions, without all the crowds.

It's not how everyone's going to see it,

I'll be the first to admit that,

but it is the best way to see it.

It's just so spectacular.

Unfortunately we leave tomorrow morning,

but I know I'm going to be coming back here

a few more times in my life,

if I can control it.

So we are now going swimming in a cave,

just below the cliffside here.

So they say, do one thing a day that scares you,

and backflips scare me, so here we go.


- [Kirill] The work of an acrobat

- [Katye] It is!

- How was the form, remarkable?

- [Kirill] Shady!

(Ethereal techno music)

- [Christian] An hour and a half went by way too quickly

that is the highlight of Positano.

Gracie Captain!

- Bye!

- Till next time, I hope.

I also want to mention that by 6 or 7 PM

the beach is whole lot quieter

the temperature is dropped, the sand is nice and manageable

and I feel like I have a private beach,

sort of to myself, I like it.

All right, time to summarize.

Who is Positano for?

First of all, I have to say I came into this

with a predisposition to almost dislike this place.

I thought it was going to be too touristy,

over-hyped, not worth the money,

and to be honest I see how this is an amazing place

for some people.

It's not for your budget conscious travelers,

you're not gonna get top value for it,

but if you wanna do a short day trip here

it's totally worth it to see

one of the world's most beautiful places,

and you can pretty much see everything

in a half day here.

It's a bit of a boujee place,

but if you come into it

knowing that you're going to drop some serious cash,

this is an amazing vacation spot.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed today's video,

leave the video a big like hit the subscribe button

and let's get lost again, in the next one.