A Warning to Those Visiting Auschwitz

i first went to auschwitz beer canal

concentration camp in 2012

and as somebody who had read a lot about

the history of that place and had

watched a lot of documentaries

it was something that i was dreading but

i was also in a kind of way looking

forward to

to go to a place where the absolute

worst things that humans have ever done

to other humans

was an honor but unfortunately my

abiding memory

of visiting that place isn't actually

what had happened it was the behavior of

the people that were there

as we walked into the crematorium at


one a couple that were in the group that

i was in

decided that it would be a good moment

to start kissing each other

when we walked into one of the barracks

where shoes

of the jewish victims at auschwitz

concentration camp

were displayed our guide asked us not to

take any photos

and not take any photos of the shoes or

the human hair

or the suitcases because these are after

all the possessions of people who've

been murdered

and the first thing every single tourist

that was in my group did was whip out

their phone

and take a photo and unfortunately

to my undying shame i said nothing

i did nothing i stood there disgusted

and angry

more angry even at their behavior than

what i was actually witnessing

because it was so horrible to see the

way that people coming to this place

this terrible place treated it almost as

if it was like an amusement park

so in recent months when news reports

have shown how people have been

ticking off their bucket list by

visiting the house from auschwitz

concentration camp

uh taking happy jolly selfies people

from all sorts of different countries

regardless of where they're from

you know you just feel absolutely sick

to the stomach

i went to auschwitz recently to record a

film about a polish priest

who sacrificed his life for that of a


and unfortunately on that visit as well

spending two days at that camp

i saw exactly the same behaviour as it's

in on my first visit

and you know what if you can't behave

in the right way when you go to

auschwitz concentration camp

or any other place with a mass

extermination of the nazi germans during

the second world war took place

don't go if you can't treat that place

with respect

if you can't focus all of your energy

and your effort

on the victims the people who are

tortured and murdered in the most

bestial way

then don't go if you don't have the

empathy to understand what happened at

these places

you don't deserve to go there it is not

a holiday it is not a special treat

and it certainly is not ticking

something off your bucket list it's your

obligation as a human

to the human race