Our Cozy Winter Log Cabin in Canada | Banff, Alberta Road Trip

(gentle music)

- Welcome to Canada everybody.

- This is so cool.

A wooden cabin in Canada.

- One. (laughing)

- Happy new year, guys.

We've decided to kickstart 2020.

We have come to one of our favorite countries

to travel to, we're currently in Canada.

We actually flew in a couple of days ago

and we surprised our really good friends in Vancouver.

- [Stephen] Ooga booga!

(all laughing)

- Yeah, yeah, yeah!

- I don't think they saw us coming.

- No, and speaking of saw, we went out

to Vancouver Island and just saw

her favorite animal in the world, the orca.

- This is my first time seeing them in the wild.

She's coming up on there?



It's so beautiful.

And we ended up capturing my reaction

the first time I saw them.

I cried.

(Stephen laughing)

And then we ended the year counting down

with some backyard fireworks.

(crowd cheering)

(fireworks exploding)

- [Both] Three, two, one, happy new year!

- But we've now said our goodbyes

and flew all the way to Calgary.

There we picked up our massive rental car.

I think this is the biggest car I've ever driven,

and we're actually gonna be doing

a nine-day road trip here through Alberta

showing you some of the most beautiful spots

to see in this province.

No road trip in Canada can begin without your Timmys.

♪ Wake up ♪

♪ Step into the world outside ♪

♪ The future never looked so bright ♪

♪ Can't you hear it calling us ♪

♪ Let go ♪

- So we've driven just outside of Calgary

on the way towards Banff and we've come

across a really cool place.

We're at a wolfdog sanctuary,

and if you guys didn't know, every breed of dog,

from chihuahua to husky comes from a wolf.

So we pretty much created all these

different breeds and a wolfdog is the closest breed

to a wolf, and unfortunately a lot of people

see it as an exotic animal.

They may have watched "Game of Thrones",

wanted to be a bit of a Jon Snow

with their own little wolfdog, and then

they realize it's probably a lot more work.

This is actually a sanctuary.

We're gonna go on like a bit of an experience,

raise awareness about the different wolfdogs,

and yeah, should be a little fun morning.

- Oh my gosh, this is like the biggest dog ever.

Look at that.


- [Stephen] So... - [Jess] I can see them.

- [Stephen] On today's little kind of experience

we're gonna go into two different enclosures.

One is the high content, they call it,

it's up to 85% wolf.

And then the other one is a low content,

so about 35% wolf, so it's definitely more dog.

- I can see the low content.

They look more like huskies.

(whispering) It looks like a wolf.

Aw, she liked mine.

- [Curator] She just robbed you blind, eh?

- (whispering) She likes my treats.

- [Stephen] Hi Loki.

- [Jess] He's licking my hand.

- [Stephen] How do you have both of the doggies here?

- (whispering) This one just loves all my food.

That was incredible.

We got to get so close to the wolfdogs.

Some of them had up to 85% wolf in them.

So I don't think we've ever come as close to a wolf before

as we have today.

- So, we're about half an hour outside of Banff

and we've just been greeted with these incredible,

almost like gates to beauty.

These are the Rocky Mountains and this is what

we're gonna be seeing for the next eight days.

♪ Tossed in ♪

♪ Like a castaway ♪

- [Jess] Oh my gosh, it looks so cute.

Okay, I think we can finally say

welcome to Banff.

We've just rocked up at the place

we're gonna be staying the next two nights.

It's called Storm Mountain Lodge

and we are staying in one of their cabins.

So they have a couple of cabins

all scattered throughout this forest.

They must have had a lot of snowfall

'cause look how high this snowfall--

- [Stephen] That is like almost you

engulfed by the snow.

- And let's check out our cabin.

- [Stephen] This looks so cool.

We're literally in the middle of nowhere.

So it's about half an hour outside of Banff

and it's just tucked away in this forest.

- I see firewood.

- [Stephen] So we're here in cabin number three.

- Oh my gosh, this is so cool.

A wooden cabin in Canada.

It's a perfect way to start a winter holiday here.

- [Stephen] So let's give you guys a cabin tour.

It's actually super spacious and it's all

made out of wood.

We have our nice warm, cozy bed, just here.

We've got a light fixture made out of antlers,

and we have our own fire, which, we need--

- I need to start.

- [Stephen] We need to start that.

This is so nice, I just like all the

finishings here, the little snowshoes.

- And Steve, look outside our window.

We're just in a winter wonderland right now.

This is a heater.

Okay, oh, that's nice.

- [Stephen] Wow, this snow is so fluffy.

Whoa, I just went down to my knees.

(gentle guitar music)

Our cabin has icicles.


We have our onesies on, we're making a fire,

and once it's ready we'll be

officially cabin-ready for the night.

- All right, your hands and then throw it

in the air, they make.

(Stephen laughing)

See look, they made this thing.

Just throw it in there.

(both laughing)

- [Stephen] Take two.

- [Jess] (whispering) I don't know what I'm doing.

- [Stephen] That kind of looks good.

- You wanna try?

Oo, I think we've got something going.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

- [Stephen] Now that the fire is roaring,

you should tell them what happened just yesterday.

- Yeah, so yesterday I officially felt the baby move

for the first time.

So I'm currently almost 20 weeks,

so halfway through the pregnancy and yeah,

I was lying down, yes-- no, it was the first day

of the year, was it, or the second day of the year?

- [Stephen] Second day of the year.

- Second day of the year and I was lying down

in bed and I kind of felt like,

it felt like this bubble in my belly

that was doing like a somersault

and then I thought it might have been the baby

but then I felt it again last night.

So that's kind of cool, 'cause now

I can actually feel it and I can't wait

for it to actually start kicking and punching

so Stephen can feel it as well.

It is the craziest, most surreal feeling ever,

like it's so hard to explain what it feels like.

I even told Stephen it kind of felt like

there was a rat in your belly running around.

(Stephen laughing)

Is that like mean?

- Three, two, one... (laughing)

(both laughing)

I can't get up.

It's so cold.

(both laughing)

Get me in front of the fire.

- [Jess] Just shake.

♪ Tear off all your skin ♪

♪ Give your heart to me ♪

♪ Every single scar ♪

♪ Is a masterpiece ♪

(Stephen laughing)

- [Stephen] How magical is it,

it's actually snowing.

- It's actually snowing.

- [Stephen] There's snow in your hair at the moment.

You look cute in snow, I have to say that.

♪ Dig your nails into the dirt ♪

♪ Then you'll find the seeds ♪

♪ They're singing are we there yet ♪

♪ Are we there yet, ooooo ♪

- I think my favorite bit about this lodge

is how it's in this forest and everything

is just so tucked away and hidden away.

You feel like you're the only cabin here

in the middle of nowhere.

- We're such Australians, amazed by the snow.

Like look at all this, ready?

And that's a lot, right?

That's a lot of snow.

- [Stephen] And it's still snowing right now.

- My gosh.

It's kinda good though because even though it's snowing,

it's only negative one, so it's not too cold.

But oh my gosh, Steve.


Oh my gosh, it's really fun.

(Stephen laughing)

- [Jess] Okay this is officially our first time ever

driving through proper snow.

Can we get out?

Luckily we rented a beast of a car.

That's fine... for now.

Still got a half an hour drive back to Banff.

- Don't jinx us.

(quirky music)

- Okay we've decided that if we need to see Banff

for the first time in the winter, we need

to see it in a good spot, so we've jumped

in a gondola and we're heading up

to the top of a mountain that we have heard

has amazing views of Banff.

We weren't sure how lucky we were gonna get

with the views, but oh my gosh, Banff has delivered.

We can see the Rocky Mountains.

We can even see a lake all the way

out in the distance and the town below.

Absolutely breathtaking.

- [Stephen] If you guys are looking

for something to do, this place is highly recommended.

It's so beautiful out here, even on a day

where the weather is being a bit hit and miss,

still so beautiful.

All righty everybody, welcome to the cute little town

of Banff, we've just driven in.

Now it's just a tiny little village

but there are so many little restaurants, cafes, shops.

You can kind of get lost.

It feels a little holiday village here

and especially because you're in the middle

of so many mountains, it's so beautiful.

- How cute would it be to get this,

and then on the back, it has little bum flaps.

- Hey, if you guys are interested,

so when you come to Canada to go into

a lot of the major national parks

you actually have to pay for a park pass.

It's about $20 a day and that'll get you

into the Banff National Park, that'll also

get you into Lake Louise and some of the other

spots that we're going to be going to on this

road trip, and you can pretty much get it

as you drive in.

There's almost like a toll booth,

or you can just head straight in

and go to the Banff Visitor's Center

and you can just pick it up like we did.

You just hang it on your dashboard

and then you just pretty much go wherever you want,

which is fine because I'm happy to pay for entrance

'cause they look after the roads,

after the national parks, so it definitely

goes towards a good cause.

So I think we found the perfect activity

to do whilst it's snowing outside in Banff.

We've come out to the Grizzly House

and they specialize in fondue.

- Four course fondue dinner.

- [Stephen] So we're pretty much sorted

for the next three hours,

trying to get through all of this.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Stephen] So they do it a bit differently

for your mains, when you have your meat.

So we've gone for like a seafood platter just here

and this is a 600 degree hot plate.

- It's a hot rock.

- [Stephen] It's a hot rock.

They said they heat this up in a pizza oven.

- And it is hot.

I can feel it.

- [Stephen] Ohhh.

So two minutes on each side,

four minutes in total.

- And then they give you a bunch of sauces

so you can dip it in after.

- All right you guys, I hope you enjoyed

that first Canada vlog here in Banff.

If you're looking for a cozy place to stay,

these cabins, we highly recommend.

We've loved it, but our road trip here

through the Canadian Rockies continues.

So if you're new around here make sure

you hit subscribe 'cause we've got some real fun stuff

coming your way.

- Bye.

- See you guys.

- We're officially going to be spending the night,

I swear, in one of the most iconic hotels in Canada.

I feel like I'm standing on top of a fish tank.

And I could crack through.

(Stephen yelling)

(Jess laughing)