CABO SAN LUCAS TRAVEL VLOG: flying to cabo, hotel room tour & what's in my carry on bag!



hello everybody welcome back to my

channel so if you guys are new here my

name is Bianca this is my mom we called

her Cynthia that cos asked her name

actually I don't know if you guys know

this but Cindy isn't even her real name

her real name it's a few fun fact of the

day well we are in Cabo San Lucas been

traveling all day got four hours of

sleep I'm not gonna lie I'm probably the

most angry I've ever been in my entire

life of like living twenty-two years

about we'll solve it later but if you

are new here you should subscribe and

stick around because we have a ton of

fun content coming and once I get home

from Cabo call it and I have a very

large announcement to announce so don't


currently Ghana rental car which all

right we're gonna go ahead and start

throwing out of that advice if you guys

want to come to Cabo do not rent your

car and get a reservation ahead of time

with our clip and you learn what you got

to do because you're going to end up

paying so much more what you have to do

is you have to negotiate with the rental

car people at the airport for a deal and

they will give you a deal

so for example we were going to end up

paying how much 110 because our

insurance does not cover Mexico and

nobody like any US auto insurance does

not cover Mexico because they have

different laws here so you have to go

through the rest of car companies

insurance so it was us and then it was

at these two guys next to us renting a

rental park started my camera's not on

the stabilizer just for travel purposes

so I'm holding it up and I was able to

get it up so we're gonna charge us 45

dollars for the car per day and I was

like oh that's a pretty good deal that

the insurance is sixty-five dollars a

day plus taxes

so then the people next to us negotiated

a deal to pay $45 for everything

insurance taxes all of it 45 at the

event at the airport so I walked outside

I said hey yeah yeah she forget it was

like we were Japan cuz it she was like

right there from the US so I knew they

spoke English

they were like nice men they were nice

yes so that's tip number one I already

learned a life lesson going well but

we've got the car so we're headed to our

hotel and then we will pull ourselves

together I'm going to show you guys ways

am i carrying on back because I got a

lot of requests to show you guys what I

packed on my little carry-on and then

we're gonna do a room tour it's no good

you're like driving through the desert

right yeah we're like 45 minutes top of

the desert island there's a ton of cacti

and a ton of dirt so if you like happy I

know I love it

if you like me and you love desert

islands Aruba and Cabo San Lucas so far

does our island look at me go I didn't

even know for either of those just made

it into the room I'm gonna give you guys

room eyes away my airport outfit this

shirt is from Nasty Gal it says seize

the day but the F word seize the effing

day didn't realize I said that until I

bought it and then just my Levi's jeans

that I bought from Nordstrom Rack and

cut and sandals posted a pic on my

Instagram you have seen it


so it was a little mini room tour we

actually got the like room of the house

which is their basic room and this is


they have really expensive suites by the

way we're staying at the by Keita Resort

boutique resort and hotel no boutique

hotel something like that in the spa it

is not in a resort it's not


but it's adorable and I had a sense if I

recommend there like hospitality service

is a one a hundred percent like come

back and would stay here so far we've

only been here for like 30 minutes but

I'm just flowed away alright they gave

us drinks I chugged mine because I'm

honestly so hungry nor there's foreign

something but it was like a little

spritz or something I don't know it's


alright everything in my carry-on is

laid out so I brought my laptop that's

on the bottom I have a little mini

hairbrush it's a wet brush for my

extensions tissues vitamins that I okay

I already took the vitamin so this is

just a p.m. pack but it already ate some

of this so I'm just showing you guys I

had a bar

I ate it it's just a protein bar from

Isagenix I also had a shake which I

blended in my shaker cup brought this

shaker Cup and like my suitcase and when

we got off the plane I made it I brought

my beads portable charger with my cord

sunglasses for when we got off the plane

this is my all-time favorite gum in the

entire world of gum but I cannot find it

anywhere and I'm almost out so dilemma

I brought my glasses but they're just in

Sierra's days glasses case because it's

nice and sturdy had my passport I also

had my wallet with my ID and stuff

that's over there but it's K and this

has called Llano lips this is what my

madison who does my hair she recommended

this for me to try for my chapped lips

and I actually really like it so far I

got it on Amazon it is the 101 point

mint and the strawberry flavor so

recommend if you have chapped lips like

me and here has my memory cards and

things for my computer for when I was

editing on the plane so yeah also a

phone fan in case you get hot you just

plug it into the bottom and there it

goes and then last but not least I have

some lotion this came on my foot

box so yeah and again my bag is from

Target I was on my Instagram story but

in my post but in case you missed it we

just did like a quick fix and changed

for dinner flash this place is amazing

and I really want to take a picture so

my bralette is from Free People can't

remember can you see what does this say

oh it's from

okay three people and bought it recently

so it might still be on the website and

also this skirt is from Free People - we

don't have a full body mirror also we're

gonna like unpacking stuff but it's like

a mini skirt it's really cute and then

I'm just wearing the same sandal that I

had on it earlier having a problem

talking also this is gonna be my purse

for the trip it is from princess Polly

it so so stinkin cute on the website go

look for it




we thought that we got this far don't

stop now

reaching for a distant star don't stop


just gave my mom like a slight how to

pose for its room

what we call that practice we're gonna

have to work on that another night so we

got to get it perfect

yeah so I think she's totally taught her

how to burst taught her how you just

gotta like move quickly and you get a

good shot you just I go from the left

then you gotta go through the right but

make sure you're sucking it till the

quit rate Embry's and then here just

kidding don't do that about if I start

beyond yeah yeah oh yeah but I like to

like pop the elbow Alice she had like

way back here look but she's really

break think she's gonna break her

shoulder builder you just kind of like

pop that board game changer okay

we have a top well it's not that


that's what thing is really affordable

and it's friggin beautiful I'm coming



personal vetoes of the vacation by the

way no in skating

but it's freaking amazing


here we go

currently bread tasting for free

complimentary with the restaurant okay

we didn't need this but we wanted so

it's organic so it's healthy it's like

that's a killer brush I don't know about

you guys but you bring more bread weird

stuff we got some ceviche it's so great

I don't know how this is working out for

me there we go that's better

salads steak for sharing them my Papa

has a purse hanger at this restaurant so

like how creative thank you she wanted

whatever you I was like distracted you

asked me a question I put in one


you thought that we got this far don't

stop now reaching for a distant star

don't stop now as it stands if I was


density in a certain town




pro tip is to stack all your hats and

your suitcase and then file stuff around

them yeah you put them in upside down in

your suitcase stack them on look and

then put



so you guys just saw we just took a hot

minute to organize we took some time

just to put away all of our clothes get

organized I saw some stuff left on the

bed that I need to organize this place

it's actually pretty nice because these

cubbies do come in handy but we just

kind of like divided all these cubbies

it goes all the way down can put more

stuff in there and then we'll have to

share this bed my I ate and trained to

like Sears day video it's currently

trying to upload of our shoes we're down

along here which is where this little

couch situations happening hats up here

all of these are lack of colors that

one's like a color except for this hat I

don't know what that is oh there's a hot

underneath that I didn't realize that so

we have all of our pre-workout and stuff

it's a little dark I might have to show

you another day but it's like all in

there so and there's an oven which is

crazy oh goodness

I was just noticed there's so much more

storage over here you can put a suitcase

in there honestly I'm going to shower

though because I feel gross from

traveling all day and so the hotel that

we're staying at the buff Bahia also has

a gym that is just subpar so we found a

place seven minutes away I'll have to

tell you what it is in the next vlog and

you'll see it and the next vlog I

totally forgot the name but it's like a

full gym we're just gonna pay for a week

and a couple day passes so yeah that's

the game plan for tomorrow we still need

to like kind of game plan and talk about

what we're gonna do but time we're gonna

wake up go to the gym forget all that

stuff I'm going to shower I'm gonna end

the vlog because we got a ton of logs

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and we with you guys tomorrow