How to Travel Maui - BEST Maui Travel Guide!!

the Hawaiian Islands are magical last

month I was lucky enough to spend some

time exploring the island of Maui with

my family we had such an amazing time

and I want to be able to share that

experience with you guys so here's how

to travel Maui in one week now I'm just

gonna put it out there I'm probably

going to butcher almost every name I say

in this video but bear with me starting

off your trip you're going to arrive at

the kalui Airport grab your bags and

then take a bus uber or taxi into town

to pick up your rental car now you could

definitely pick up a rental car from the

airport but if you want to save some

money just get one in town now buses and

tours will take you to some of these

locations but the freedom of having a

rental car is going to be unmatched so

if you're heading to Maui I strongly

suggest you go for the rental car before

you leave kalui and head to your place

make a stop at Costco to pick up some

groceries a Hawaiian vacation is not

complete without an introductory Costco

shop mom where are we no no no where are

we now in terms of accommodation there's

hotels and stuff but we rented a condo

through VRBO and you can totally use

Airbnb to do the same we went out on a

whim and ended up choosing to stay in

the city of Kihei and I think that's the

place to be it's in such a good location

putting you right near the middle of the

island allowing you to do day trips in

either direction which is really nice

now that you've got some food take some

time to relax crack a beer but make sure

you keep an eye on the clock because at

4:00 p.m. you're going to need to go

onto your phone or your computer now

this will make a lot more sense later on

in the video but you need to secure

yourself tickets to the Haleakala

volcano sunrise tour now although we're

doing it on a later day you need a

ticket and the only way to get a ticket

is by purchasing it beforehand online

approximately 80 tickets are released

each day at 4 p.m.

local time and they sell out almost

instantly so make sure you start doing

this on day one now to be honest with

you guys I'm not much of a beach guy

I much prefer exploring so that's gonna

be the main focus of this itinerary but

yesterday you did have a big day so

think about taking it easy today soak up

the Hawaiian vibes by checking out some

of Maui's famous beaches here are a

couple of my favorite secret beach

makena Beach and Baldwin Beach so now

that you're rested I think we can start

adventuring the next couple days

are going to be intense so get ready


first off you're going to wake up early

to hike the wahi Ridge Trail one of my

favorite hikes that we did on this trip

it's a moderate 5 mile round trip hike

taking you along the wahi Ridge up to a

beautiful lookout above the mountains

now the view was great but the journey

was definitely my favorite part it's a

fun hike

next up you have to check out the Iowa

Valley it's a state monument this will

be a nice break after the Waukee ridge

trail hike it's a relatively small park

that you'll be able to explore in about

an hour

and to top it off there is a river that

you can swim in I'm gonna be honest I

accidentally deleted the footage I took

while we were there so hopefully these

pictures can do it justice regardless

you gotta check it out after that you're

going to head around the northern tip of

Maui where you'll find a couple more

stops you have to be careful though this

road is a bit sketchy take it slow and

you should be fine

my favorite stop along the sketchy Road

was definitely the olivine pools these

pools are awesome during low tide you're

gonna be able to watch the waves crash

around you while you swim in these

natural volcano pools the view is great

and this is pretty much picture-perfect

Maui but if you see big waves entering

the pools do not swim people have died

here if you're able to exercise caution

you should be fine they are fairly safe

but be smart hopefully by now you've

been able to secure yourself a sunrise

pass to mount Haleakala once you have

your pass get ready for an early morning

just made it to the top of Mount Holly

Acula it is for 51 right now we got up

at 3 a.m.


now although you're in Hawaii it is

still super cold on top of the 10,000

foot mountain there's a hut near the top

that you can stand inside while you're

watching the sunrise but I'd still wear

every piece of warm clothing that you

have access to I'm not kidding

it's cold and I'm from Canada after that

take the rest of the day easy and

probably take a nap today is the day

that you're going to tackle the iconic

road to Hana hey Hana what road are we

doing today the road to Hana takes you

around the base of Mount Holly Alcala

you've been to the top you've seen the

Sun Rise and now you're going to wind

around the base and see some of the

coolest spots on the island


now when doing the road to Hana I highly

recommend that you do the reverse road

to Hana and all that means is that we're

going to be doing it backwards now by

doing it backwards you've dodged the

crowds because they do it the other way

and you don't have to worry about

driving the sketchiest part of the road

as it gets dark because we're going to

do it first thing in the morning there

are so many things to do and see along

the road to Hana but here are a few of

my favorites palea Cola National Park

and specifically the ppy Trail was our

first stop that really blew my mind the

PBY trail is a fairly easy four mile

round trip hike that winds you through a

bamboo forest up to a massive 300 foot


you'll probably spend two or three hours

here so it does take up a chunk of your

day but I still think it's definitely

worth doing you'll also find the Seven

Sacred Pools in Haleakala National Park

but they were closed while we were there

so hopefully I better love another one

of my favorite stops and probably my

favorite spot on the entire trip was the

Venus pools this is truly one of Maui's

gems it's essentially a cove surrounded

by cliffs and rocks that you can jump

off of water is so warm it's nice and

blue and it's really cool because the

cove has a barrier of rocks so that

breaks the waves as they come in leaving

you with really nice calm water like I

said this was my favorite stop along the

road to Hana and probably my favorite

thing we did a Maui another awesome stop

is the lower Y Khmer Falls it's a really

nice fresh water swimming hole off the

side of the road with some cliff jumping

a waterfall and a rope swing all three

of which I love

as I said there are so many amazing

places along the road to Hana you really

can't go wrong with whatever you end up

doing the only advice I have is to get

up and get started as early as possible

there's no way you'll be able to see

everything but if you're up early enough

you should be able to see what you want

to see before it gets dark on you

honestly this is one of those things

that if you do have an extra day in Maui

you could totally spend two days doing

the road to Hana now to finish off the

trip you can't go to Hawaii without

taking a helicopter ride so that's what

we're gonna do while I was in Maui I

partnered with Pacific heli tours and

they blew me away with their doors off

Molokai tour the pilot was super

informative telling us all the local

stories about Molokai while flying us

alongside the oceanside cliffs where we

saw tons of waterfalls cascading down we

went through valleys over Peaks we did

steep banks over the ocean reefs it was

an unreal experience the helicopter ride

took about an hour so after that we

headed up the can of Pali coast stopping

in Lahaina this is a pretty cool town

it's quite touristy but it has the old

hawaiian town vibe to it still if you're

into walking streets with tons of

shopping and restaurants this is

definitely a place you've got to check


swype continuing on from there checking

out some of the other beaches and

fancier resorts out that way we ended up

at Blackrock Beach for some cliff

jumping and it wasn't bad dad where we

make it a trek to I think it's called

Black Rock it's a dump going up there

the jump was pretty nice but if that

doesn't excite you you can probably skip

it because the other beaches that I had

mentioned earlier are much nicer and

there it is guys that is how you travel

Maui in one week or I guess it's

technically six days but with traveling

and stuff for all intents and purposes

it's a week thank you so much for

watching dudes I appreciate every single

one of you so much

and I'll see you all in another one