welcome to the beautiful island of


this is one of the most popular islands

in Greece and is known for its

waterfront restaurants shopping and

vivid nightlife oh and did I mention the

abundance of cats in today's vlog we're

going to be going over everything that

you need to know before coming here so

let's get started so you have a few

options for getting here with the most

convenient yet expensive being to fly

which from Athens will take you around

35 minutes you can also take a ferry

from Athens or one of the other islands

and it will leave some resources for

that down in the description or your

third option is to do a cruise like we

did that had an overnight stop in

Mykonos and instead of getting

accommodation in town at you sleep on

the boat as for accommodation on this

island it is going to be a bit pricier

due to its popularity the best place to

look for hotels would have to be Mykonos

town due to its proximity to everything

but just note that hotels here in peak

season even for just basic accommodation

will end up being around 150 to 250 u.s.

a night then the prices skyrocket from

there some of the area's I travel to you

will expect it look a certain way and

then it will look different whereas it

mink knows is exactly what I expected it

to look like really beautiful buildings

all the white cobblestone I'm actually

so excited to be here I've want to come

to Greece for literally ages so it's a

good day so if you enjoy shopping well

you're in for a treat because the

streets of mykonos town is filled with

shops after shops with everything from a

beautiful jewelry shoes dresses house

decor to all of the designer shops that

you can think of Mykonos is definitely

cater towards people who have a bit of

extra money but even if you're not doing

any shopping it's still fun to just walk

around and feel the excitement that

surrounds the streets first stop of the

day we've come to a coffee shop called

premier it's actually a crepe shop and

well in a year up thank you for this

photo sessions yeah

when in Greece you better be stuffing

your belly full of all the Greek food

that it can manage and there are so many

good restaurants here and although we

didn't have time to eat at all them some

of the recommended spots include pepper

and eating Katerina's avril and funky

kitchen just to name a few and of course

I will leave some more suggestions in

the description as well and if you guys

have ever been to Mykonos I would love

for you to leave even more suggestions

in the comment section below the traffic

jam so we have just arrived at

Catarina's which was actually a food

spot that I got recommended to from

someone's blog when I was doing research

for Mykonos and we just ordered some

food this is right in Little Venice

which is a popular area to come to in

Mykonos it's all pretty reasonably

priced as well so we got some good food

I'm gonna show you guys it actually

looks delicious

we got the stuffed peppers we have

assorted dips with tzatziki and hummus

and the best thing of all the Greek

salad which this is my first Greek salad

on the trip so I am very very excited

and honestly this view is unbeatable

ended up coming to 34 euros with a large

Pellegrino we got three appetizers we're

just gonna continue walking around

exploring and it's just so beautiful

here you can be in someone's back alley

and it's still the most beautiful thing

you've ever seen so the main kind of

ways to get around here are by either a

taxi or car and there's also a lot of

four by fours here and motorcycles you

do want to be careful though on the four

by fours make sure you just heard a

horse story someone who didn't know how

to ride a 4x4 and basically got like ran

off the road we're not here to lecture

you guys but yeah safety is important

we've just walked up the hill a little

bit and arrived at these windmills which

is really beautiful I think the reason

that I really love it here

is because you really feel like you've

been transported to a magical different

place in the world and with it being my

first time in Greece I thought it was

the perfect place to start because every

direction that you look it just screams

Greece to me


we've actually just arrived at this

place right in Little Venice on the

water it's called smelly the Sun doesn't

set for about three hours so we have a

bit of time I think we're gonna go check

out another Beach area and where all the

beach bars are because at night that's

definitely the thing to do in Mykonos we

got our cocktails so I got a

passionfruit martini thing I love

passion fruit I said I said mmm but I

mean very good very passion fruit II you

can actually see all the windmills that

we were out before right down the hill

Hey very bold bird in her hands I was


please lady brought nuts over and he is

literally just like no can you can I

help you I need you to go away it's


nope Oh Megan goes to the bathroom for

two seconds and I get attacked by a bird

that was a very very alarming don't

drink a cocktail Little Venice had to be

my favorite area that we visited it has

this romantic quaint feeling about it

and what's really cool is that all the

restaurants here are either right on the

water we're actually over top of the

water since some of the places have

decks that stretch out past the main

area of the restaurant this is also a

fantastic place to come and watch the


all right way to Scorpios trying to go


we go right straight and we get a cab

but Scorpios is a popular Beach area

where all the beach bars are and it's

actually 15 minutes away from mykonos

town so you can take a cab there or a

bus or walk for an hour which is the

long choice you probably don't want to

do that a bunch of buses the cheapest

way to get around Mykonos will be a bus

and to get from Mykonos town to Paradise

Beach will cost you just under two euros

and if you don't feel like waiting for

the bus you can also take a taxi which a

trip from the port to Paradise Beach

will cost around 15 euros we have just

arrived at Scorpios and make a piper

saying it's a good thing we're wearing

something that's like a little bit nicer

because everyone's dress I'm quite a

better arrive to like a weird cello Club

they are in Europe people this is just

yeah that's true everyone here in Europe

distress is so nice it's kind of I

always love coming here because the

fashion is just so much more

Eliquis elegant


so we've arrived at Scorpios and it's a

really cool BOGO vibe if you've ever

been to tulum or Bali it's kind of like

the beach bar is there so we're gonna

get a cocktail

the wine is around like 12 to 15 euros

and then a cocktail will run you about

21 euros experiencing the nightlife is a

part of what Mykonos is all about and

here of some of the other popular beach

bars and clubs that you'll find

surrounding Scorpios and if you're

wanting to head back into Mykonos town

some of the popular spots include these

guys right here we actually ended our

night with a little dance session at

Scandinavian disco bar and let me tell

you at that place was quite the

experience I really felt like I was 21

again and living my best party life and

that is it for my video and my complete

guide to Mykonos of course and don't

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hope you guys have a great rest of your

day and I will see you in my next grace

vlog bye