Plan a trip to Napa - "Planning your first trip to Napa Valley"

hey everybody welcome back to magic time

I'm your host Thomas and I'm here in my

favorite spot which is I've filled near

before which is right above oak fill

about and I would say probably about 700

800 feet up onto the side of the Maya

comest mountains overlooking the entire

Napa Valley special spot anyways I

wanted to talk today about those of you

that are coming to the Napa Valley or

doing a wine country trip here for the

first time and what you need to consider

so number one is your flying you're

gonna fly into the area there's three

airports that you need to check there's

San Francisco International SFO there's

Sacramento Airport and there's also the

option of flying into Santa Rosa now the

best of the options of Santa Rosa if you

can afford to fly into Santa Rosa it's

gonna cost you a little bit extra and

there's not as many flights but it's

such a small quaint beautiful little

Airport that you just fly into there's

there's hardly any people there there's

no traffic getting in and out you don't

have to drive through the city and come

all the way up to here and Santa Rosa is

about you know 20 30 minutes away from

the Napa Valley so I would definitely

suggest that probably Sacramento would

be my second option for that so for the

same reason it's less busy you don't

have to go through Bay Area traffic and

but the ones that are gonna be most

affordable are going to be San Francisco

our SFO and Oakland as well you can fly

into Oakland and I prefer Oakland over

SFO to be honest with you okay so that's

the number one thing if you fly into San

Francisco or Oakland try to fly in at a

time period where it's not going you're

not going to be in rush-hour traffic

because the drive from San Francisco or

Oakland coming all the way up here to

Napa Valley it will take you to two to

two and a half hours if you come at rush

hour traffic meaning probably four or

five in the afternoon coming back from

the city to come up here or in the

morning in the morning times as well the

traffic can be pretty heavy so I'm

probably trying to fly in midday

sometime or in the evening if you can

number two is where are you going to

stay once you're up here well there's

several places you can stay definitely

the most developed place now is downtown

Napa and there's lots of hotels in

downtown Napa I would have I would

imagine there's quite a few Airbnb is in

downtown Napa as well that's gonna be

the place with the most amenities are

the most bars most restaurants and kind

of the most City like if you like city

things traveling up Valley the next

place that you can look to stay in as

Yong bill now Yountville is like I've

done a little video on Yountville it's

like the perfect little town and there's

amazing restaurants there there's it's

really quaint there are some few hotels

there but they're pretty expensive and I

would imagine there's some Airbnb is

there as well small town closer into the

valley too if you're going to go to

wineries and that's your main focus

probably young bill would be a good

option because it's so central in the

valley moving north there's really

nothing in terms of accommodations until

you really get up into saint elena state

elena small town as well some good

shopping there's like a downtown a

little strip with a bunch of little

boutique shops some nice restaurants

down there as well Sun Shine market my

favorite little brochure is down there

if you're planning on cooking from your

air B&B there's less hotel

accommodations there there's a few small

properties and then I'm going to imagine

there's quite a few Airbnb is moving

north you can stay in the furthest part

North in Napa Valley which would be

Calistoga and then Calistoga real small

boutique town I think it's one of the

coolest places to stay but it's also the

most north so if you're planning on

visiting a lot of wineries that are

further down here in the south part of

the valley whether it's an Oak Knoll or

Oakville Yountville down here that would

probably suggest against Calistoga even

though it's one of my favorite places to

stay if you're planning on doing Hal

Mountain or spring down Calistoga is a

good option it's gets close to a

mountain and spring so those are the

accommodations in terms of wineries I

always would say plan your day to have

enough time to get to your appointments

meaning when I first started traveling

here there was this thought that I had

to go as many wineries as possible

because I had never been here before and

like I needed to go to you know five six

wineries in a day so I could fill out my

itinerary and really see everything I

wanted to see that was okay maybe for

the first few times I came but I

realized that the better way to do it

and the more efficient way to do it is

probably three in one deck at maximum

meaning one at probably ten o'clock in

the morning when winery is open another

probably two hours later at about noon

and go to lunch and kind of refresh and

kind of shake off that alcohol drink

some good water get hydrated and then do

one more in the afternoon maybe around

2:30 to 3:00 o'clock so that's my ideal

some people like to do more than that I

don't love doing that because you're you

often go over on your appointments and

then you're late and then that never

feels good to be late to a fixed

appointment and most wineries nowadays

in Napa Valley are our appointment only

so keep that in mind as well it's not

like just fly in and do whatever you

want in terms of wineries if you want to

go to a specific place make sure you

call ahead and schedule your appointment

for your tasting because most of them

are not walking tasting rooms anymore

there are a few of those left but the

ones you might want to see the more

boutique ones are definitely a point

appointment only in terms of restaurants

you have all the restaurants that you

could possibly want here there's

restaurants in every town that I

mentioned in terms of accommodations

there's not a lot of middle-of-the-road

food there's like super gourmet and like

fine dining and like upscale and then

there's like fast food but there's not a

lot of like in-between if you want to

save yourself a whole hell of a lot of

money get an Airbnb and then go shopping

at Whole Foods or whatever and cook

dinners at home that kind of takes the

fun out of going to fancy restaurants

and kind of one of the coolest things

about Napa Valley is to go out dining

I mean experience that but if you are

into the just going to a wine trip and

visiting as many wineries as possible

and purchasing wine

I'd suggest getting an Airbnb and

cooking at home so those are some of my

my little tips for you if you're

planning your first wine trip here to

Napa Valley remember the dress code is

really casual here change is fine

I'm not sandals but like you know blue

jeans and some some loafers and maybe

like this or a polo it's just fine you

don't need to tuck in your shirt

you don't need to certainly don't know

where it need to wear it

a suit for women you don't need to be

wearing like a fancy dress although when

I see people in little cocktail dresses

he's like you immediately assume they're

not from here so if you want to

definitely make a statement you can do

that but if you want to kind of blend in

and be part of the wine country thing

you know just wear casual dress make a

jumper or something like that those are

those are my tips for you and thanks for

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information about Napa Valley Cheers