Got caught flying FPV, what happened? Puglia Ep 5

hi everybody welcome back to my backyard

today is day five

and today we are going to alberobello

the city of the

truly again because we really liked it

and probably

this afternoon we're gonna go to

bolignano which is again

a city that we really liked so

stay with us and stay tuned and today is

much better

there is no wind there is the sun and

less tourists like it's almost empty i

will say

and you know what that means we want to

go to martinuchi for the second third


i want another pastitoto with chocolate

and also i want the same plus

drones oh okay


i want pacifier to end uh

and just like that we got pasta

chocolate again with

almond milk of course we got the new one

with custard and

blueberry then we got the

ricotta one ricotta cheese nutella


is also chocolate and this one is with

four cereals and what was that

okay custard


and we are back on the rooftop because

today is a good day

sunny day no wind it's amazing







a big day today

i managed to fly good today finally

without the wind without

anything i was really really precise the


behaved really well today the dysons

behave really well today

and i'm so happy

i'm so happy for the

and the forgot china arrived oh we are

about to eat for catch of course

cause this is it fly

it fly eat slippery sleep

and we also got some souvenirs of course

and this is the place we were supposed

to go at but

i think about this it's pretty pretty


but now we're looking for

another place yep

now we are in the parking lot and

bye bye alberobello

we're going home

yeah oh but after

we visit for another time


and now we are back in the trullo we ate


pizza we eat some fried shrimps and now

i'm gonna lay a bit

on this i'm gonna lay a bit there and i


this lot of ice cream i mean he is half

and here we are again we rested a bit

because we were tired and we still

are tired and now we're going to

paulinano and it actually rained while

we were inside

and i forgot my windows in the car open

so it rained on my seat yeah that's


and i see some light coming from the sky

so i hope the rain is over and there is

some sun

in paulinano because i want to take one

last amazing

shot and she's hiding behind the door

oh here she is where are we going



hi guys we are sad

because tomorrow we leave julia

and we spend here

five beautiful days and

maybe we will return

and we are back to paulina finally

the weather is much much better than

last time

and i hope i can fly today and take some

good photos

we gotta hurry because the sun is










so you see this smile i just flew with

both the mavic

and the fpv dyson mini the 95

this time flew over there i don't know

if it came out good

like last time there was more wind but i

was also more

ballsy i would say with the three inch

but still

i hope i made a nice video because it

was a bit risky

and just when i was landing

the police was in front of the actual

drone like

one meter so we freaked out a bit but


she doesn't bother anymore like she

doesn't want to hear about

fpv she just wants to eat

she doesn't give a damn about their


and we back here three days and we're



and we gotta eat we gotta wear these

masks and

we are back

i just got panini with

octopus look at this beauty wow

with the fried octopus this is amazing

look at this octopus some burger with


bacon mozzarella everything it's amazing

and this is one of the best panini i

ever tasted in my life if you come to

piano you should definitely check out

pescaria that's the name of the place

incredible panini