Top 5 Places To Visit In The Dolomites

what's up guys my name is Ryan Shirley

and last summer I spent several weeks

exploring the Italian Dolomites and I

want to show you guys my favorite places

Tali Dolomites are probably the coolest

place in the world and I'd highly

recommend you guys go there so for the

my first destination it is the balance

of Scecina now to get to the Dolomites I

flew in to Milan and it's about a four

hour drive to sue SATA and once you this

is SATA it's is absolutely just

beautiful green town when it first saw

and literally it was just in shock it is

absolutely gorgeous

now to get to the mountain rage you're

gonna take a gondola up to the top I

think it was like 20 bucks and it's

gonna take you to this Lodge and once

you get to the lodge you'll be at the

base of the mountain and you can hike

all over the place

around this awesome just incredible

mountain range it is probably the

coolest mountain range I've ever seen

just it's what originally brought me to

the dome lights after I saw a video of

the place but anyways yeah you can run

all the green grass you can just hike

around the area you get close to the

boundary but it's awesome like I love

this so much I came back two times the

first time I went it was very sunny with

very few clouds and then the second time

I went the clouds were literally up

against the mountain range it looked

like the mountain was breathing here it

was insane so I would highly recommend

going there it is probably one of my

favorite places in the world but after

sue SATA you go to the mountain range

called Sasso Lugo or lungo KL it is

about one hour from Cecina and this

mountain range is just absolutely

incredible I remember seeing a video of

it there's like a little Lodge on top of

the mountain thing over there that

really blew me away so like dang I

really need to go so how you get there

is you're gonna take like this one

person ski lift thing up to the top of

mountain I can't remember how much it

was thing was like around something

around $10 anyone should get to the top

the rock is just absolutely incredible I

had like temel I fly my drone there just

absolutely beautiful and then you can

also just drive around the air

yeah you get some amazing busy shots of

the mountain region of the surrounding

area it's absolutely beautiful so I

highly recommend you go there next place

after Sasso Lugo is lago de Bray it's

about a two hour car ride the drive to

lago de Bray is absolutely beautiful

just you read mind-blown and once you

get to log any Brae you're gonna be

blown away

not only by like this crazy color of the

water but also of the backdrop of the

lake they're also famous for having

their rowing boats which you can rent

and take out the water when I got there

I hadn't shower in like four days and so

you know everybody George we thought

it'd be fun to jump in the water

freezing cold but you don't felt so good

refreshing it was it was an awesome time

so yeah I love long Debray I suggest

going in the morning where there's not a

lot of people because it is very

touristy but make sure you had that to

list so after la Gotti Bray we headed to

trade teammate Dale Alvarado and this is

probably one of my favorite places to

spend my time when I was in the

Dolomites I literally spent four or five

days there because there's so much to do

Trinity la burrito is probably one of

the most famous mountain ranges in the

Dolomites it's those three peaks to

achieve me it means the Three Chimneys

of lava rain oh so pretty awesome place

so to get in the park it's a little

expensive I think it was $35 but you're

gonna drive up the road and you're gonna

get to a parking lot there's a refuge or

like a lodge and from the lodge you can

hike about it's about one or two miles

it's gonna get you to the base trechie

immediate lava Rado and I mean you're

gonna be blown away when you see these

mountains they're absolutely incredible

when I was there I wanted to get to a

high vantage point so I could get a

better shot so I followed some rock

climber guys and they climbed to the top

of this cross it was pretty dangerous I

would recommend doing it without

climbing gear and if you want to learn

more about that hike I did a vlog about

it but yeah so I mean you could just

walk around the three peaks there

there's so much to do like literally you

could just spend days there it's it's

just absolutely it

so for the last part of this video we go

to the backside at rate TV de la vraie

no it's on the south end until the name

of the hike you're just gonna have to

look for these mounds if you go there

you'll be it'll see them from the lodge

but even if you hike south and you're

gonna get to this Ridgeline and you'll

be able to see these mountains and

there's just absolutely incredible

there's so much to do when you get there

you could literally hike down to the

bottom of them you can just enjoy the

scenery take a lot of pictures you have

awesome mortar like mountains and you

also have the backside to achieve me

there's literally just mountains

everywhere it's just absolutely

beautiful so anyways that is my top five

favorite places to visit in the

Dolomites if you guys have a chance to

go I would highly recommend it it is one

of my favorite places in Europe and it's

not that expensive compared to like

other places such as Switzerland so make

sure you guys put that on your bucket

list it is running surely and we will

see you later