Landing INSIDE the Canyon! - Flying the Grand Canyon


flying into the marble canyon airstrip

was certainly one of the highlights of

our coast-to-coast journey and our

naldo's Cessna 172 this is the first of

a few extra videos I'm releasing from

that coast-to-coast series if you

haven't yet I highly suggest you watch

the seven part series after you finish

this video there were a few flights from

this series that I think deserve their

own dedicated video showing the details

of the flight from start to finish an ER

de toute raw flight video like this may

not be your cup of tea necessarily but I

think there are certain flights that are

unique enough to call for their own

in-depth video so here we are

Arnaldo and I have made our way across

the southern United States then up into

northern Arizona to Page later in the

day we're planning to cut across the

Grand Canyon through the VFR corridors

then head down to Sedona Arizona to stay

the night if you want to see that

absolutely epic footage from those

flights down over the Grand Canyon and

into Sedona definitely check out the

seven part coast-to-coast series before

heading towards the Grand Canyon though

we want to take a little side trip down

to Marble Canyon a 3700 foot strip of

pavement down below the rim of the

canyon while planning this whole

coast-to-coast strip Marble Canyon was

mostly my idea sore and Aldo has told me

that I'll be doing the landing we've

woken up to frost covering the entire

airplane which is no joke I think Frost

on the hazards that it presents deserves

its own video at a later time but the

bottom line is we must defrost the

entire airplane before flying that's

where the use of the checklist comes in

I always use a checklist now that the

airplane is defrosted and we're ready to

fly we're going to go over the game plan

one last time before starting the engine

marble canyon is a thirty seven hundred

foot paved runway that sits 36 hundred

and three feet above sea level we'll be

using a common traffic advisory

frequency of 1 to 2.9 to announce our

position and intentions to other

aircraft in the area if any this runway

does sit beneath the Grand Canyon

special use airspace so special rules do

apply generally you're not allowed to

penetrate this airspace in this area

below 8,000 feet above sea level however

the FAA thought of that the chart points

to Marble Canyon and says landing and

takeoff operations below 3,000 feet

above the airport elevation within 3

nautical miles of the airport are

authorized that gives us permission to

spiral down over the airport as long as

we stay within

three nautical miles and our intention

is to land the same goes for spiraling

up after takeoff so now we'll do our run

up on the ground at page into part

northbound we'll make a right downwind

off page and make our way over to Marble

Canyon land and grab some breakfast

page Municipal Airport automated weather

observation one seven zero Niner Zulu

wind calm visibility one zero sky

condition clear temperature zero three

Celsius dewpoint

- zero one Celsius altimeter three zero

three Niner remarks density altitude

3400 okay right now check this brakes

set breaks you're set

yeah I feel selector on both both crimes

have to take off like Charles Frank


yep they are our instruments cross-check

calibrate let's check these again that's

good yeah good mixture set for best


and it was about here primer is in


yes travel 1700

magnito test

if Mack

103 107 105 good

right mag at page shy big volunteer is

good help across the runway seven

function works we've got fuel oil

pressure batteries charging all right

and carpet dentists are Pete I get an

RPM drop and idle check closed throttle

friction locks edits desired when she

idols once you recover friction lock all


and and we'll wait on the pre-take-off

checklist yeah


under at 1200 I have to warm up a little

alright so pretty tick off well we're

gonna go full power

yeah pre-take-off flaps set zero to ten

zero and mix your set for best power all

right so we'll go behind you now nothing

behind ya

all right 9:20

all right that's where it's sort of drop

give us there you go perfect that's

exactly how I did her feet is as soon as

you come back to idle all right Carpy

dog Barbie design transponder is

squawking altitude our heading bug is

set lights

that was your tracking heading bug where

you want uh that's gonna be our track

out of here

three three all right landing lights on

strobes on yep and time no brakes

release a fork plan all right pork plan

I'd say if we're by the FBO and we have

it taken off I didn't for it I consider

we've got it down downhill grade here so

we should definitely be off before then

all right pre takeoff checklist is

complete okay

ready let's go ready page traffic

Skyhawk nine two three three seven Hotel

taxing onto runway three three you're

going to be right downwind departure to

the southwest page

all right finals clear and final does

look clear

all right I see a big three three three

three and the compass three three on my

chair Oh

full power



and we are off by the FBO alrighty good

stuff get set

look at terrain just drop in front of us

so cool page traffic skyhook just a part

of runway 2 3 3 just off the end of the

runway making a right crosswind gonna

make a right down a departure runway 3 3



page traffic Skyhawk 9 3 3 7 Attell

turning on a writedown and by the way 3

3 again at a part of the Southwest page

well Big Canyon down there

there are some good off-roading trails

down there

is that Horseshoe Bend right there uh

looks like it yeah I think so

all right yeah we're above pattern

altitude all right

about a mile to east of the airport page

traffic Skyhawk nine three three seven

hotel climbing through five thousand

seven hundred feet of mile about a mile

to the east of the field gonna depart

the area to the southwest climbing page

traffic turn the heat on a little bit

I'm gonna bring her up to 67 I want to

have at least a thousand but Clarence I

hear you tell me picky I won't call you

picky I think you do that's okay little

dwelling of pagers and

like a mini Hoover Dam over there they

right off the right wing down there I

guess that's what makes Lake Powell yeah

that's crazy that we were standing right

down there yesterday

about 1/2 to 9 so we help Bryce Canyon

on the radio

arbol cane or Brice

okay mr. know-it-all I'm just reading

the chart

I thought that was a runway right there

it's a paved road right along the river


but it was long and straight then had it

looked like it had a turn around at the

end I was like holy crap that's not

marble canyon is it we can't do that

all right we're here enter angle

boundary I believe that's it

I agree how hot do you that is epic

all right so they just want to do one

over in light you know we'll make a

pattern you can kind of go out a little

wide stay within three miles and then

come in if you want

well that's left traffic I mean left

traffic or three


and watch my cooling here I have to

circle or

yeah just watch your gaff coming up we

can spiral down it's no big deal when we

get over the airport Marble Canyon trap

you got a sky Hawk about a mile to the

east of the field we're gonna wear 6,000

feet we're gonna spiral down and enter a

left downwind for a northbound runway

while we can

that's our runway right down there

this is some gnarly terrain take a quick

look at the windsock just in case

windsock is calm alright so we are 1,500

above the field

I'll keep it at 1500 above the field


all right pre landing checklist brake

pedal test best it cleaning I hardly

test years cuz you're doing the landing

there good lighting Heights on bite on

autopilot off it's all deep-felt

shoulder harnesses Justin locked

yep mixer set yep bar peed on

I repeat odd you'll select your own boat

both and fuel is required earth flux is

required rather yeah we gotta hold off

on that

all right presenting check Marble Canyon

Skywalk turning a left downwind zero

three you gonna be a full stop hopefully

tomorrow will Canyon hopefully I mean

hey our pattern pattern altitude

he's our power back and a trim it out ap

is off flight directors off

all right watch your knees yep all right

hit my knees loose pump cow flaps car

Pete gas on full tank undercarriage down

and Phillips's mixture is set drop power

set trim straps flaps you're strapped in

I'm strapped in gonna be a beam here in

just a second so I'm gonna ease the


out holding the nose up waiting for the

wide arc there's the wide arc one one

thousand two one thousand three one

thousand there's 10 degrees flaps and

what the nose start coming down

red blue green the runway is clean

it's gonna shoot for a nice stabilized

approach here 75 knots is what I want

Marvel Canyon Skywalk left face to 0-3

Marble Canyon

about 74 knots it's pretty good nice and

stabilized nice and stabilized it's

notifying us we're leaving altitude or

on a left base our final looks clear the

runway looks clear one one thousand two

one thousand three one thousand twenty

degrees flaps marble canyon sky Hawk

turning final zero three marble canyon

cars coming out

a little high it's hard to tell because

there's non-standard markings and it's a

skinny runway - it is a skinny runway

put into a little bit of a slip here

went this calm so that's good about

sixty six knots when I put it into a

slip I gotta be sure to get that nose

down and keep that speed up

of an it too fast I'm gonna see if I can

arrest this speed

I'm gonna hold on pull her up

older on the pole

there she is hold on those left pavement

yeah babe my nose

treating it kind of like a soft field


Marvel Canyon Skywalk rolling out 0-3

marble canyon

that was a rough runway for being paved

all right where are we parking

I guess we go anywhere just kind of

along the pavement here huh

chalk it with a couple rocks

we're gonna have to push it up he'll

push it up he'll alright

we are parked strokes off landing light

off and just check everything circuit

breakers or and flash up flaps coming up

front through the after landing

checklist car P is off strobes landing

line pitot heat is off mixtures required

trim and transponder squawkin VFR okay



absolutely epic down in this deep canyon

right was that not like the coolest

approach but it's left traffic and this

plateau is kind of in the way but when

you're up at pattern altitude you're

like 300 feet above it just absolutely

amazing so beautiful here this is by far

the coolest airport in the coolest

approach that I've done probably that

you've done too it's awesome


so we're gonna try and catch the the

restaurant here and grab some food

supposedly it's pretty good it's the

marble canyon trading post I just can't

get over how awesome it looks here the

food was absolutely fantastic

I got what was called the belt bacon egg

lettuce and tomato and it was the best

BLT I've ever had for the rest of the

day this trip down here remained in my

head is one of the coolest parts of the

day but of course the day had several

other epic moments and to see those you

can go watch the seven part

coast-to-coast series I felt this video

was important to go into detail about

because there were a lot of things that

went into planning for this landing

given the airspace weight and balance

and performance requirements for this

little runway etc we taxied out and I

performed a soft field takeoff technique

given the rough runway conditions so he

could keep the nose gear off the ground

we departed the opposite way we landed

so we wouldn't climb out right over the

village the wind was calm so we were

fine with departing the opposite

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