GMBN's Travel Guide To Whistler, Canada | A Mountain Bike Scene Check

- Ah, Whistler.

Whistler's tucked in the heart of British Columbia, Canada,

situated north of Vancouver, couple hours drive in the car.

The closest airport to fly into is Vancouver International.

Now Whistler, is a all year round, adventure resort,

with world class slopes in the Winter for snow sports,

and then when the Summer season kicks off,

these mountains flood with mountain bikers.

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Smack bang in the middle of Whistler

is the infamous bike park.

Arguably one of the meccas for riders all around the world,

to come to shred the gnar,

and seek that adrenaline fueled adventure.

But let's not forget the sheer size of this place,

and beyond the bike park where you can find

the most stunning natural trails,

that this planet has to offer,

and if you come here at the right time of the year,

you get to witness Crankworx festival of cycling,

it's amazing.

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Well, believe it or not,

Whistler was originally called London Mountain

because of all that, thick low hanging smoggy cloud,

at the base of the mountain,

and then it was renamed back to Whistler

because of that loud pitch

of all those marmots in the valley.

Interesting fact, London Mountain.

Wow, a bit far from London.

Even though it took fifty years to come around,

Whistler did hold the Olympic and Paralympic

Winter Games back in two thousand and ten.

That's why, these rings are here.

A little interesting fact about the Whistler bike park is,

back in nineteen sixty six, they opened up the mountain,

they opened it's slopes, to skiing,

and then thirty years later, in nineteen ninety nine,

Whistler bike park was born.

They officially opened the gates to that.

The seed for global gatherings was planted

and this place kicked off, it didn't take long.

Now you've got Crankworx festivals happening here,

you've got a number of other festivals happening.

You've got people coming around from all over the world,

to come to this spot, to ride their mountain bikes.

It's amazing, I absolutely love Whistler.

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Not a mountain biker, or you're looking to try

a different style of mountain bike riding,

well then Whistler has a number of bike rental options.

So take a day out of your cross country regime,

grab your mate,

get yourself a big rig just like this one right here,

or if you wanna try a short travel bike,

or an e-bike, the options are endless.

Right, before you even catch

that first lift up in the morning,

go and make sure you grab yourself a nice pastry,

a good coffee, from a number of these places

dotted around the village.

Tell you what, the banana bread in here, is to die for.

Tickets and prices, uplift passes,

season passes, kids passes,

all the passes for the mountain, if you head on up,

you're gonna have to buy a ticket.

So you can buy a one day, a two day, a five day,

a ten day and an all season pass.

A one day pass is roughly seventy dollars.

A two day pass is roughly a hundred and fifty dollars.

Then you got a ten day pass

which is roughly at five hundred dollars.

Then you've got an all season pass,

which is about seven hundred and ninety five dollars.

Then if you wanna head up to the top of the world,

that's an extra twenty one dollars.

All right, so if you don't wanna do a full day

on the bike park, you can get two different options.

You can have an extended play time,

which is from three thirty to eight p m, that's close time,

or, you can do twilight, and that starts at four thirty p m,

all the way to closing time eight p m.

There are over two hundred and fifty kilometers of trails,

all accessible by uplifts.

Five lifts to serve sixty eight trails.

The bike park is split into five zones.

Fitzsimmons, Creek side, Garbanzo,

Peak lift and a GMC Pump Track.

Across these zones are a huge variety of trails

for all riding abilities,

offering 9% beginner, 31% intermediate,

34% advanced, 22% expert and 4% pro.

All right, if you're looking into honing your skills,

or basically building up on your technique,

there's three different skill parks,

dotted around the bike park, such like this one behind me,

you've got pump tracks, you've got skinnies,

you've got drops, you've got roll arounds,

they also offer coaching sessions,

from the coaches and guides segment down at the bottom,

which are gonna help you build up your techniques,

show you where you're going wrong,

and just basically take you out onto the bike park

and have a great time.

For cross country enthusiasts

and those who love to spin their legs,

Whistler has an incredible cross country trails,

outside the bike park.

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The combination, where are you gonna stay

when you come to Whistler?

Well staying in the resort can be quite pricey,

so shopping around, is a wise thing.

But Whistler has a number of places

from camping to air b n b, to hostel to hotels.

You can even stay out of the resort

and catch the bus in to save a few pennies.

For us, well we shopped around,

we got a rad bargain, in the middle of town,

those are perfect for us, but just a word of warning,

little word of warning,

that it can get a little bit loud, in the evenings.

There's so much more to Whistler than just the bike park.

You wanna take a chilled day,

there's so much more that Whistler has to offer,

from hiking to kayaking,

to going to play golf, hang out at the lake,

or just going for a little old hike with the family,

if you've brought it.

I'm gonna go hang out at the lake.

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So there you go, that's our rough guide to Whistler.

Hopefully this has helped you out,

but if we've missed out on anything,

please let us know in the comments down below.

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