BANFF Travel Guide: Budget Tips | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys, Phoebe here from Little Grey Box. Now Matt and I are in beautiful Banff

as you can see, as part of our amazing Canadian road trip and over the next few

days we are unearthing the very best things to see, do and eat on a budget

One of my favourite ways to experience a new destination is to check out the

local farmers markets like these ones. The Banff Farmers Markets

From the fresh local produce to locally made goods by local artisans there's live music

great coffee, lots of food to try and plenty of cute dogs too

Take a visit here to the beautiful Cascade Gardens where you can explore the winding trails and

paths of stunning wildflowers, waterfalls and there are plenty of places to sit

enjoy a picnic and look at the gorgeous views including beautiful Mount Rundle

which is Matt's absolute favorite mountain. Now the gardens are built around

the Parks Administrative Building It's all located a short walk or drive from

the heart of Banff Town and there's plenty of on-site parking too

of course it's totally free to come and explore

You can't come to Banff without checking out the incredible Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel

now if you're like us and you're on a real budget and you're camping

you're just gonna have to look at it and the best place to do that is right here

at surprise corner

The Vermilion Lakes are absolutely beautiful as you can see they are a

short five to six minute drive outside the center of Banff if you didn't have a

car you could probably walk here though it would take you a little bit longer

when you arrive there are some great pontoons that you can sit on and dip your

feet in the Vermilion Lakes or you can follow these little goat trails along

the water's edge and just soak in those million-dollar views of gorgeous Mount Rundle

If you're the kind of person who likes to seek out those off-the-beaten-track

experiences you really want to come here the Bankhead Ghost Town

To get here it's around a ten minute drive from the heart of Banff all you have to do is pull up in

the lower Bankhead parking lot and set off on the trail. Now Bankhead was first

established as a company town way back in 1903 and at its peak there were three

hundred men working beneath the surface to excavate up to two hundred thousand

tons of coal per year what's left behind is a fascinating part of Banff's history

and somewhere most people don't even think to visit so if you are looking for

something a little different to do this is a great way to spend an hour or two

exploring the paths wandering the ruins and literally looking into Banff's unique history

For delicious food you might come here to The Eddie Burger Bar, no we were

recommended by a local as they serve a mean vegetarian poutine and amazing veggie burger too

That was delightful. We weren't even gonna go in there, we were like, no we on this budget

Oh my goodness it was so good that gravy is on point that is the

best poutine I have had in Canada so far

Iconic Canadian foods don't come much better than the Beaver Tail

I know, that's not a Beaver Tail

So instead i've gone the BeaverTail sundae, what it is is it's

still the BeaverTail dough but it's like little balls of it

This is my first time trying it ummmm

I've been given the world's flimsiest spoon

ok, here goes nothing


right off the bat I made the right decision going with this

that is....


Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park

Now there are two trails, the lower falls trail will take you around 30 minutes to get right here

and the views are incredible

the catwalks are fixed against the limestone cliffs and you can get right in there

right up against the spray it's absolutely beautiful

If you do want to make your way to the upper falls that's going to take you about an hour

and to do both about two to two and a half hours should do it

Behind me is beautiful Lake Louise which most people recognize if you're coming to

Banff it is must do for many visitors now it'll take you around 36 minutes or so

to drive here from Banff town and it's absolutely worth it

one thing I will say is it is packed with visitors because it is so popular

so if you do want to avoid them you want to get here really early but a visit to

Lake Louise is a must do and the great thing about it is it's totally free

perfect for anyone on a budget

Now accomodation prices in Banff are crazy Matt went out looking last night and it

was around $300 $260 at the cheapest

per night and if you are on a budget that is just not...

it's just not achievable

To keep things on a budget we would go with the camping option so when we

arrived we got to Walmart and we picked up everything we needed to go camping so

we've got our beautiful tent over here that was $98 we splashed out on an air

mattress I think that was seventeen dollars and the pump was ten dollars

we got all of our cooking and food gear which you can see in the back of the car

here so we've bought a cooler we bought a single burner with some

propane cans we went to a thrift store and got all of our cooking implements

I made sure to choose really good quality heavy-based saucepans and really good

quality kettle, we have our food supplies and of course our hire car which I think

was around six or seven hundred dollars for a full two and a half weeks we went

with an SUV and it has just been great and we are staying at camp sites like

this one Tunnel Mountain and I would guess it was around twenty to thirty

dollars per night

Thank you so much for watching you guys we hope you found this

video useful if you don't already be sure to subscribe and say hello in the

comments below. We would love to have you join our travel fun family

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week

Love ya!

Welcome to Dairy Queen what can I get for you?

Hi, can I grab a small S'more?

ah Blizzard?

a small S'more Blizzard


S'mores, S'mores

and I'll have a ....

small S'mores, anything else?

small peanut butter cookie dough

a small peanut butter cookie dough Blizzard

a poutine

one poutine

3 piece?

3 pie... 3 piece?

no no poutine, one poutine



oh ok

thank you

and a medium... Orange Julius

a large Orange Julius

and a large Orange Julius

Ok so that was two small Blizzard's

One S'mores and one peanut butter cookie dough

and then I have one regular poutine with a large Orange Julius

yeah that's perfect

That's everything?

yeah, thanks

twenty thirty three at the window

thank you