Taking flight from Toronto to Niagara Falls

so it's got to Niagara Falls from

Toronto and I'm feeling pretty good now

if I would have taken my car and it

would have been at what almost two-hour

drive I probably would be ripping out

what little hair that I have left but

today I got here in less than 15 minutes

and it's all thanks to a commuter plane

I'm Brandon row at Niagara District

Airport where a lot more commuters are

taking advantage of flying in the air as

opposed to taking the highways after a

less than two minutes check in yes you

can be on your way to a destination in

less than 50 minutes you can see on this

map that without heavy traffic it would

take about two hours to drive to

niagara-on-the-lake stressed passenger

John Hoffman didn't want to deal with

before he popped the big question I

heard about GT airways new was like a

50-minute flight so I checked it out and

sure enough it was awesome we got here

last night went to Niagara Falls got

engaged and we're flying back home this

morning I'm just shocked I didn't even

know that we were taking a flight

anywhere so just arriving at the airport

was pretty exciting and being in Niagara

Falls for the night was different

sightings well it may save you time it's

going to cost you a round trip to

Niagara on the Lake will cost you $99 on

top there are baggage fees you have to

pay $10 extra for a carry-on and $20 to

check a bag we have done our complete

best with the pricing a lot of that the

price is actually part of the fees that

go into it so for the $99 taxes on fees

in if you reduced that we're at 87

before HST then we have the airport

taxes 20 then we have Nav Canada fees

and landing fees so we're actually

charging under $50 each way with that

being said we hit the streets to ask you

if you'd rather pay $99 for a quick trip

or send traffic for free it's for a

hundred bucks I'll Drive my car you

don't worry about the traffic sometimes

no I wouldn't worry about the traffic

because if I have my car I can wander

around Niagara no Lake for vacation

because I don't want to drive there

it won't be every day but ygt Airlines

says as their service becomes more

popular they'll start to fly out of more

cities in Ontario London is next on

their list happy to be back on the

ground in Toronto on Brandon row City