shame what happened pencil pub in the

buff have not the dog oh god why didn't

you blog girlfriends

we have time to to log goes first my my

friendly many for the first time so

there wasn't to be shy yeah we don't

want them to be too I want them to be

comfortable so all those camera log full

of stuff voila explanation that's why we

didn't record there but we meet them

again next few days so its up is any

swim in it I could leave it really talk

that moves komatsu more like soldiers

are you a collector we're after us but

just people like it differently than I

na yozora kelly also we go can you show

to change American people like today

cannelloni for it miss finish in China


and so we're here at media mark kawartha

okay not here specifically but yeah here

we're going to look for we need the

panel after American adapter to european

adapters and turbulence is so hard to

find this year people don't don't thing

about the tourist area Michael and Jana

Gana mana we arrived in Paris

now we drove into Belgium and tonight

we're in Italy ok long story so like

zero rookie car okay I can't afford to

don't see my leg previous friends

friends like before and the biggest

transfer to these new store so I saw

everybody I feel like I was a star I

celebrity everybody lost cuz I've been

oh yeah and it's nice to see everybody

what they say everybody sing you get

chubby the show passion she took care to

happen happens alongside Marco go left

girl retro

now watch where you're walking my

brother wanted to what are you eating

Sarah of Belgium true it's all small hey

why don't I delano inside the Mexican

people small bugs bunny oh well dude oh

my god because a karate was like flying

in the store and scare the customers and

you know the zoo guy to the fort I see

that for the birds you can open it i'm

good i'm gonna open jig your jail

yardage like you look like the only OPP

hey buddy I ok oh my god you are

sleeping in forum software time


gevril today we're in the score great we

could navigate the canucks crazy so

that's a good idea to come here no

decoration ha or fourth or now she she

wanna buy everything hey we action she

wants everything yeah like this no no

with with the baby yeah yeah because I'm

to be yeah makeup store ah other okay



8 don't run away deal deal Manny is is

new boyfriend I'm so jealous

ticketed to 350 watch your back I saw

you I feel you I mean what they say to

the camera would you watch and not just

it just did that yeah I want to catch it

from the camera what it just just did

where the model looks pretty good she's

not sure she's a horrible I just a guy

in the airport laughing I don't know in

okay so not me sure for sure so many

where we are currently we are in

Sullivan going to

I'm wearing Italy hopefully the beach

laughs it was my favorite when I was

little it's like Dino goals cookie so

this this is chocolate chips okay to

look like a chips but is not yet and

then one of belgium waffle my mum mum is

a puzzle and this all matters this is my

heart I give it to you well thank you i

see the love I feel a lot but I'm pretty

sure I just want here for one for one

this okay thank ya at the simple






there's lots of room here and I think

it's only because we're sitting besides

the exit door door let's get all this

babies and there we go got everybody

there if you watch the plug we made it

and you guys can't see it but apparently

it's a rule that the light needs be hot

when you're taking off

it's strange I don't know why I've never

seen this in my life




Norman remember business


all right where are we there are new so

you did sleep on it 1113 have you found

yeah you guys nothing more common for

the long journey maybe 12 is really it

really hard

might be good to meet the order of

either go voila Nina think I said that

right all right

it gets

chemistry to the run folder hi Holly go

kart Ontario hey we hear from there

ontario nobody follows what meet

employer we're from


hi guys two hours ago okay yeah i spend

like the last one hour and app to find a

place to eat something we're going to do

this here is no North America oh so I

mean I get his hippie now and angry and

you're gonna sleep now angry and let's

see I would catch up yesterday nice

comoros skintight I'm buying this so i

hope i can see you tomorrow