FLYING DURING COVID-19 // Airport Amsterdam Schiphol to Florence Airport

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Today's going to be a little different.

I'm going to be filming on my phone, totally vlog-style because we are flying for the first

time since March.

So, we're going to show you what it's like to flying during Covid-19 here in Europe.

We'll be flying from Schiphol airport here in Amsterdam to Florence airport in Italy.

The first thing to note is that we were notified a couple days before that we had to fill out

a health declaration and answer some quick questions, passport information, and our home

address, and all of our contact information.

We took public transportation here, so masks are required on public transportation, also

on the plane, and I believe, in the airport.

So, let's go see what's it going to be like.

Ok, so the sign said the mask is only required in designated areas.

But we feel more comfortable just leaving it on.

The airport is quieter than usual but it is an earlier morning flight, but not really.

It's about 7:30 now, 7:45?

Another important thing to note, is that I'm very conscious of this so I've been quarantined

for 14 before I fly.

I don't know, just extra precaution, I guess.

But, it's much quieter than it normally is.

I mean, this is Schiphol airport, one of the biggest in Europe.

But you can see, not a lot of people.

We just went through security, the main difference was you had to wear your mask, and there were

plexi between you and the agent.

Otherwise it was pretty standard.

I went to put the bin back in the part that it goes down and then it goes back, but they

were sanitizing those before they go back.

So, don't do that here for now.

Otherwise, yeah, same ol' same ol', but that is a designated place for masks.

So, that's good to know.

When we checked in, we were notified that we have to go to the health check at B Zero,

which is not a real gate so we will have to go find that.

But we don't know how long its going to take, but we have over an hour until boarding so

we're going to go to the lounge first.

And see if we can get something to eat, relax a little bit, and then we'll head down for

our health check.

So, masks aren't required here in the lounge because it is also a restaurant.

I got a little croissant, looks okay enough.

But, um, they set up everything very differently.

Again there's plexi between you and the workers.

And they will pick up things for you unless it's fruit, then you can pick that up yourself.

But, they will make you your breakfast sandwich and things like that, then you can get your

own drinks and such.

It's quite different than before because it was more of a buffet-style and there's fewer

options for sure.

Again, they have distanced tables, yeah, but it doesn't feel that much different.

But the people that aren't eating are tending to keep their masks on, so, it's just kind

of uh, whatever you're most comfortable with kind of thing in here.

I figured this was as good of time as any to put my filter in my mask because that's

what I want for the plane.

So, let's see how it goes.

This is harder than I feel like it should be.

Oh, okay...

There we go!

So, that just adds a layer of protection that I want when I'm in the airplane.

It's already hot in here (the mask), and it's hot in here, too.

Definitely feels more rigid, but we'll see how it does on the plane.

At this point, we're unclear on if we had to fill these forms out because we're going

to Italy, or if everybody's filling them out.

When we went to B Zero, they asked specifically if we were going to Italy on the KLM flight.

So, it's unclear.

But if you get these forms, fill them out ahead of time.

It will save so much time.

Some people did not, and they had to stand at the tables and fill them out there.

It took between 5-10 minutes.

Not a big deal.

Yeah, pretty quick!

But fill them out ahead of time and they were very surprised by us filling them out, that's

a win!

We made it!

They did serve food which did surprise me.

I didn't think they did that anymore.

So we pulled the mask up and ate underneath.

All in all, it was pretty easy.

It was a full flight.

Other than wearing this, nothing really changed.

Sean fell asleep during the flight for a little bit.

I dozed off, kinda.

We're here.

I think we might have gone through an automatic temperature check by the door.

But I'm not sure.

Last time we came to Italy, right before the pandemic got really bad, we had a temperature

check there, but since we had it at Schiphol, I'm thinking we might not have it here.

We'll see.

But now, we're waiting for our bags.

We are back at Florence airport.

I thought I would show you on the way back as well.

So, right out those doors (I didn't film because there are military police out there) there

is a basically, like a health tent set up.

So, you can go get a test, it's voluntary.

They do make you go through a get your temperature checked.

Then, they give you a little card, plastic card, that then you give to the medical person

who is at the door.

So, all the other entrances are closed, so you have to go through that way...through

the police and the medical people to get in.

That's what's up so far.

I almost forgot, we did have to fill out health forms.

KLM sent an email previously and hotel graciously printed them for us so we had them and we

just stopped at a table to fill them out, here in the airport.

Now, we're going to go check in.

Put our bags full of wine on and hope they come back.

Interesting development.

When we checked in they told us we could not wear our cloth masks on the flight.

So, we actually have these disposable ones.

That's new.

I haven't seen an announcement about that or anything.

There are also vending machines throughout the airport where you can buy one if you need


But yeah, things change so fast.

And our travel adventure is over.

I'm sorry I didn't film any more at the airport.

I'm very bad at filming in airports because I'm such a stressed traveler.

The only thing you missed was handing our health declaration forms in at Florence airport,

that was done at the gate.

So you normally have your ticket, your passport, and this time you need your health declaration

which was very different in Florence than it was at Schiphol where you went through

the whole temperature check, health declaration, and everything in the airport at Gate Zero,

B Zero, I think it was.

So, this was at the gate, but there was no announcement or anything, so it kind of held

up the line because nobody knew when to turn it in.

We kind of assumed since it was a Dutch form, that we would be turning it in on the Schiphol


Obviously, that was not the case.

I think the weirdest part was the paper masks.

I purposely bought masks that fit me, I bought masks that I could add a filter to, so it

protects me a little bit better, also, in addition to protecting other people.

The paper mask did not fit my face, so there was like gaps here, gaps here.

So, I just, I don't know.

I thought that was a bit strange.

I didn't like that because I didn't feel as protected.

I'm going to reach out to KLM directly and let them know that and also find out if this

is going to be a new thing for all flights because a friend of ours who also flew to

Florence, she flew in a week after us and did not have to do the paper masks.

So, we're not sure if it's an Italy to Amsterdam thing or what it is.

If I find out, I'll leave that information down below because I think that's really interesting.

But having paper masks is helpful I guess, in case you need them.

The other thing I wanted to tell you was in my last video for packing for Coronavirus,

I told you I was bringing surgical tape to tape the mask right here.

I did not end up doing that.

I felt that the vent actually kept my glasses clear which was really nice.

With the paper masks, the air was coming out in every direction, so , it wasn't coming

out up here.

The only other things was that I didn't use the gloves but in the airport in Florence,

it did recommend the use of gloves.

There were still hand sanitizing stations everywhere, but I did find that some of them

were empty.

So, that's something to keep in mind.

I do think everything I mentioned in that packing list is still really helpful.

And you will use everything if you want to.

But it's always good to have those precautions with you.

I know this video was way different than the videos I normally do and I did not show you

enough of the airports.

I am so sorry!

This is why I don't do travel day videos.

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