Fly Japan Airlines First Class REAL CHEAP!

(chill dance music)

- You can pay 8,000 yen to sit here.

Oh, man. (speaking foreign language)

(aeroplane roaring)

There's a lot of interesting features on the flight.

(aeroplane roaring)

(air rushing)

(chill dance music)

(speaking foreign language)

Thank you, which way, should I go this way?

(speaking foreign language) Okay.

It's great.

The first class lounge was not crowded at all.

It has a good apron view with natural lighting around.

Talk about food, there's a lot of items

on offer in the buffet.

You see sushi, lots of canapes,

Chinese dim sum, and also a big salad bar.

This is really amazing, Japanese potato salad.

My favourite is the Japan Airlines special beef curry,

and this beef curry's only available in their lounge

and on board their long haul aircraft.

There's also a live cooking, today's special was fish

coming directly fresh from Haneda Fish Market.

The lounge doesn't have a proper bar,

so all the drinks are laid out and self-serve.

And there's Japanese sake.

Never have this champagne before, De Sousa.

The lounge also has a great view towards the apron.

Now for any aviation enthusiast and champagne lover,

you should go to the end of the lounge

where the rest suite is, here you'll

find out why.

♪ Ah ♪

- This lounge has so much aviation collectibles,

it's amazing, and then all these dials are still turnable.

It's a really amazing collection here.

♪ Ah ♪

This has to be one of the most

theme-decorated airline lounges.

Incredible, each room has its own theme.

And here's the icing on the cake -

all the aviation and navigation charts

form the background of the whole room here.

I wish this was my house so that I could have a room like this.

Aviation library and a champagne bar, pretty darn amazing.

(people chattering)

- [Woman] Thank you so much, enjoy your flight, thank you.

(chill dance music)

- Hi, I'm Dustin and we just found a great deal

on award miles and are excited to be here.

- [Sam] Which airline award miles you using?

- On Alaska Mileage Plan.

- Same here, Alaska.

I met Dustin and her mom, and me.

- I'm Shelley.

- Shelley, Dustin, and we're all using Alaska Airline miles,

flying first class.

- Yes, yeah. - Awesome.

- Awesome, yeah, very exciting, yeah.

- You guys may have overhead already,

I'm redeeming my Alaska Airline miles

on Japan Airlines' first class section.

You need 70,000 miles to travel from Asia to North America.

You can book award tickets on Japan Airlines

by going to Alaska's website.

Now, a little tip to share.

The best way to get Japan Airline first-class

or business-class seats is about 21 days before you travel.

The seats are gradually released.

The total cost; 70,000 miles and $58.33.

This is actually not my first time

flying the JAL first class.

I flew, in 2014, to London -

at that time I wasn't much of a YouTuber.

I made a crappy video compared to these days,

but again, this is not a shabby product.

I love flying on this product again and again.

I'm excited to see what's new on today's flight.

(speaking foreign language)

This seat is really, really wide.

It feels like I'm in a really,

really big armchair, actually.

And really good privacy as well.

There's only four passenger today out of eight seats,

so there's two in row one including myself,

and two in row two in the middle,

so good privacy for everybody.

(chill dance music)

(aeroplane roaring)

Thank you.

The flight attendant invited me to change

to pyjamas straight after takeoff.

So this is the JAL pyjamas, super comfy, very, very soft.

(chill dance music) ♪ We got to ♪

♪ We, we, we, we got to ♪

- I have to tell you,

this pillow here is another memory foam pillow.

It's really, really good for the lumbar support.

So very good details on JAL.

♪ We got to, ah ♪

- This is a beautiful, beautiful amenity kit by Etro.

What do you do with with an amenity kit?

Do you collect them, or do you open and use them?

I rarely open my amenity kit, to be honest.

Maybe I'm a flight enthusiast,

I like to keep them clean and intact.

(chill dance music)

♪ Ah ♪

(speaking foreign language)

- Today I have Miss Beautiful, Miss Tada looking after me.

There you go.

(speaking foreign language)

How cute, though.

(speaking foreign language)

Okay, thank you very much.

This is actually a chilled tea, this is not a glass of wine,

this is actually a Japanese tea.

(chill dance music)

Strange look, strange taste.

(chill dance music)

- [Flight Attendant] Here's the caviar.

(chill dance music)

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ♪

- It's a very interesting way to eat caviar.

Tasty, good.

This yellow drink here is actually JAL signature drink,

it's called Sky Time, it's a kiwi drink.

Next time when you fly JAL, try Sky Time.

Now this is the beef cheek, it looks really amazing.

It melts in my mouth, amazing steak.

If you're eating and you wanna get out of your seat,

you can just push your table.

There you go, what a smart design.

There's noise-canceling headsets for entertainment.

All the entertainment is controlled by the little headsets

next to your seats so you don't have to lean over.

The nice thing is I can watch the flight map together

with the programme on the main screen.

The internet is very reasonable cost.

One hour, $10, three hour, $14, and whole flight just $18.

(chill dance music)

Alright, let's try out the bed.

Oh, this is super, super comfy.

Soft mattress, two pillows, excellent privacy.

You can see how high the wall is.

Excellent, thumbs up to JAL.

I actually skip the dessert 'cause the meal was really rich

and I ate already in the lounge and I don't wanna

overstuff myself even though it's in first class.

Okay, guys, good night.

(air rushing)

Good morning, I slept really well

because of that wonderful mattress.

Now I'm hitting the bathroom in the morning,

and as you know, Japanese toilets

has automatic water and bidets for cleaning.

And fantastic, no need to use paper.

You can also change the water pressures here.

(crowd gasping)

Oh, yeah.

They also dry up, so it's really, really fantastic.

This is one great Japanese invention.

The flight is a little too quick

because we have a strong tailwind.

It's about one hour before landing.

Now I'm just gonna have my second meal before arrival.

Well, I love that beef dish so much,

the beef cheek at dinner,

so I ask one more time for breakfast.

This is one of the best ever.

Yeah, I love flying, thank you so much.

Beautiful chocolate gift from JAL, wow.

- Let me show you,

do you like this one? - Oh, cute, though.

- Let me give you two of them, small kids. (laughs)

- A small kid's gift, but I'll take it as well.

This is an aeroplane model of JAL, wow.

- And I got this from the captain.

This is triple seven sticker.

- Wow.

- And then Dih-ven Ya-mah-n's coaster.

- Oh, I love it, I will collect all of 'em, yes.

Thank you so much for this. - You're welcome.

- That's the joy of flying Japan Airlines, goody bags.

Oh, thank you, thank you very much.

- [Flight Attendant] Here's the log book for you.

- Thank you, my log book is filled here.

(chill dance music)

♪ Ah ah ah ah body ♪

♪ Ee ee ee ee body ♪

(aeroplane roaring)

♪ Ah ♪

- Japan Airline is definitely a Skytrax 5-Star,

in my opinion, in their first class.

It is a good representation of many great Japanese products.

Very low key, but very, very good for the passenger.

So I enjoyed my flight so much

and I look forward to flying with them again.

I hope you enjoy the video, thank you for watching.

♪ Ha ♪

(air rushing)

(bell dinging)

(bubble popping)