What is the Cheapest Airport to Fly to in New Zealand?

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Munro 42 what is the cheapest city to

fly in New Zealand I'm planning to do my

working holiday visa there in January

2020 but I would like to save some money

on the plane tickets greetings from



all right so what is the best place to

apply to in New Zealand first where are

the International Airport in New Zealand

because you'll be surprised days either

really not that many or a little bit

more than what you thought so we're

number yeah okay so yeah most people

know that Auckland is the biggest

International Airport in New Zealand but

there are some other international

airports the second biggest is

Christchurch which is on the South

Island and then after that you can also

fly into Queenstown Wellington and

Dunedin and but the first thing to know

really about saving money on flights to

New Zealand is it's more dependent on

your departure city rather than where

you're arriving in New Zealand so for

instance you are in Mexico and so

consider maybe some of the different US

airports that you can fly to New Zealand

for instance and LA is really well

connected to New Zealand there's

multiple different ways that you can

take from there and so that for instance

might be a way of saving money it's

always just checking different routes

not necessarily like the nearest airport

to where you live - like Auckland it's

not necessarily gonna be the cheapest

way of doing things and but getting back

to the international airports of New

Zealand there's not necessarily a

cheaper Airport to get to and but yeah

like I said it really depends on the

route so and in Auckland this has the

biggest sort of an amount of

international connections so you'll be

able to fly from the most places around

the world and get to Auckland Airport

and and closely but closely after that

is Christchurch as well that has quite a

lot of them flights to Christchurch in

the South Island and then the other

international airports in New Zealand

they mainly have flights from Australia

so maybe think about connecting flights

to Australia before coming to New

Zealand checking out that route to see

if there's any cheap deals that you can

get so you can fly to Australia from

Auckland art not up you can fly from or

a lawyer into Auckland Christchurch


Queenstown and Dunedin yeah cool

all right now about determining which

one is gonna be the cheapest airport to

fly to this is when it becomes really

tricky so the first thing that comes to

mind is that Auckland is gonna have the

highest amount of flight into it so

obviously it's gonna be a little bit

more competition and then therefore the

prices I can be lower for almost every

kind of case you're gonna find that

Auckland is gonna be the study the

cheapest however it really depends it

really depends on where you want to go

to let's say you want to go to

Queenstown right maybe flying down to

Queenstown that is gonna be a

straightaway even if the flight is 200

bucks more maybe smarter

hear me out let's say you decide that

you're gonna be out flying to Oakland

and then you go on a local website and

Jetstar or grab a seat where you can get

local flights now they advertise flights

to Queenstown for example from Auckland

add up to like about $59 which is rather

cheap right yeah

however that is not going to mean that

your flight you can purse $60 is gonna

get you to Queenstown because while you

flight may just not aligned properly

another point you need you can get

yourself a transportation from your

carnival to an accommodation in

oakland's and when I know clendenon

transportation from okay from your

accommodation that's your Oakland

Airport and then you fly down to

Queenstown the ads are a lot of money

onto your budget so you need to make

sure that when you start doing this

combination you will be able to you know

the total cost of it will actually be

the cheapest because yes one of the met

best week to actually get achieved

flight to wherever you want to go to New

Zealand is to book the second leg

yourself so you fly to Auckland or to

Christchurch which are the two biggest

airport where you usually can find the

cheapest flight and then from there

you're gonna be trying to make your way

to Queenstown or to or winning total to

any of the other regional airports from

there now so you've got to keep that in

mind it's so important to actually think

about the overall cost I've seen so many

time people that says oh yeah you know I

got myself 60 enough life from quizzed

on and I just ask oh yeah cool didn't

work and everything like oh I just think

sound everything so how much you spend

on transportation this is enough that I

cost [ __ ] I spent 350 why do you know

you could have spend extra like 200

bucks will fly directly there so you

need to keep that in mind for

now the other major factors on getting a

children from your fright is also your

air port of departure did you recover

that yeah I already

okay cool so that's really important to

keep that in mind and actually you use

different Airport departure for

different are evil as well because for

example if I'm correct if you are going

from Brisbane to to Queenstown rather

than from Sydney to twist on the flight

from Brisbane twisting and much cheaper

so you've got to keep that in mind as

well because the airport departure means

also where you're going to be doing your

leg from as well so you want to keep

that in mind as well so now we see there

are plenty of good website for you to be

able to check all those prices so for

regional flight usually it's gonna be

jet style and grab a seat

but you can also check Skyscanner they

basically scan like all the different

options and flight limiting and they

kind of do most the work for you and

then you have a million [ __ ] dolphins

like is overwhelming but it's a good way

to start to research you get all those

so we put a link link in the description

below for that because it does work very

well for you to get an understanding

what will be the cheapest a price so

what i usually do i do i do bone

Skyscanner an attack like like 20 or 30

and so you know 20m the two or three

different kind of routes you know from

where and to where and I see what's what

works for us because I we see you know

this in just so much easier to have a

kind of grow gate so that checks

everything for you rather than do

everything manually because we've seen

so many people spending so much time

trying to to get that so that's my last

point is your time spans as well um I

personally never ever go for the

cheapest flight for simple reason every

single time I look at the cheapest

flagging hat it has three legs a 12 hour

layover and to me that's not worth the

price yeah honestly I rather spend 200

bucks rather than having an eight hour

layover layover in an airport it is you

will pay for a hotel anyway and you have

to pay for hotel you are spending some

money at the airport because you can

want some food or some years on that

you are you are gonna be absolutely

exhausted you gonna lose at least three

days on your trip and you know like the

most leg the craziest like I always try

to find flight which are as direct as

it's possible I'm using that in usually

means you have won one chapter and you

have to have fun but you know make this

tougher small it's Intex of physical

tool on your body to fly to New Zealand

and I think it's absolutely ludicrous to

try to save a few hundred dollars at the

expense of your health you know it has

been proven money time that flying is

actually not good for your health so you

want to make it as easy as possible on

your body so yeah so keep that in mind

the only way we fly usually is as fast

you know as fast as we can and it

doesn't mean that a flight at $3,000

right it it's it 3t literally the

difference is almost like 200 bucks yeah

or sometimes we try to get a longer Li

or so can like can we get three days

someone and then you get to explore

someone and you can get you a bit more

flexibility and an index that it makes

the flight is you actually to do that

yeah so yeah so I'm the cheapest airport

to fly to use to fly New Zealand to

recap that's usually gonna be Auckland

and Christchurch so you gotta Molly

looking between those two ones but make

sure that you check where you're

departing from and try to give a couple

of different options for example if you

guys are watching you from Europe I know

you are from Mexico but if someone's

from Europe taking the train for example

can be so much easier like if you are

you know if you are for example let's

say in Italy I'm taking a train to

Frankfurt or to Paris may help you shave

shake 300 bucks in the flight and the

train tickets gonna cut you 80 so it's

definitely worth doing so keep that in

mind check those things and salesy and

100 to 200 rags try to actually get a

flight that is an eight to ten hour

shorter is definitely worth it yeah so

and we will link to a few articles

giving you more tips on how to save

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