$2,497 to Fly Home?! ­čçÁ­čç¬Coronavirus Lockdown Peru. Day 33

all right like we did it yesterday let's take a look out this window here.

and see what's going on this is our entertainment during lockdown our

neighbors so it looks like this guy's washing their boxing hands and then his

neighbors they're just brushing his teeth and washing his hands yeah these

two dogs right here looking up at us holy kittens on this roof and then

there's something going on way down there on the field there's actually a

lot of people together

Lindsay doesn't know that all right guys this morning I have coffee all regular

cheap coffee and Lindsay just made some tea it's what it what's in this tea Koga

moaning yah yah nice and then the rest of our meal is cooking right now or

Lindsay's cooking it but I just chopped up a mango

alright guys today we're making chicha Morada which is a purple corn based

drink that originated in peru package you can usually find these in your

international aisle so they say that you are supposed to put the ingredients in

and then boil it for about 30 minutes together maybe 45 minutes so we're gonna

put the purple corn in and then we chop up these granny smith apples and we put

them in there for flavor as well and then we have limes for flavor and a lot

of people put pineapple but we did not buy one so we have a mango so we can add

this at the very end for flavor yes and some recipes include alcohol so you can

have a alcoholic chicha Morada as well there are kind of different versions of

this there's kind of a traditional version and then there's the alcoholic

version and then also more like it looks like I say Korea like where you can put

a lot more fruits in there and make it sweet so we're gonna make kind of our

own fusion of traditional and what we have in the kitchen right now

and then you're supposed to put cinnamon sticks in here and clove for the spices

in the flavor so this is close chicha Morada is extremely popular and

so when we went to the market we found a cinnamon and cloves in the

same packet ready to go because I guess a lot of people will be buying it like


the consumption of chicha Morada in Peru it's about the same as coca-cola oh it's

already starting to turn color oh yeah you can see it's turning purple the

color in there and that's what we've been boiling for about ten minutes and

it's already smelling up the entire apartment and turning the water suppose

if we like this we'll be making this again and we'll be doing it right with a


this is so delicious it tastes like an apple cider you're gonna love it all

right guys chicha Morada alright so it's much later

in the day now it's about two o'clock and Lindsey is getting obsessed with

chicha Morada I think she's cooked about three pots of

it and this was the first time we ever tried it his teacher pirata good for you

should she be drinking this much so the US has been sending planes to come get

tourists like us and bring them back home but we've been avoiding it for a

few weeks now and there are a few flights left but not many but I just

thought I would check because I just got an email from the Embassy in Peru

they've been sending us emails every couple days with potential flights and I

just wanted to see how much these would actually cost us and so one thing to

note is that they only go from Lima to Miami Miami is on the other side of the

u.s. from California where I'm from and Lima is on the other side of Peru from

Cusco where we are right now so we would have to take a 30 hour bus somehow if we

were allowed to get to Lima and then take a flight to Miami and then take a

flight from Miami to get to California so let's see how much it would cost just

for one leg of that okay so this shows their Eastern Airlines flights on April

18 20th and 21st so that's within the next few days so to purchase tickets

click on this link go eastern air so there you have it we were just going off

of word of mouth before when people were saying things were close to two thousand

three thousand dollars but now I'm actually seeing it with my own eyes if

we wanted to do this we could but it would cost that much and then we would

have to take a flight home from there as well and who knows the quarantine

process and all of that looks like it's not happening hey guys so in the last

video tried tuna fruit which is really big in

Peru so we decided that we want to try a couple other Peruvian or South American

fruits for you guys so look at what we have here you guys keep telling us that

we should try Chile Moya which is this one which Lyndsey has never had before

we have some plums and we don't know what these are called and then we have

grandma diya one-inch banana the other color of tuna fruit yesterday

we had like a reddish one and I think they actually taste slightly different

from what we heard and some granny smith apples I want to try the cherimoya

because everyone's been talking about this true and I'm really curious about

it they say it's really good so let's dig in so this is cherimoya also known

as custard apple and when I was in Southeast Asia I had it there and it was

called sweet apple there or candy apple but it actually originates in the Andes

Mountains so right around here let's give it a try and scoop a little out

they say you can just use a spoon to scoop it well

the texture and the flavor a little bit and it looks like it too

well nothing has a fleshy inside with these big black seeds

yeah very sweet and it's kind of soft inside well I think it's called candy

apple for a reason it kind of tastes similar to an apple the texture is just

a little bit different it's a little softer yeah and more moist and actually

I read that parts of this fruit are toxic or at least if you have a lot of

it it can be toxic they can't eat too much of it so be careful they're pretty

good we like it so it's toxic but also there are a ton of health benefits this

is actually a really healthy fruit all right this is a fruit we've been having

a lot of now and we never had it before it's a grand idea and it's basically the

brother to a passion fruit so passion fruit is kind of sour kind of bitter

also sweet it's very potent but this one it's not very potent at all it's just

these seeds are kind of sweet but and you can honey downloads yeah so

they sell these everywhere here so it's kind of like a jelly like substance

juicy jelly because Ling these are some of the most beautiful fruits I've ever


so we made a video in Colombia when we were there about a month and a half ago

where we try I think it was 13 exotic fruits from South America they're very

interesting some of them we will never have again so I'm gonna link to that

video here and you should definitely take a look at that because it's pretty

interesting and it's on my other channel so you won't find it on this one all

right this next one is my month though I'm probably pronouncing it a little bit

off but why month oh we've been wanting to try this because it's so odd looking

it's like it's encapsulated in a leaf once you get on the inside it looks like

a little cherry tomato it's kind it's odd it it resembles a tomato in a way

mm-hmm but it's sweet like like a fruit like oh my god it's like a citrusy

almost like an orange it's to me it's like a mix of the an orange and a tomato

in our last video we tried to nuff root for you guys but it was a different

color and so this one supposed to have a different flavor so we're gonna check

this one out I'm gonna make Alex cut this one this time because last time he

made me do it but we got a lot of comments from you guys saying that you

have to be very careful with it because there are little thorns or whatever you

would call them little spikes in here that you can't really see and they can

get in your hands and very hard to get out it sounds pretty painful yeah

luckily I didn't have that last time and alex is gonna give it a try cutting it

see if you can do as good of a job as I did hurry up all right there you go all

right let's sit down beat it then the last tuna fruit that we had resembled a

melon in flavor in watermelon texture so it looks like the same texture obviously

but the flavor hopefully is a little different and each fruit contains like a

thousand seeds all these little seeds which I guess you're supposed to eat it

is a little different I think this one resembles more of a nice how do you do

honey Jim it kind of reminds me in a way of cucumber

cucumber tasting you're right it does I think if you put this in a blender and

made a smoothie it would be really good super refreshing

that's our fruit tour from home yeah all right guys it's that time of the video

again we're gonna do Q&A so the first one is from Jody Davis she says hey guys

loving the new place so my question is what's the one thing you miss most from

back home so obviously we've both miss our families but besides the obvious

thing I am really missing certain foods from back home the number one food that

I'm missing is Chinese food I love cream cheese wontons and sweet-and-sour

chicken so it's hard not to miss the variety of food back home back in the US

so when you go to grocery stores there's a wide variety and then when it comes to

restaurants we have just a diverse food culture and so like Lindsay says she

misses Chinese food even though it's the US and for me it's pretty much Mexican

food I eat Mexican food all the time in California I really missed that I missed

chip away which is kind of like a fast food chain of Mexican food Mexican food

and if you're from the US you probably know what I'm talking about so I think

food wait miss food food all right the next question is from Pilar Aguilar love

your dog how you love them he is happy and cocky good question what Spanish

words have you learned well one really important word and

phrase that we learned as soon as we got to South America was to learn how to ask

for the bill because unlike the u.s. they don't just bring you the bill and

they see you're done eating they do not give you the bill you have to ask for it

even when you ask for it can take a really long time yeah you can sit there

for hours they will never bring it to you ever but I think it's kind of nice

in a sense that you don't feel rushed and people take longer eating their

meals and enjoying the company whereas in the u.s. everything's kind of more

rushed and fast paced but anyway so we learned that the bill is called la

cuenta so when we're ready to go we say yeah la cuenta por favor so we've just

gotten better at a lot of the basics that we already knew from school you

just learn a little bit of Spanish when you

grow up in the US for the most part but one thing we're planning on doing very

soon we've been putting it off but we're gonna learn more Spanish we're gonna

take lessons with each other kind of teach each other and then also we want

to learn some Quechua because you guys keep saying we should so want to tell us

some phrases or words we really should know and guess what and we'll learn them

for you the next question we have is from Glade Cornelius quarantine and

lockdown sucks especially if it doesn't go as planned but if you were to get

locked down which country other than the US would you prefer to be in so we

thought this is a really good question it's something we hadn't really thought

about but since we've been in lockdown in Cusco I think this is the city I

would pick it's really been good does and it has pretty much everything we

would need it has a lot to offer the weather the weather has been great the

food is good it's just this great middle ground of everything and I thought about

any of the other countries that I've been before if I would be locked down

there and I think this is probably the one I would choose

so we've been pretty lucky yeah so that's the end of our Q&A again thank

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