Brad Pitt Flies To France With German Model Nicole Poturalski | TMZ

and now tmz travel presents

brad pitt and a hot german model


brad pitt might have a new girlfriend

because he flew to the south of france

on a private jet with a german model

nicole potarowski does anyone know how

to say that doesn't matter she is

unbelievable and not just because she's

30 years younger than him

but it doesn't hurt red's 56 years old

he is 27. a lot of people say that age

gap is too much

is brad pitt an exception to that yes no

wouldn't you want to bang 80 year old

brad pitt over sort of like 20 year old

just like joe blow

yeah who cares about joe jack

nicholson's still getting it

unless hotter couples alert

we see it now jennifer lopez is in her

50s so would you rather

bang we get it people like j lo and brad

are in a league of their own

and right now brad's hitting a homer

somewhere in the south of france

we hope because she is she's so unique


she's she's out of town everyone's been

saying she looks exactly like angelina

jolie she looks like that girl that

bradley cooper has a baby with

no she you have never seen anyone like

her we just took grass i've seen

well thankfully there's no one like him