what is going on members of the barrio

the day has finally come

we're gonna be flying to the Azores

Islands for the next three weeks and I'm

coming to you right now from Boston at

Logan International Airport we're gonna

be flying with Azores Airlines I'm gonna

be documenting the whole experience

today and I want to be honest guys for

the first time and I don't know how long

I actually had trouble sleeping last

night I am so excited to show you guys

the Azores for almost a month and we've

got to go check in got a lot of catching

up to do so guys here's the deal we are

partnering up with Azores Airlines for

this trip we're gonna be flying with

them four times and we're gonna be

hopping between six different islands

they've actually updated their equipment

they're using Airbus 321 s now and I've

read some recent reviews online about

them and they've been glowing so I am

just really excited to be showcasing

them to you today and this is the

longest flight we're gonna have Boston

to point the bed gotta Azores


we've made it in front of the gate and

yes security took really long here in

Boston I have no idea why we're actually

gonna be heading to an airline lounge

right now and I'm gonna be using my

Priority Pass card I recommend everyone

out there get a priority pass through a

credit card the Chase Sapphire Reserve

it gives you access to lounges we've got

a few hours to kill and we can eat quite

a bit of food guys look at the food

spread we've got here sandwiches

tortellini mashed potatoes fruits


well done Air France well done hey guys

I was really tired before because I went

the whole day in the plane in a plane

but right now I'm so fresh

she said way too much caffeine we both

needed like to diet Pepsi's and a

cappuccino to wake up both of us didn't

sleep well last night a lot of

excitement no we're not sleeping on the

plane I'm not sleeping on the plane you

ready to board

I don't want to carry my backpack

anymore guys I don't think this is


Maiden's all right a source here we come

we're about to finally board iris in

here I'm about 510 legroom more than

acceptable Ethan so far thing is

actually full I picked a window seat on

a film outside for hours 45 minutes is

the flight time


actually to download the SATA onboard

amount that way when you click it

watch movies for dinner we have mashed

potatoes rock salad


trying the beef

normally I eat whirring beep on an

airplane this is actually really good


one thing is a first-class meal but

considering that we didn't pay for this

very impressed actually so this is

probably one of the only places that I

can actually talk and you can hear me at

this point so far I have thought the

service has been very good these words

Airlines the flight attendants have been

friendly I did pick a window seat and I

never pick a window seat for a longer

flight for one reason we're going to be

touching down around sunrise and I want

to film our approach to the eyelids and

that's exactly what we're going to do


we're party or tell others you must

remain seated with your seatbelt

fastened idealistic but I'm big

that was absolutely the most surreal

land and I've ever seen through the

clouds there's our car we are walking

off the plane it feels like you've just

entered Lantis that was I was insane we

have to attempt to enter the country so

hopefully we'll talk to any other side


I thank you thank you thanks we just

jumped into our car rental with a mousou

rent-a-car it's just twenty-one girls a

day and they meet you at the airport

with a sign and now Audrianna is going

to be driving a stick shift without her

brother around for the first time by

herself and that is the hack of the

azores right there folks if you want to

drive an automatic in the Azores you're

gonna be paying with 40 50 60 euros more

per day

that's why hydroponics can it be the

driver when we do rent cars so let's all

wish for well

keep going ventures and parallel parking

folks keep going I wasn't planning on an

Airbnb tour and Adriana and I are

absolutely exhausted right now but

you've got to see this view from the

window I think views and the Azores are

going to go together really well on this

trip the members of the barrio it is

after 7:00 a.m. and I am in need of a

shower and a long long nap

Ezra's Airlines was a very good choice

for us I am so happy that they partnered

up with us here that was as good if not

better than just about any domestic

carrier you would get in the United

States flying from New York to LA thumbs

up recommend them and I recommend that

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new and make sure to hit that bell to

turn notifications on so you don't miss

out on any new episodes thank you so

much for watching we have got a lot more

coming up from punta delgada and sal

miguel in the next week and we're gonna

be hitting up six islands in the next

three weeks guys until next time