Cebu Pacific Domestic Flight Schedules with Prices & Availability (Philippines Travel Update)

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it's a video naito pagusa panaten ang

domestic flight schedules

cebu pacific simula august 19

after mecq okay


within philippines

so nothing is fly from manila

okay so nothing is

manila to kawaiian kawaii to

four times a week tuesday thursday

saturday at

sunday merunding manila to legaspi le

gaspitu manila

four times a week then same tuesday

thursday saturday at sunday

merunding manila masbate to manila

three times a week monday wednesday


and manila san jose san jose to manila

two times a week so twice chose

a sabado and then manila to iraq and


virat to manila two times a week they

know monday

or friday


so let's close the next so meron tayong

manila tobacco bacolod to manila

twice a week they know two times so is a

tuesday or saturday

manila tucson

so three times a week so tuesday or

thursday or sabado sunudai

manila to dumaguete to manila

young schedule weekly

wednesday or thursday

manila now

once a week long tuesday

so after this video guys i didn't need

to check you prices

availability amount of flights

to manila three times a week so

tuesday thursday saturday

merunding manila






every week so monday or thursday

merending manila to uzamis uzam is to


three times a week tuesday or thursday



manila pagadian pagadian to manila

10 times weekly manila to sambuanga

zamboanga to manila

dalawang vessels so wednesday or friday

manila turojas na sangbeses

every week so thursday

rojas to manila

lingo so every thursday or saturday


so once a week long kada martes or





flight so last just for example

august 24 nasa 588

and then sunud is cebu to manila

so as you can see every day the new



any day

earliest the schedule is august 24

nasa 2 900

in advance

september nila is nasa 300 bases

wow guys so for example lang for this


try not until august 26th

so august 24 is one thousand

two hundred fifty you be nakamura yen

one thousand two hundred fifty

but august twenty six

and one thousand seven hundred thirty



okay so try nanometer schedule

so try not in manila to

so for the month of august available

manila to iloilo


eight hundred pesos and after that

i said 300 pesos


for the whole month of september october

300 pesos

yum price wow

set up my drivel now


so final price manila to iloilo is

814.88 pesos

september 2.


829 to manila

okay so another one

maganda so let's try

manila to

manila to jensen


yumana check nanati so

yupina kamura is 899 so september 22.

yupina kamahal is it on september 1 and

that's a 5

300 basis

so for this video

tai natinyan so next is general santos

to manila

so wallana silang august flights



and the rest is 900 faces

so last night to check nothing is

put one




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