Air Travel Covid-19: What To Expect Flying Through Istanbul Airport!

hi everybody fox nomad here and today i

want to help you travel smarter by

showing you what air travel is like in


specifically through istanbul airport

which i flew through recently to get to

my studio state side for the upcoming

tech season

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those videos but going back to the

travel experience

it was from booking to packing to the

entire flight to the airport experience

it was not normal unsurprisingly so i

thought i'd share what that experience

is like with you if you're flying or if

you're just wondering

what it's like for people who have to

travel these days now this is

specifically with turkish airlines and

yes i am still upset with them for their

recent refund hijinks but

that aside i decided to fly with them

because i could get a direct flight and

that had a lot to do

with the new check-in restrictions and

the new carry-on restrictions that they


so i'm starting with the packing process

which is a little bit different from me

since you can only take about four

kilograms on the flight so carry on you

can only take four kilograms which is


a thousand kilograms less than i have

usually in terms of electronics and gear

so i'm checking all of that stuff so i'm

checking in my drone the microphones the


the external mic for this camera and so

on and i'm going to try to take the


so my laptop and this camera that i'm

filming on

through the airport but for now i just

wanted to show you what that kind of

looks like and what to expect so

if you're traveling out of here through

here just make sure that you have enough

space in your suitcase to be able to

take your electronics or what you would

take on your carry-on

maybe to put that in your check-in

luggage but i'm gonna see how loose or

how straight the rules are and see what

it's like at the airport

for now i'm gonna switch over to the

phone finish up packing and head to the


now checking in those extra electronics

means that i had to leave behind some

shoes and some clothes to make room for


in my suitcase so if you're traveling to


when you're on the way out that's

something that you want to keep in mind

you want to make sure that your check-in


has a little bit of extra space and it's

not filled to capacity

already with your stuff so that you can

check in your electronics too so if you

have to put some things

from your carry-on if it weighs too much

or if they weigh your bag then at least

you have some extra space in that

checking bag to move things from your

carry-on into your checked luggage

and that's something that's a little bit

different about the flying experience

these days

now when i actually got to the airport

it was pretty standard you check in

everybody's wearing masks and most of

the staff are wearing those face shields

that cover their face

and then in the check-in line things

were pretty normal people were

sort of social distancing and there were

a lot of signs reminding

people to stay 1.5 meters apart but that

didn't always happen and that's usually

in these lines in these long lines like

in check-in or security people were kind


mashed on top of each other but that was

pretty normal except until i saw a

couple of people that were wearing these

full mesh suits i mean they were like

biohazard suits

made of tissues like covering up their

head it was so they were in a hood we

had a mask some people had goggles and


and that was just that was a little bit

that was a little bit weird

it caught my attention made me remember

oh yeah there's a pandemic going on so

that aside one thing i did notice that

there were a lot

a lot of security checks for your

passport so people were

checking your passport when you got into

the check-in line then at the end of the

check-in line

and they were just i don't know what

they were doing but they were just

looking something up in a computer and

then marking everybody's passport in the


and that happened before getting to

security so before even checking in that


three times i'm not sure if that's covid

related but it's something that was a

little bit different

now when you get up to the check-in desk

there's a glass in front of you

so there's a plastic barrier between you

and the check-in person but what

everybody was doing because you can't

really hear through that thick plastic

is everybody was just kind of hanging

over to the side to be able to talk to

the check-in counter so just give your

passport to them and check in normally

i then put my checked in luggage which

was overweight but they're adding some

extra baggage allowance because of the

carry-on restrictions

but when she saw my carry-on bag the

check-in lady said

hey do you have a laptop in there and i

was like yes and she's like oh okay and

they didn't weigh it which was a huge

relief for me because my bag would have

totally been overweight

and i also brought my tripod and my

microphone stand on the flight as well

which was

pretty nice to be able to take those

with me and not check them in

so that was a bonus and i'd say that was

pretty much the case for

everybody else so i noticed people's

carry-ons on the bag were pretty

regular sized there wasn't anything too

huge now one thing that was interesting

is there were signs that say when they

check in your bag so when they check in

your luggage in istanbul's airport

they actually spray them with

disinfectant so they disinfect

your baggage when it goes through

check-in so before it gets loaded onto

the flight it's being disinfected which


a nice touch honestly and there were a

couple of things about this whole

experience that were like

oh those are nice additions to flying

that should just always be there


or not and one of those was being in the

security line so

passport control pretty normal just give

your passport

get your passport back that's pretty

standard and usually a passport control

in most places you've already got a

plastic barrier anyway

so that was pretty standard but what was


great i i'm almost hesitant to say that

but what was really nice about going

through security

is one there was actually social

distancing in force

there so you've got all this space so

you know when you go through an airport

security normally people are just like

jammed on top of each other

and if you've got a lot of things to

take out of your carry-on like a laptop

a tablet or whatever then you're taking

those out you're rushed because you're

grabbing trays and you're worried about


things falling out and you don't want to

hold up the line well that was pretty

much eliminated because they were just

taking people

one at a time through security so you've

got this social distancing in place

and then they're taking people one at a

time and that was really nice so that

made going through security a lot easier


one other thing that was just absolutely

great is you give your things you know

you put them in a tray

it goes through the x-ray machine you

take your things out the tray you put

them back in your carry-on as you

normally do

and there's a guy waiting at the end of

that line

that's disinfecting and wiping down all

of the trays

one by one they go through the x-ray you

get your stuff back

and he's there disinfecting them and

that was the case in all the lines tray

goes through

trey gets disinfected those trays were

really clean

like surprisingly clean and what i mean

by that is normally you know when you

look at a tray

one of those trays that you send through

security it's got all these

scuff marks and it looks like this

weathered gray

these trays were spotless and that's

something that

should probably be kept after covet

times because i'm guessing

those trays were never disinfected

before any of this was happening and

they were probably pretty gross like

we forget a lot of times there are other

diseases and there are other germs

other than covet and that's pretty nasty

like those trays should be clean so i

hope that sticks around after covid

alright so then after security it was

pretty much what you would expect in an

airport except the crowds were sort of

crowded in one place and then there were

these huge areas of the airport that

were totally empty

one of those was the shopping areas so

that's where i decided to sit down

everybody's still wearing their masks

although i did notice a lot of people

then after they had passed security

having their masks sort of under their


but what was really interesting was

there was these staff on segways just


zooming around the airport catching

people and telling them

to put their mask on where they're

masked properly they would sit there and


make sure that you put your mask on

properly and then zoom off so staff were

zooming around on segways just to make

sure that people were following the mask


one new piece of tech that i came across

were these lcd screens in front of the


so they would show you what the

occupancy was how full the bathroom was

and whether or not you could enter based

on the occupancy it did this all

automatically so i didn't see any

sensors so i don't know how it was

picking up

how many people were actually in the

bathroom but this is a pretty cool piece

of tech that is

pretty neat that i could see being used

in a lot of other applications

and it's just a really neat way to

enforce social distancing and make sure

that too many people aren't crowded in

one place

there were these signs also on the floor

reminding people social distance in

front of things like arrival and

departure boards and

people were kind of doing that but

generally they were just sort of crowded

around there and the seating areas which

there aren't too many in the airport

people were kind of crowded around those

as well so it was

if you wanted to avoid the crowds and

you wanted to avoid people you could

certainly do that

but if you were going to try to find a

popular place to sit

or you wanted to check the status of

your flight chances are you were

probably going to be crowded around


now the domestic departures was pretty

full it was very busy it was

almost i'd say normal if not more than

normal for this time of the year but the


area of the airport was pretty empty it

was about i'd say

less than half full than it normally is

so you can still get some distance and

as far as the crowding goes there are

just a lot less people in the airport in


and then getting to the gate there were

three other passport checks again i

don't know if that's covid related

and when i got on the flight it was

totally full it was just full of people

there's no

space in between seats or no empty seats


social distancing or anything like that

it was pretty much full

everybody was wearing their masks and

that was pretty fine but one thing that

was really cool that i'd also like to


stick around after kovitt time was how


the bathrooms were cleaned so the flight

attendants would go around before the

flight and then during the flight at


at least once an hour disinfect the

entire door go into the bathroom

disinfect everything

clean them those bathrooms were spotless

you know how you normally go the

bathroom on a plane and it's just gross

to just

be in there it's just disgusting you

don't want to touch anything

just want to get done and get out these

bathrooms weren't

gross like you didn't feel like you were

just in a pit of germs it was actually

really nice the floors were clean the

faucet handles were clean it was just

actually nice and that should really be

standard because

how often were they disinfecting those

things before all this coveted time

one thing that did really suck though

was the food so

they didn't have any beverage service at

all so they were handing out water


but other than that they had these food

boxes which were just

kind of a juice box a really kind of

gross sandwich to be honest and that was


i think they did this to reduce the

amount of time that the flight


were in the aisles so they could just

quickly give the food and pick it up and

they also made an announcement for

people to

stagger when they would eat in their row

so have one person eat

then the other person eats so that way

everybody didn't have their masks off

at the same time but that didn't happen

everybody was just

you know like they usually do in an

airport they get the food and they just

took their mask off and we're just

scarfing it down so that didn't go quite

as well planned

other than that aside from the flight

attendants again wiping things down

throughout the flight like the handles

of the overhead bins they were wiping

those down the aisle armrest those were

also being wiped down throughout the


other than that the landing and the rest

of the journey was pretty much as you

would expect

normally at any time pandemic or not so

overall it was a lot more hassle flying

in 2020

with kovid than it was before but

knowing what to expect makes it a lot

easier so knowing what the restrictions

are for your carry-on and for your check

luggage makes it a lot easier

you're going to have to wear a mask the

entire time but that's pretty easy

and there were a couple of things i

noticed after this experience that i

hope stick around

after covid all the cleaning of the

security trays the distancing in

security so that people can actually

take their time

it didn't add that much more time so if

you just take people in

every five or ten seconds or whatever it

is the interval

then it makes it a lot easier for people

to get through security

there's a lot less anxiety wearing a

mask makes the air in the airplane

not feel as dry and so i noticed that it

was kind of nice on my sinuses for

example so wearing the mask helped there

i loved how the flight attendants were

just cleaning everything they were just

cleaning those bathrooms cleaning the

armrests cleaning the overhead bins

that was really nice and if you think

about it planes are pretty gross like


absolutely disgusting i did catch a few

people still picking their nose on


i don't know why people feel the need to

do that in public on an airplane

it's it's pretty gross so overall

despite the hygiene improvements in a

lot of areas of the airport and the


flying is still a hassle and i wouldn't

recommend it to you unless you really

have to fly

i would hold off because it's not going

to be pleasant experience and it's

it's never really been a truly pleasant

experience and this doesn't make it any


so if you can hold off flying i'd

recommend that you just wait until

things get a little bit normal

but if you are flying these are some

things that you can expect and hopefully

it makes it a little bit easier for you

to travel

let me know if you have any questions

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