Fly Jamaica flight to Toronto crash lands at airport in Guyana

an airliner carrying a hundred and

twenty eight people 82 of them Canadians

has crash-landed in South America the

fly Jamaica plane had just left Guyana

it was headed to Toronto when the pilot

reported an emergency now the flight was

able to circle back to that airport in

Georgetown but it overshot the runway

when it landed I can tell you six people

were hurt we have gotten a touch of FATA

watching this story closely looking for

all developments Natasha what's the

latest socio Hannah's you've mentioned

six people were injured in that flight

as it crashed landed in to Diana's main

International Airport in Georgetown so

we know that 120 passengers were on

board including two infants 8 crew

members and 82 Canadians now this fly

Jamaica flight was meant to leave Guyana

early this morning make its way to

Toronto when something went terribly

wrong we know that the flight was

initially delayed for takeoff then it

took off at around 2:00 in the morning

and according to one of the passengers

it was spinning in circles it wasn't

taking off in the way it was meant to

and then shortly after takeoff the pilot

went on board the intercom and said that

there were hydraulics issues and that

they would have to make an emergency

landing back in Guyana so he radioed

back they started making their way there

and then seemingly according to one

passenger they landed safely but then

the wheels weren't working and they

couldn't bring the plane to a stop and

they were spinning right off the runway

and that's when things got very scary

for those on board let's have a listen

to that passenger we overshot the runway

and at the end there's a whole bunch of

spikes and we got two flat tires and

three tires of blown up blown out and

the plane shifted to the right one of

the wings came apart and the engine on

the right side actually flipped over and

we crashed into a big sand pile at an

edge of a cliff with there's a big drop

about 30 40 feet on the other side if we

had 10 more feet where were being down

in the cliff not in the ditch though

it's a miracle of our miracles and after

that plane landed he said that's when

people started screaming and

and cursing and they were told they

needed to evacuate the flight and he

says it's there that most of the

injuries took place it wasn't because of

that erratic landing and spinning off

the runway it was because there was so

much chaos getting out of the plane that

people were injured going down those

slides we know of at least two elderly

passengers who were taken to a nearby

hospital as a precaution six injuries

none of them particularly seriously and

the crew members say that everyone was

evacuated safely the local police are

looking into this part of the airport

has been cut off as the investigation

moves forward and the US National

Transportation Safety Board is now also

involved looking into this into finding

out exactly what went wrong in the

meantime all those passengers that were

hoping to be back in Toronto they have

to make alternative arrangements and the

airport as well as the plane provider is

saying that they'll try and support them

and some of them might be afraid to get

on a plane right away I mean their

hearts must have been pounding thank you

Natasha and you just heard a bit there

from in verba Dessie one of those

Canadians on board that flight

he spoke with CBC's Heather Hiscox from

his hotel in Georgetown here is their

full conversation I am very shaken and

very I don't know nervous and just a lot

of emotions going through me it's like

all my goosebumps are going to going

crazy it just doesn't shock it off more

or less I'm very glad that you're well

and able to talk to me and what we're

going to do is let's just go through

step by step through this story so we

can get your account you're the first

person we've heard on this so early in

the morning you were sitting in the

front of the plane to book 210 when the

plane took off but was there anything

unusual either at the time of takeoff or

prior to takeoff that made you give

pause yes there was the we're scheduled

to leave at 1:30 everyone was boarded

and ready to go but they had some issues

on one of the try one of the left side

front doors it will not close properly

we're not clear the signal so after they

call that maintenance crew took them

about 45 minutes that's why the delay

was to fix the problem and after the

that problems fix we are clear to take

off them and once we got clear to take


we flew about 15 10 15 minutes in the

air just over the Atlantic Ocean and we

circling around for a few times I

noticed and the captain announced

there's some hydraulic issue or

hydraulic problem has a return to the

airport okay let me let me jump in there

for just a second so that's what we

understand was the problem he radioed in

he'd had a problem with the hydraulic

system and he did announce that over the

loudspeaker to the passengers it is yes

that's correct

and then what did people do when they

heard there was going to be a problem

they had and you had to turn around well

most of them were sleeping at the time

because it was late in the morning right

so what that they didn't really pay

attention but I can't attention also

wide awake and I just kept my eyes more

awake see what we were doing and then

eventually we got back to the runway and

we did a nice landing wasn't a bumpy or

nothing out of the ordinary but he

turned the reverse thrusters on and then

when we landed on the ground the wheels

were still spinning they were not

braking there was no hydraulic brakes to

brake the wheels were stopping and then

we overshot the runway and at the end

there's a whole bunch of spikes and we

got two flat tires and three tires are

blown up blown out and the plane shifted

to the right one of the wings came apart

and the engine on the right side

actually flipped over and we crashed

into a big sand pile at an edge of a

cliff with there's a big drop about 30

40 feet on the other side if we had 10

more feet

where were we down in the cliff not in

the ditch that's the miracle of our

miracles well it really is okay so okay

let's just a look at it Mary we can see

we're looking at pictures so you can't

tell exactly but we're looking at

pictures of the plane now with that

front wheel in the sand and then the the

cliff is just obviously just in front of

the nose there so you're away you come

down and a fine landing as you say but

you're you're aware that the plane is

not coming to a stop and you're blowing

through things and what's going through

your mind that's coming up at that time

and they start cursing that's our pray

it was just that wouldn't want to start

chaos started going crazy everybody just

going crazy screaming no just crying for

their lives everything just that's the

crazy time it was anybody helping you

calm down the the flight attendants or

the or the pilots or anything were they

were they assisting you at all no I was

okay I was comfortable I understand it

was happening because

I was very close to the front of the

plane so when they said everything relax

relax we were all relaxed and then the

captain announced evacuate and then the

door opened announce person off the

plane I was in the front business class

Row one and I just jumped off and ran

for my life slid down the chute and and

ran away yeah I ran as far as I can

before that plane Prince of the big

fireball well thankfully it didn't cuz

we can see that plane on the screen but

emergency crews were they there waiting

for you to help you I know they came

about two minutes later I would presume

about two minutes three minutes to get

to the site because there are Park very

far from the terminal at the terminal so

where did your away from the plane and

was everyone running with you I mean was

it a scene of chaos as everyone just

tried to get off that as quickly as


well my group was about 13 passengers

and about two crew members and the rest

of the crew went on the other side of

the plane I went down to the north side

of the plane I went in the south side on

the ditch side so we are like a small

group of us stay together okay we're

we're like outside the airport there

were friends over we had a defense the

the fire guys are the fence to get us

back into the airport

amazing now six people had injuries and

had to be taken to hospital for

treatment are you okay yes I'm fine

there there were injured because of

something on the slide and not getting

out the slide in fast enough so people

behind them are kicking them and try to

get them off anything there was a lot of

chaos at the bottom of the slide one of

the mentioned that there was smoke in

the cabin did you see that at all at any

point I

well I'd left first I took off and ran

but there was smoke where the engine

rolled over when I talked about 20

minutes after everybody was off the

plane then they out there they fire guys

on site that they they filmed it and

they never the smokin Oh outside the

plane so they cut the fence to bring you

in they're looking after you know how

are they treating you now what are you

hearing about what's going to happen to

you and coming them back

yeah flight Jamaica is not responding to

anybody they're just waiting waiting


and I might just have to buy a separate

ticket to get back to Canada because I

have a business to run and I got things

to do I can't stay here for three days

listen I hear the adrenaline in your

voice I fear III don't fear I think I'm

understanding that I you call it a

miracle of miracles here you are just

hours after this just to sum up the

whole experience as you've just lived it

yes well my father passed away last year

I think he's watching me and he gave me

a good fact I'm not ready for you yet

stay down there that was in verba Dessie

one of the Canadians on that plane that

had to make a crash landing and we're

just getting an alert from Global

Affairs Canada saying that while there

were yes six people who were injured

none of those was a Canadian so that's

the latest from Global Affairs Canada