so we'll even Hollywood today and we're

going to be heading all the way down to

Key West it's a bit of a dry but we're

making some stops along the way and I'm

going to be showing you some of our

favorite places


okay so first stop we're making down the

keys is Robbie's of is murder

so is Mirada is the second key after key

largo on the way to Key West and

basically you can feed the Tarpons here

which are like really big fish and

there's food and like little stands

where you can do some shopping ice cream

etc so it's a really cool place to stop

on your way down




so we've just pulled out of at the

beginning of Big Pine Key to watch the

sunset so it's a gorgeous sky behind me

not that this really does it any justice

it's basically right at the end of like

at one of the old like the rickety

bridges so we've just pulled over to

take some pictures and stuff and then

we're going to be heading straight down

ski way




okay so we made it to Key West we've

just checked into our hotel and it's

about 11 o'clock at night now so we had

a little drive down to Val Street we've

stopped at these southernmost point took

some pictures in the dark so we haven't

really eaten much except a snack so

we're just gonna go out onto the foul

street now maybe you grab a quick bite

to eat maybe have a drink and then we

have a full day in Key West tomorrow


your body's gonna right


I just need a taste nothing new

I can't let way


good morning guys that we have just

woken up in Key West for day two down

here we had a great night on Bow Street

last night we had some drinks at fly


we got Wendy's that we went to Rick's we

also ends up at red garter saloon which

you can look up what that is we ended up

going to bed at about 3:00 a.m. last

night so up again we're raring to go and

we're actually on our way to a place

called say yes in Key West because we

are potentially going to be having our

wedding down in Key West


even if even if


okay so we've finished our wedding

planning for the day we got a subway for

lunch and now we're going to hire some

bikes so we're going to cycle down to

Val Street and then hopefully catch the

sunset at Mallory Square because they do

like a sunset celebration every night I

think that's what it's called and then

we'll get some dinner afterwards I'm

thinking potentially gelato and ice

cream gelato and ice cream pizza and

gelato there's a place called duet oohs

which is apparently really nice and then

potentially another night out on Val

Street so we will see







okay going so we're just checking out a

bar hotel now we're going to be driving

up to Miami today from Key West so we

had a great night last night we went to

do a tows for dinner and just a little

tip duet Oz was amazing the pizza was

great and the gelato was also really

nice but it's not a restaurant it is

more of a takeout so don't do what I did

and get dressed up to go there because

it is not a sit-down meal but I would

definitely recommend him another place

sold recommend is the flying monkeys

which is like a frozen cocktail bar and

you get like a souvenir Cup and the

banana breeze and the pina colada

cocktail is really really good also

Rick's is a really cool bar so if you

want some things like sooo everyone

that's like live music you've got like

kind of a club scene upstairs you've got

a strip club then Rick's is perfect and

it's so much fun

also bikes is a fantastic way to get

around parking is like four dollars

around davao street and bikes are like

$10 for the whole day so we're going to

drive back up to miami now we're going

to make a few stops up the keys because

we didn't make as many stops on the way

down as I would have liked so off to

Miami we go


okay so we've just stopped at a place

called hurricane hole which is literally

just outside Key West on stock island so

just as you're driving off like the main

key as you're coming out it's on your

right and basically there's a chance you

will see manatees here and there sharks

and Tarpons so it's a really cool place

to come to you can also like rent jet

skis and kayaks and stuff and go around

the mangroves so it's a really cool

place to stop out or to have lunch or

anything like that




so we've just pulled up on the side of

the road because behind me is the most

gorgeous water I've ever seen it's so

pretty this is on is my router or

someone actually told me it was Al's my

router something like that the other day

just pass Robbie's and it's on your

right as we're driving to Miami it's

incredible and it's absolutely boiling



so we just pulled up at a place called

moraga Bay which is on the left side of

the road as you're driving to Miami from

the keys and it is absolutely gorgeous

it's like the perfect photo opportunity

there's like palm trees and white sand

blue waters it is so so gorgeous maybe

we should have our wedding here like

this that looks pretty nice to me


okay so we've just stopped at the John

Pennekamp coral reef State Park

hopefully I've said that correctly

basically this is on Key Largo so that

is the first key that you come to or the

last key coming off the keys so

basically you can like higher

paddleboards here you can go swimming

although there are crocodiles apparently

so just watch out for the Crocs but yeah

there's like both paws and stuff like

that so it's a really cool place most

state parks or maybe all state parks do

have an admissions fee but they're so

beautiful like they're so well-kept that

it's so worth it we were actually too

late to hire a kayak today because they

closed at four o'clock but we might have

a swim and we're going to do some




so this state park is actually famous

for its underwater statue of Jesus

Christ so I'm pretty sure it's called

Christ of the abyss and you you

basically get a boat or out to the coral

reef and you can see the Statue and all

of the amazing fish




we made it to Miami after an amazing

couple of days at keys it took us a

whole day to drive back I'm actually a

little bit sad to be back in Miami not

that it's the end of our vacations yet

but the keys has just like a different

atmosphere and a different vibe

it's just such an amazing place there's

like chickens running around everywhere

everyone there's always going on but

it's so chilled it's like one of my

favorite places in the world I would a

hundred percent live there so if you are

debating on whether to go down to the

keys I will definitely recommend it you

will not regret it it is absolutely


the drive as well is just absolutely

gorgeous one place on the way down that

I wish we had stopped at but it was

actually closed on Sundays is a place

called North berry farm which is as you

go down to the keys before you actually

get to Key Largo a place called

homestead and a basically they do

strawberry picking so you can pick fresh

strawberries and they do the most

incredible sticky cinnamon rolls so I

would highly recommend nori farm on your

way down and it will fuel you for the

journey anyway I hope you enjoyed this

video all about the keys and if you want

to see any more let me know in the

comments what you want to see or where I

should go next if there's anyone similar

to the key

I would love to go because I will be

there but anyway like this video

subscribe to our Channel and I will see

you in the next one