The Perfect Way to Experience the Algarve | Family Road Trip in Portugal


and actually make something beautiful

always wanted to do I think it's like a

really good family activity this is a

pretty good spot I think yes down south

we had a little road trip we will

literally the parents and we have the

kids in the back who is ready for the

road trip forcing them to listen to our

tunes and had to make a few stops and

they were just asking when will their

classic parents and the front kids in

the back situation but we are pretty

much here for a week of just a

relaxation with the family you know your

classic family holiday but I think the

algarve looks like the perfect place

we've just arrived at our Airbnb let's

get you guys a room tour this is where

we are stained so how it works is

there's a kitchen down here for us the

owners live in the middle and we are on

the top and I think we found a little

room eight so you got mom and dad's room

we've kind of given the big one with the

ensuite and then what we have is two

more rooms so clear and Brody on there

we are in here here's our bathroom which

is pretty insane because we have a spa


this is really nice how I've done it up

and then I'll show you guys our room we

have the pink room and I don't know

where she's putting this in here

this doesn't need to be here and then

this is our bedroom this is the little

neighborhood that we're hanging out in

and then in the basement we have our own

kitchens this is nice like bit of a

lounge room and then she also has like

an outdoor area this is the best bit

this place is humongous she just showed

us the hot tub decided to switch it on

this is warming up now oh yeah that's

getting good perfect for a family

vacation if you guys were interested

I'll leave a link below because I know a

lot of you guys like to know where we

stay on Airbnb and if you've never used

Airbnb before as well I'll leave a

discount code for you but yeah I think

we need to go get some supplies I'm

going to go to the shop so we can cook

up which is nice because I've been on

you know tours for the last kind of few

months so think me and just so excited

to just sit down cook a big family meal

for everybody it's gonna be good

hey everybody that you guys doing today

we've just driven about 40 minutes out

to like us and the reason you come to

the Algarve is because there are just

insane features and a lot of them have

these cool little caves to go and see

some you can walk to but another way is

to jump on a kayak and Kaikeyi out to

some of these unique little case so

that's all we're gonna do today really

true just found these guys just on our

beach that we're at check them out

it's so flat as well

well you guys good like the live




guys why Utah the algarve by kya

I've his love the coastline over here


we just turned the corner on this whole

secret beach just opened up


she just pulled up Alki axis little

private beach there's no one here

there's a little area I want to go swim

to it okay our guy just pointed out a

secret pray for us

watch your head and God

she's got


I miss the early time in coming gecko

that I'd assume another

good morning everybody it's the next day

we've come out to an area called tavira

a course with the Algarve this quite a

few stops that you can go along so we

highly suggest you get a car hop up we

started the morning with this like cute

little fishing village and we found a

little cafe right on the water

koffie koffie koffie hey guys we've come

to being a market here and we're doing

something we've always wanted to do I

think it's like a really cool family

activity we're gonna be doing a cooking

class it's actually meeting our cooking

lesson lady here chef I'm gonna be

meeting her here at the market we're

gonna be buying local produce and then

going back to her farm and we're going

to be learning how to make a local

Portuguese dish so actually have ten

minutes to spare so I've come down to

little flea market which is in front of

the actual food market


oh my goodness that is such a big fish

is cutting it up so it's actually really

cool is that we're walking around the

local market yeah they're just cutting

up their fresh tuna which this

the marina doesn't see us going to pick

out some ingredients they make some

traditional like South Portuguese food

that is French alrighty guys we are now

heading to her farm it's only three

kilometers away and then that's fo gonna

be cooking a meal Algarve Ian meal is

that right yeah Oh Gavin ready to do

some cooking master chefs take a seat so

this is Luis Chama which is the chunks

of the tuna which we just picked up from

market before just Senna is our cheese

dish which needs to be slow-cooked 20

minutes on one side 20 minutes on the

other side put some different spices on

there we then warmed up some of the

virgin olive oil with just chunks of

garlic in there so this is just gonna

sit for the rest of the cooking lesson

while we prepare the rest


are you doing a good bump this little

thing is smelling so good come on Ches

pretty good to me yeah oh you did a good



so now preparing the Trina so we have

some rocket which was in a place onto

the plate yeah sorry if that just make

anyone hungry because that made me



now we're going down here to try our

meal that we've cooked what a beautiful


this looks great everyone yeah let us

know what it tastes like I've never had

this before and we haven't really had to

process meats in a while some cured me

yeah alright let's try the cheese it's

busting cooking the entire lesson one

thing of the cheese oh my Steve already

says is one of the most popular dishes

in this region you can go to just about

any restaurant and all of us and we've

cooked it ourselves it's octopus salad

you got octopus you got your tomato we

have just everything good cold the press

is a perfect night food for the

Mediterranean climate

sorry fool

the cheese was actually not any life at

all it actually tasted like chicken well

have you guys enjoyed that little fun

activities quart ace Algarve I'll put

all the details below and it's a really

fun family activity and I think we

learned some cooking tricks yeah and we

got to try some Algar food that was the

first time we tried local food yeah yes

so good and I think I'm gonna prepare

the cheese thing for you actually your

body come see you guys

this is a pretty good spot I think

interview oh yeah

this is the view you've got these clip

sides just here and there's also holes

in a lot of them so it gives it a really

unique look good morning everybody

all right so who come to probably the

most famous postcard shot in all of

Portugal I'll put the name up for you

guys cuz just like my Icelandic

Portuguese's it's not very good but I

can see why everyone comes here because

look at these insane views again


support chuckle has a lot of these clip

sidewalks you can go on and it's really

nice because they've built these little

walkways for you so you can just walk

pass enjoy the view a little man-made

cane they've literally chiseled this out

what this is so cool well so another

Beach live


oh that's so nice yeah

so welcome to Kamilo Beach everybody

they're like a two minute drive from our

last walk and I think we're just gonna

hang out here with the fan and chill out

chill out a little Beach dad is picking

where we're going for lunch loves a good

British pub meal so we're here in

Portugal it's got a Sunday roast Monday

or Sunday but Steve you've never tried

Yorkshire puddings oh no no I can't wait

till we get to England did you need to

steal some of our chips take a couple of

these back oh you're so hot


good morning


hi guys optimal than amazing hi - oh we

you get to take Stevens parents now they

need to see the caves to take it out on

a speed are we really gonna get past the

clacks help me run the oh yeah that's

nice oh we needed yesterday oh the other



growing inside that dad



so cool coming inside these days

as far as week I act the other day

everything is probably all new stuff


there's people up there the very famous

cave here in the Algarve finish your

cave as you can see the different colors

you got the giant hole yeah