Cirrus SR22T G6 Flight to Lake Tahoe-Engine Start, Preflight, and Departure

my name is Steve Rennie welcome to the

Red Baron YouTube flying channel today

we're gonna be flying from Santa Monica

Airport ksmo to South Lake Tahoe Airport

kilo Tango Victor Lima and you're

welcome to come along for the ride okay

start her up battery to

okay we're going to fire up cutting five

gallons of fuel on board

still checklist got my oxygen set up

it'll be at the leveling addresses mm

succulent Wellman

all right let's get him


wait balancing

but a but gallon assist me in there so

passengers today

starting the engine external power not

required brakes and simple brakes

rich in check

our theme is going




is clear judging nobody yet



let's get our r8 is right now

information of Romeo one three five one

zoo lacerations winds calm visibility

one through layer below one mm

temperature one seven two point one four

altimeter to nine or nine or seven B or

alpha aren't at individual approach and

use runway two one relies on initial

contact you have Romeo put in seven four

altimeter let's get that done right now

that's good let's do our checklist go

our group checklist and do our

performance data for takeoff here okay

let's call it 3,600 to be on the safe

side we are at 160 feet here in Santa

Monica 180 feet actually says at two

nine nine nine seven says we're about

140 it's about 160 so we're call that

grounds sea level we're a little less

than twenty degrees so it'll be about

1,600 feet to get off the ground and

about 2154 between 2007 and 2100 to get

in the air okay that's our performance

data there let's go back to our group

checklist back to our normal procedures

we've started our engine go door before

taxiing here our flaps are up check

radio and avionics we're gonna get those

all set here let's go up top we got one

to 0.14 Santa Monica tower lift that

over we got one to five point two in the

Box there they got comm - we've got

ground in active we'll put in the rest


okay alright flight plan Waypoint is set

okay let's all up and get our clearance

here back over there Santa Monica ground

Cirrus seven six eight foxtrots here at

Northwest parking with Romeo

I'd like to taxi to runway two one alpha

run five round up area and also pick up

my IFR flight plan to South Lake Tahoe

kilo Tango Victor Lima here seven six

eight foxtrot here at Santa Monica round

good morning

five ran up there at via alpha advising

around ready to copy I'm ready to copy

right now together here say five shots

here you got it clear to tango Victor

Lima Airport and beyond departure fly

runway heading look at the Los Angeles

three one five radio TURN RIGHT heading

two-five-zero radar vectors Victor 23

Gorman Victor 23 Shafter Victor 23

venice filed the climate maintain 3,000

expect one six thousand five minutes

after departure SoCal departing c12 5.2

squawk seven three one five

stand by please a that's here

already for a read back here he

last year

yep god I cleared to tango Victor Lima

we're gonna fly runway heading at the

LAX three one five ready we'll make a

right turn heading two-five-zero then

radar vectors to Victor 23 then Gorman

then Victor 23 shafter Victor 23 then as

filed 3,000 out of the box sixteen

thousand and five seven three one five

on the squawk and one two five point two

on the departure frequency serious a

park sighs Harry Beck correct and taxi

out five area via alpha adviser complete

do you have the the letters for shaft

sorry that's here

yeah echo Hotel talk shop for Shafter

echo Hotel Foxtrot four great thank you

my choice I'm going to load that the

program then I'll taxi down to the Alpha

Phi run we put that into our flight plan

here on the iPad okay controller crap

informations here now cannot win column

altimeter to nine or nine or eight

runway to any use information here we

just switched to see Ron yeah okay so

that's loaded over there let's check it

I'll make sure it all makes sense Victor


Victor 23 Corbin

LAX Victor 23 Borman clear that one out

of here okay clear Lamptey out chapter

route then we've got we go looks good

okay great okay so we got three thousand

out of the box

sixteen thousand let's get our squawk in

there squawk is a couple different ways

we could do it up here old school seven

three one five or over do it

new school seven three one five that's

done that's showing right here on our

thing okay back parking break is set

okay we're all good there so we got

seven three one five we got this we got

one two five point two and the parts or

frequency and I think we're ready to

roll yeah let's get this party started

right now we're gonna taxi down there so

cabin heat is not on right now not

necessary little warm in here right now

beautiful day

okay so parking brake is off on our

taxing checklist now brakes are working

HSI orientation is good attitude Tyrell

that's hey we're on the pre zero Ron

three zero there okay let's see if our

turn coordinator is working properly and

you see the pink going back and forth

we're not drunk we're detecting the turn

coordinator all right now we're gonna

taxi down and go to our before takeoff


everything is running properly here

fitting those babies get that thing

fired up okay today we're flying to Lake

Tahoe family vacation spot for the last

23 years I was up there earlier this

week got a little hitch he came back

down to LA play a little golf at my

favorite golf course I'm headed back up

to Lake Tahoe

this time around I'm playing I'm hitting

some of the local airports taking the

plane out early in the morning and do a

little flying out there some turns and

steep turns and all kinds of stuff

having a little fun so that's our plan

for today we're heading up to the alpha

5 run up here at runway 2 one at Santa

Monica Airport beautiful California try

to get out of here at 8:15 would be our

goal to show you some new tricks here on

the knot new tricks but some of the

great features on the Garmin perspective

plus system here let's get my noise

cancel yeah much better for the old rock

where I can hardly hear anything after

all those years of standing in front of

speakers screaming no your plugs not

very smart

okay we got one more thing to program

here our flight plan here I kids get our

break set here okay for the LAX 3 1 5

we'd like to do that on OBS so I'm gonna

go OBS right here I'm gonna select

course over here and I'm gonna put in 3

1 5 that's the radio we're gonna pick up

and intercept out of the box here Santa

Monica Airport been in three one five

okay and we will also make our heading

two one two

we're gonna track runway heading

remember get that all set in there as

two one two alright and we're gonna just

go right there okay now let's go through

our checklist your takeoff checklist

before takeoff doors are latched and

closed they are now that's why you check

right there caps handle is right here

verified its removed seat belts and

shoulder harnesses are secure I've got

just a little bit of air coming in right

now the old quantity we're gonna go back

to our right-hand tank which is now

settled in you'll quantity a text I my

career and pursues request Vyasa yeah

a fuel quantity is confirmed fuel

selectors on the fullest tank my boost

week mixture is full well mixed here

we've got flaps at 50

that's confirm transponder is set for

seven three one five that's check

autopilot check let's go put it in

heading mug let's turn on the autopilot

I think should start moving and it's

moving navigation radio we got one to

0.1 that one to five point two

out-of-the-box cabin heat defrost not

require right now we got our brakes on

whole let's go to 1700 and see what's

going on here 1700 well the back just a

hair there okay okay let's go through

ours checking our electrical here I know

one comes up a little bit Kito heat

takes up a lot of juice on up to

all the buses are in the green batteries

looking good pulling off one time we're

going to eat our landing lights right

here let's go and check our bag vetoes

seventy drop on the left magneto it's

acceptable if sixty drop on our right

magneto pull it back to one thousand go

back to our checklist a power leavers

good alternator we've checked Pete oh he

checked navigation lights landing lights

voltage you know he have engagement

landing lights Magneto's two parameters

are green our lever is at a thousand

flight instruments are we got thirty

thousand out of the box sixteen thousand

and it will flight controls free and

correct left-right okay okay

everything's working properly ramp let's

edit for trimmed mixture lapse trim

lapse fixture boost the music

business my acronym aviation loves the

acronyms there is my acronym for the day

I'll leave some of that out

ice protect not necessary at the moment

okay so now let's go and do our takeoff

briefing here we got 160 feet here 160

now has come up live our best our caps

available to 600 over that so that's

gonna be 760 our best caps 2,000 over

the ground is gonna be 2,000 160 our

temperature day was 17 degrees or winds

Direction is calm clear skies altimeter

to nine or nine or seven that is

confirmed our takeoff types gonna be in

normal we're gonna be going on runway

two one that length of that runway is

3,500 we calculated on our performance

data that we'll need about 1600 feet to

go get off the ground we're gonna fly

runway heading and that vectors our

cruising altitude is got to be 3000 out

of the box 16 eventually


our flight times about two hours to lick

if we have an emergency on the runway

the engine kicks out we're gonna pull

pull the power supply the brace and

abort the takeoff if we have an engine

failure over 600 or under seven hundred

and sixty feet we're gonna execute the

engine failed checklist we're gonna

pitch for 92 we're gonna pull off the

mixer we're gonna switch off the tanks

and turn off the ignition of land

straight ahead if we have an engine

failure at caps and below two 760 below

2160 we're going to deploy the airframe

parachute we're gonna take off the

mixture switch the tanks turn off the

ignition and float on to the golf course

got my golf clubs with me so we'll pick

up a little game there okay over 2,000

160 we should be fine okay run-up

complete our checklist is complete now

let's go for originally our next

checklist set there and we're ready to

go Santa Monica ground zero 7 6 8

Foxtrot Sierra run-up complete ready to

taxi 2 2 1

seriously Fox house here only two one

taxi via alpha I turn your I far taxi 2

1 via alpha advise to our a flex here

okay we're gonna switch it over to comm

1 get this party started

I'm as 810 looks like we'll be off at

8:15 which is great Santa Monica Towers

here is 7 6 8 Foxtrot Sierra holding

short runway 2 1 at alpha 5 awaiting IFR

release right here so my terrible new

version of the software coming out soon

and I hope that will call out 600 feet

over the ground so you have your little

caps active reminder right out of the

box which I just love that idea yeah we

got Terry pop-tarts key item my doctors

I should have protein bars brownie

crunch take the kid out of the country

but you can't take the country out of

the kid I've got my stuff here ready to

share 7/16 fine stretch here huh the

winds are calm runway 2 1 good for tato

weights you want clear for takeoff a

Foxtrot Sierra all right let's get going

here okay that's quit messing around

let's get around the center line pretty

quick clearance today for Santa Monica

okay let's go alright everything's good

okay let's go one two three four down

the middle the runway eyes down the

runway for the right rudder whole power

is in curl back on that patient there we


your fire to one whiskey Bravo runway

two one winds are calm deirdre man what

we could want five of them over 200 zero

two sheer said to Monica terror Roger on

the option and a right base for only two

one right there six a fine stretch here

at San tanco counter punchers on one two

five point two guinea Saxo Calipari 5.0

apps available

start our turn to 5-0 switch over to

SoCal departure SoCal departure is here

is 7 6 8 5 trucks here 1200 climbing

3000 307 685 success how to purchase

ident climbing over 5000 ident climb

maintain 5,000 eight five zero everybody

later contact two and a half miles

southwest of Santa Monica five hundred

two seven zero vector for climb two

seven zero vectors for climb a 5.0 okay

we'll flip on our two seven zero get our

vectors for climb back to our check this


procedures full-powered climb okay no

oxygen required yet power there is full

forward mixture is full forward flaps

are up verify our airspeed is at 120

let's go down just to hear fuel pump is

and boost fuel flow is about 37 gallons

now we're all good and your parameters

are good at the moment everything is

good back to our map I plan but we're

gonna get LAX too chatty

were off at 8:15 la pelota close here

but nevermind if I crash here tonight in

three six zero three six early yeah

number one zero Papa contact La Center

one three five point five thirty five

five one

I think mode three six zero five

- chatty alright what we're doing there

is reactivating that leg yourself or for

225 ml only here is a five-year turn

right heading at zero five zero join

Victor 23 resume own navigation right

zero five zero join Victor 23 then

resume own navigation in fact uh sir

that was powerful for ahsoka departure

radar contact climb via summer one two

four five you decide I want our post

four four four

okay so now we're gonna put yeah as well

there's a five shots near contact SoCal

approach one three four point two one

three four point two eight bucks

the receiver is their top three triple

zero six five 146 SoCal approach here is

seven six eight Foxtrot Sierra level

five thousand six 146 33 exhale extend

the final mission to maintain 5,000

direct dialect down to five thousand six

everyone forty six no seven six eight

process here so philipose from Delta

mystery zero zero three zero zero zero

four hey now we're turning in to join

Victor two three

I think see it all happening right there

on our PFD the pathway sometime looks

like it's some poly stuff but I love it

I'm a fox this year I'm gonna maintain

8005 maintain 8080 5.0 hey where they go

to 8,000 here so we put in our 8 we're

gonna come on top here I went down

ourselves just call for question on i-15

there very well another mystery to zero

zeros hi Kayla who the wrong way

hey long doctor