How To Have the Ultimate Trip to Rovaniemi | Finland Lapland

They just love it. Yeah. Let's go in there. Yep.

Woo - look at them go!

We saw this little teepee hut and we saw a fire and we were like okay let's go

in. They cook one thing here...

Smoked salmon on the fire right in the middle of the Teepee. Okay.

So for tonight's mission we're going to go out and try and see the Northern

lights. So first we need to find a cute place for dinner.

Then we need to rug up like crazy and then have our fingers and toes crossed

that we get to see them.

Yes. Because it can be a hit and miss seeing the Northern Lights.

You never know and it's kind of looking a little cloudy, but you never know.

You never know. We could get lucky.

Fingers and toes.

are crossed.

Alrighty. We just checked into our Airbnb apartment here in the city.

That's super cute. It's like a studio.

Very similar to the Helsinki apartment we had,

except for a massive kitchen couch area,

There's a Christmas tree outside.

Oh yeah. Oh that's ours as well. We get a little balcony.

and then there's a bed but something different to the Helsinki one is that

again, we have our own private sauna. And I didn't even realize when we booked,

look, I just had a look. I was like,

no way. Another sauna. another time for you to roll in the snow.

Come on.

No, I've done a i've done it twice Baltic sea and, the

snow... That's so nice.

This place is so cute.

How cool is this spot? It's like a little wooden Teepee hut.

It's like the traditional Finnish house.

Aww it is just so nice and right next to people riding reindeers on sleighs.

We've been really original guess what we got? Salmon soup.

It's the thing to get here.

It's my favorite thing in Finland. So good.

Oh my gosh. That's even better than the one we had in Helsinki. Yeah. Wow.

And it's so cold today.

It's like negative 10 so it's the perfect soup weather but this place is so

cute. So cute.

We have like little reindeer light fixture.

Yeah. And I love how this open fire,

It's in the traditional Finnish like structure.

I need to try make this at home. It is so, so good.

Okay. It's currently 10 30 at night and pitch black.

We've driven about 40 kilometers out of the city center and we are trying to

spot the Northern lights.

We had a moment where we saw it for like a split second, but that's about it.

We do have a fire and we have had some hot chocolates and we're about to cook up

some sausages for dinner,

but fingers crossed we still have about half an hour out here,

so hopefully we see the light.

It's really cool because the Finnish government actually sets up all these

houses for people free to use with fire pits and they just do it to encourage

more people to come into the outdoors. So we set up a little fight.

Soo last night we weren't lucky enough, we didn't get to see the lights.

There was one moment where it was quite cloudy and there was one moment where

the clouds parted and you can see it a little tiny bits.

There's was definitely a show last night. It was just getting by clouds.

But I definitely recommend if you come to a place that has the Northern lights,

you need to go on at least one tour, one night where you go hunt for them.

Four years ago when we were in Alaska.

We were lucky enough to see them twice and it was the most incredible

experience, wasn't it?

It was. It was magical. Definitely.

If you get the opportunity and youre in a spot where you can see them,

take that opportunity because if you hit gold, you hit real gold.

Yeah, it looks like a magic, but seeing as we're staying in the city center,

we've decided that we're going to head out this morning and go check it out.

I've heard that it is very tiny. But hey!

Got to see what Rovaniemi's city centers like. Okay. We've come to the square.

On one side you have a shopping mall on the other side,

you have a Christmas tree surrounded by an ice fence. Pretty cool.

Then you're sledding just casually in the square and then a strip o food and

that's it.

Actually quick fun fact. The Square's called Lordi square.

Some of you might all know what that is,

but in 2006 Finland won the Eurovision and a band metal band called Lordi.

Won it!

And they were from here,

so then they decided to call the city square after them.

That's pretty cool. I don't see Guy Sebastian place anywhere!

Only Australians will get that! Delta Goodrem Square Pretty cool.

Give it a tap.

It's like bricks of ice. That's really cool!

Did Christoph come through?

but we were deciding what we wanted to do today.

It's our last day here in Finland. We haven't seen any Huskies yet.

I think we need to fix that. Hey baby, aww.

You are so cute. Is it Fluffy?

Soo fluffly. Hi buddy.

Hello. Good. How are you going?

With only two people, the dogs tend to go a bit fast!

Ready to go?


this is so cool.

So much faster than the reindeers!

Yeah the reindeer is like a camel safari!

Aww thank you that was so much fun! Hey buddy.

You ithcy? You itchy?

They are so sweet.

Are you just in ecstasy right now. They're soo cute.

They just love it. He was like let's go. Yep.

It's like their morning walkies this is so awesome! Look at you guys!

There fur is so thick.

They're like perfect for this weather and how many took us? Theye've got two,

four, six, eight, 10,

10? Oh wow. That was unreal.

So we have a bunch of dogs here of different ages!

You have these two girls are four months.

Oh, your eyes. Hello.

Hey! No growling, babe. You should actually look at her

eyes. Very good boy. Girl. Sorry. Yeah,

Aww that face

So we've found the coolest place to come for lunch.

We saw this little teepee hut and we saw a fire. Let's go in.

They cook one thing here.

Smoked salmon on fire right in the middle of the teepee.

It just smells like delicious salmon in here.

Soo Good. And you get like a salad, some bread and the salmon.

and you're going to get some Glögi?


Fire cooked salmon.

Ooh can you hear that crunch?

This looks so good.

That's good Salmon.

Well, when you do one thing better, do it good.

Wow it's really good.

It's actually a massive serving and with the bread and some potato salad.

Wow. That place really does amazing. Salmon.If you're in the area,

and you feel like a nice hot piece of salmon, it's definitely worth it.

There is quite a line because it takes him a while.

Every time he cooks all the salmon. But if you want to line up,

do it and go sit down. It is. Oh, that was delicious.

Okay our time here in Finland is unfortunately coming to an end.

Loved it. So good.

I'm so glad we could like kickstart all this Christmas adventures here. I mean,

if you want that winter escape,

that winter-wonderland escape where you can go on reindeer rides, Huskey rides.

I mean there's a lot of things we didn't do. Like you can go on snowmobiling,

you can even jump in like an icebreaker that starts in like a week and you just

go on a boat that just crashes through ice.

But if you guys enjoyed this and you're interested in where we stayed or the


Or anything we ate!

Yeah, we'll link it below so you can plan your little trip. Yeah,

highly recommended. It's been so much,

but you will see us next time in a brand new country continuing our Christmas


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