Turkish Airlines BUSINESS CLASS + Free Layover Tour (New York to the MALDIVES)

this time our ability kids are from this

Bentley fragrances so like the carbon

that has a fragrance do you know okay

thank you so much

after five days in New York that

absolutely flew by we are back at the

airport and about to start another very

long travel day today we're flying to my

absolute dream destination of my life

and Turkish Airlines business class I


so if you're fine Turkish Airlines

business class out of JFK you get access

to this awesome with Lufthansa to this

awesome lounge and it has incredible

views of the runway delicious food off

to a good start


Elias might see people as a distant

world let's begin boarding pass

this is open the extensible not long

enough poke the oil drinks enjoy this

time our ability gets run from see here

I meant no slip socks

your butt's too special two minutes I

take a brush thingy that you use to put

your shoes on

and lip balm



by fly


we switch on them yes which one they

prefer yeah I can see them


I'm starting with the mushroom soup and

but Joe and

selfies are back




nice cover over you're good

they gave you a blanket and a big fluffy

pillow neither one of us want to sleep

right now because we want to stay awake

and enjoy this business class experience

but when we arrive at this sample it's

gonna be 5 a.m. and our next flight is

sleep till 1 a.m. the next day that's

being like 20 hours while repairs


as we are descending make sure that your

hand luggage is stowed in the overhead

bins or under the seat in front of you

fasten your seatbelt put your seat back


and still your program ladies and

gentlemen and dear children please keep

your seatbelt fastened until the

seatbelt sign has been turned off you

may use your electronic appliances you'd

be careful while opening the overhead

bins or the aircraft reaches its final

parking position what would like to say

goodbye and hope to meet you again

thank you for flying with Turkish

Airlines a member of Star Alliance after

a long and very enjoyable flight we're

vacuum is simple almost exactly a week

later our plane landed at 5 a.m. this


the games straight to the cerebral

lounge and have lots of coffee because

today we're not just sitting in there

we actually have a twenty hour layover

here in Istanbul and Turkish Airlines

has this really cool program called tour

Istanbul where if you have a layover

between 6 and 24 hours you can actually

go do a free city tour so we're gonna

spend six hours today going and seeing

some of the biggest sites in the city

all completely perfect we've actually

been to this Airport three times before

so we're super excited actually late

this time


so the first stop of the tool was for

breakfast it turns out in addition to

being free there is also food included

and coffee which is really good for us

because right now our bodies think it's

3:45 a.m. okay cute super fast editor

this is the world's largest the next

stop is a blue mosque but unfortunately

we can't go inside today because now

we're gonna spend some time walking

around this huge palace called


sounds delicious on to the next place

he's on the carpet


last time today is the Grand Bazaar

which is what we were most excited about

me staying there over

and over 30,000 people come to work here

every day we're gonna go get luck




and just like that we are back in the

airport and back in our favorite Turkish

oh wow we packed a ton of stuff into

today's tour but I feel like we just

barely scratched the surface of

everything don't worry we're definitely

coming back to Turkey use a bit more

time here

so this is actually our fourth time in

this lounge we've covered it extensively

in three other videos but in case you've

never seen it before let me tell you why

we love this place

food teeth hey coffee drinks wine chefs

more chefs a racetrack piano Paulo's bar

just look at this staircase Oh another

chef TVs a movie room table

my selfie like Oh both of my zippers or

my backpack am officially broken

looks like we're gonna look for a new

backpack at the moment

this way

it is 1:00 a.m. we are about to board

our last flight of this very long travel

day and in eight hours we will be in the



one less welcome drinks one less pair


one last movie


Windy's and gentleman and dear children

please keep your seatbelt fastened until

the seatbelt sign has been turned off we

would like to say goodbye and hope to

meet you again thank you for flying with

Turkish Airlines a member of Star



all days of travel we finally arrived in

the Baldy

we're gonna end this video here but

before we do we wanted to say another

huge thank you to Turkish Airlines for

making it possible for us to go to the

Shorty Awards we were originally

supposed to go from Bali to the Maldives

we just took a really long detour and

they made that possible I can't believe

it's our neo unlike a little sad but at

the same time you can't be sad when

you're in the Balinese great the next

video we're jumping honesty point so if

you're into that


I'm sorry

we've been sad that day

Wow I got outfit

doing it for the gram


well well