She Wanted To Fly To A Remote Island In New Zealand




oh hello hello hello

tickets I got school a new pump now V

zero seven runway condition dry surface

wind zero four zero degrees eight not

very in between three six zero and zero

eight zero

everybody this is Kane it's my friend he

we kind of met through YouTube which is

which is kind of cool and now we're like

friends I guess average friends yeah in

the back is Alina

let's canes girlfriend and that's

Christina she just came in from Germany

in July so we thought we'd show them

around and take my little flight today

I've got this lovely butter 172 here

that we gonna brand-new take somewhere

we're gonna find a private beach

somewhere - coffee - indeed remember


we're flying


Asya the favicon shown into a time clock

Pearman ha it's lovely up a McCain here

they're big enough I get perfect they

come so long hair don't get it

most ugly I think Nevada


that's so epic


yeah it's gonna be a little bumpy around

them cuz they're throwing up the whip


oh my god it is so epic this is gonna

look so good on the camera


dude I need to get some photos here with

the GoPro this is where we're gonna get

our GoPro GoPro shot right here saina

oh my god this is so good


oh my god it's so pretty


aren't these bose noise-canceling

headset so amazing so lovely so good so

quiet I think she listens music oh yeah

it's just amazing what do you guys think

it doesn't see my what that didn't see

my able oh yeah evil say oh I knew it

was there I kept feeling good feel it I

can feel it searing it to my brain great

barrier so usually joy in a lift in


sweetie as per then I covered

I usually slam it on the ground and then

bounce yeah

then put it back down and just

Israel that way yeah I like those wheel

landings yeah like one instructor said

the best lining about yeah my

instructors always looking but like the

knows where to touch down first

yeah so just it just helps with that

balance you know it just helps you yell

at the air reduces drag yeah yeah extra

pendulum so say very terrific got a

puppet of ebiz joining intent downwind

runway 1 0 . alrighty boys and girls

buckle up for a bumpy landing haha

asteroid of failure could you see the

windsock on the way in I was looking a

little one of those that's pretty much

on the nose right

yeah I just bring in like five knots

extra so yeah get a little sheer alright

traffic data popping Aviva's finals away

1-0 boost up

a little bit purple left be beautiful

all right

not quite the weather we hoped to have

here it's windy and cloudy but it's

still pretty warm so we might we might

go ahead up the beaches off anyway I'm

hungry and I need a coffee right now



this is a sick ride of the island




that's really weird man time to say

goodbye to our Canadian wagon wheel

machine treated us well and yeah we're

gonna head back to Tauranga now feeling

the Sun feeling the salt water the light

this time of day in New Zealand is bar

none like truly amazing so hopefully

I'll get some nice footage on the way

back but just a solid day here solid

solid day I need to come back and do

more more flying out here and explore a

bit more of this island because it's

actually has a hell of a lot to offer

but there was just so many islands

around here to explore that yeah just

end us so and the beauty of a plane is

it makes it you know so quick to you

actually get here so so yeah good day

for wine hanging with friends and


this is such a beautiful place and so

nice like when I look that way I just

think Hawaii

it's just 100% feels like Hawaii gothic

you got a pound of hitman's rolling

runway ones you're not gonna trip down

there but Ryan Connolly all right so

good these green we good brah that's do



this is an epic spot you got so many

options to land here big beach so sick


no show pretty yogi death okay that

little rock there

this is the perfect time of day that's

so good


looks nice with the swell and the

whitewater yeah Surat first of you will

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cross with a little bit from the left




what happened to that greaser man that

was the road of a sexy way I was oh good

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