FLYING DURING THE PANDEMIC (Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta)

13 smile so wait you can't hate

travelers my name is Juliana and that's

my husband Martine we've been traveling

around the world for four years and

fitting it into our lives any way

possible whether that be volunteering at

hostels working on cruise ships taking

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well everybody a lot has changed since

you saw my last videos I actually took

advantage of travel restrictions being

better to go back to Mexico to be with

my husband Martine hey we're finally

together if you didn't see my k1 visa

journey video we only got separated for

three months after our honeymoon because

of the quarantine we did not expect to

be apart that long so I took advantage

to coming here and the experience was so


being in the airport's I decided I

wanted to show you guys what it is like

to fly during the pandemic we are doing

a flight from Mexico City to print

America we're gonna be relocating for a

couple weeks so I've got so many

messages that people ask me what's it

like in Mexico I have a flight coming up

connecting to Mexico City to Puerto

Verta I want to be able to show you guys

what it's like so they you can make a

decision for yourself if you feel

comfortable doing this flight and you

know we'll see how it goes I have my

mask with me I have nice hand sanitizer

and I am ready to social distance less

what's going on at Mexico City Airport


Martine what do you think there's a

small attempt

what but still it's really really play

yeah there's no one okay we got a piece

of paper to fill out that's asking us

the plate we're going on our nîmes and

if we visited like what countries we

visited in the last 14 days surprisingly

when I came from the USA to Mexico they

did not ask me to fill out anything

nothing so I'm glad to see that they are

taking precaution so that way if anybody

is sick on our flight they can let us

know I've been to this Airport so many

times to visit Martine and have never

seen it this quiet I used to have to

prepare like to be here at least an hour

just to get just through security so

this is very sorry you guys can see my

mouth I know this is probably

frustrating to watch but anyway wanted

to provide a quick update the first


we were able to see antibacterial gel

was actually at the ticket counter with

their sign we didn't touch anything

before but I still don't like to see

more spam I also find it interesting

that a lot of the restaurants and stores

are open I didn't expect that when I was

travelling here from the United States

in the u.s. along the restaurants

replaced additionally when you're in

line they also large little lines on the

ground for where to stand which is a

great idea but it kind of leaders

resolve burgers once you get to the

ticket counter because everybody is so

close together and everywhere else

you're walking they're not really

monitoring how close people are to take

that for what it is it is up to you

decide if you want to travel we have

checked our bags they didn't wipe it

down or anything like I've seen them do

it other airports but I did appreciate

that the lady did put on antibacterial

gel before she took our passports that

made me feel a lot better we're gonna go

through security now and see how it is

on the other side one other interesting

thing about the airport right now is

everywhere they are cleaning they're

making it very obvious that they're

cleaning all the time I've seen like

three people cleaning the floors so

that's good they are taking the

precaution don't know why this wasn't

done more before coronavirus but hey I'm

happy they're doing it I wanted to

record security for you guys it would

let me use my camera but basically go it

were to be presented by questionnaire

that we filled out that showed all the

places we've been in the last 14 days

which for us is nowhere then they

checked it off and took our temperature

and the new one

this time they checked literally

everything in my bag although he doesn't

have so much camera stuff they've never

done that before they really like to

test it a new single thing but the light

directed back it was just the testing

process was extremely long now we're

going to be heading to the Aeromexico

salon premier lounge which we usually

visit go to go to this airport and I'm

really curious to see one if it's open

and - what kind of experience the food

is like there it's closed our typical

lounge the aromatic alone that's

complete fail we actually asked some

staff if anything is open and they told

us Mel but according to my priority pass

out there was one lounge open so I

wanted to double-check go into the salon

arrow Mart and it was open they lied to

us so we were able to get into the super

small lounge though and it looks like

all the food is just packaged snacks


look there's Julianna

and there's no one over there we shall

all mark over here and the terminal to

International Airport Mexico City

continue on the ground lots of cleaning

happening clean clean clean


small friend

holy Toledo wait we move to our seats I

have not been on a plane this small in a

very long time it's just two seats on

one side two on the other run flight him

in two three three six

in case you're going on this flight I

was thinking they would block out middle

seats but there are no middle seats so

we are everybody they're not really

trying to separate out people and they

don't hand you out anything when you get

on the plane and American Airlines did

give me like a little pack with water

hand sanitizer and something else you

got in a little snack so I would

recommend that you guys do bring wipes

to wipe down your seat completely if

you're going on intermix go because like

I said they didn't really give us

anything to do that ourselves so make

sure you bring it and you also need a



we just landed in first of all - I am so

excited now a couple of things to know

about the flight they did actually serve

beverages but they are all bottles they

didn't take anything

there was electrolyte drinks or bears

snacks already packaged they are also

going to be in Barca's row-by-row which

so that is what the debug process looks

like so and normally when you enter

fortify are said this place is crowded

and this is completely full but it is

empty I made it to port 2 Verta I am so

so happy to be here hopefully I don't

get sick from that plane ride they did

do a lot of really great things in the

airport and Aeromexico put a lot of

effort into you know making sure we're

all the safest we can be but of course I

definitely saw areas where you could

still get sick I mean they can only do

so much so my closing thoughts for you

guys is travel at your own risk I don't

want anybody to be traveling who is

susceptible to being sick it's just it's

not the right time but I do understand

that there's many of you out here who

are in difficult positions me for

example I was apart from my husband for

months because I was too terrified to

fly and now I'm able to relocate and be

with them and you know ride out the rest

of quarantine here but you know there's

also people who are stuck on internships

in different countries or just apart

from loved ones and I understand that

completely there is no shame just know

that it is your personal decision if you

want to travel or not it is up to you

guys you've seen what happens and now it

is your decision but please promise me

one thing if you do travel please wear a

mask it is so important I know some

people think it's silly but you know

best-case scenario we're helping out a

lot of people so please wear a mask

please social distance and more

importantly before and after your trip

making sure make sure you take necessary

precautions to be away from people and

self-quarantine that's my tip for you

guys we're gonna be showing you what

parts of IRS is like here on the ground

in my next video so stay tuned for that

love you guys so much so long travel

well and make the world your


next time by