How To Get To Machu Picchu


drink while we do this so you're trying

to get to Machu Picchu but chances are

you're probably coming from somewhere in

there getting to Machu Picchu can be

quite a long process and somewhat

overwhelming when it comes to research

so that's why we're gonna give you

everything you need to know to plan your

troubles but before we get any further I

just want to say that this video is not

for anyone who's hiking the Inca Trail

that's a completely different thing this

video is for people that need to plan

their transportation from start to

finish okay let's get started

chances are you are going to be flying

at Lima the most common domestic

airlines are star Peru lifts ham Avianca

Caribbean Airlines just to name a few

there are more than 40 flights from Lima

to Cusco per day and it actually only

takes about an hour and 20 minutes to

get between the two cities which is not

bad at all keep in mind that the

elevation in Cusco is eleven thousand

two hundred feet which is thirty four

hundred meters high the air is very thin

and it can be much harder to breathe for

some people like myself I actually did

get altitude sickness but none of the

three people I was with it doesn't make

any sense it's good to give yourself a

day in Cusco to acclimate to higher

altitude prior and heading to Machu

Picchu which is actually at a lower

altitude than Cusco see if Cusco machu

cuzco of Machu so it's better to get

acclimated here because then buys when

we get here you're good to go from Cusco

you can hire a bus which is actually a

lot cheaper than taking Peru rail


here we go - oh yard on Dumbo they call

these busses collect people's expect the

ride to take about two hours you can

catch these buses on Avenue - growl

which is about a 15 minute walk from

cusco main square plaza de armas it's a

little more laid-back with these buses

there isn't really a schedule you just

kind of wait for them to fill up and the

buses are surprisingly easy to find

we actually stumbled across ours while

we were walking toward Albany - growl so

we didn't even end up walking the whole

way there it ends up costing about Gore

u.s. dollars per person and Peru rail

can start anywhere from 51 to 121 US

dollars depending on class time

direction station and time of year we

are off to orient on tombow all right

now we're in Owenton Tommo which is the

town where you'll be catching the inca

rail or the peru rail to aguas calientes

it's actually super small and walkable

town so it won't take very long to see

if you want to hike the ruins to give

yourself a little more time obviously

once you get to the train station you'll

either take the inca rail or the peru

rail to your last and final destination

augo's calientes the tickets for economy

start at 61 to 65 u.s. dollars and you

could purchase them directly through the

website the train takes less than two

hours and they generally operate from

5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the fastest way

to get from Cusco to Anton tombow is by

taxi and it costs around 30 US dollars

depending on your negotiation skills

it's good if you have a great but the

cheapest option is still ultimately I

collect people I should also know that

with Peru and Inca rail you can go

directly from 20 minutes outside of

Cusco to aguas calientes without having

to go to a on time Tombo first the train

station outside of cusco is called voto

I just keep in mind that it's often

better to go from wonton tombow because

there are more train options as far as

time and in the rainy season

trains often can't make it to parole you

should definitely book in advance and

I'm putting the links in the dooblydoo







so all those travels we did during the

day and then we ended up staying in

aguas calientes which is totally

optional our entire reason for staying

overnight was so that we could get a

head start toward machu picchu in the

morning before the crowds arrived and

also so that we can make it to our 10:00

a.m. my nappy - appointment which we'll

discuss in a second you technically can

do everything that we've discussed on

the same day but you're gonna be getting

up really early that day we woke up at

like 7:00 a.m. to do ours

yeah and that was sleeping in couple of

tips what if you do end up staying in

aguas calientes and you get a hotel do

some research we didn't have any hot

water also we were told that this town

was mostly cash only but we definitely

were able to use credit cards at many

restaurants and shops and you can do

your laundry there too another plus

there's so many laundromats there ooh I

would recommend eating at the treehouse

yeah my house was also that was so good

really good food good cocktails I'm

gonna leave the link right there at the

bottom alright just when you think you

finished all your travels there's

another bus to catch you'll need to

catch a shuttle bus which takes you up

to Machu Picchu in about 40 minutes

tickets can be purchased once you arrive

in aguas caliente just over the bridge

once you get off the train from Boyan

TomTom oh I know it sounds kind of a

trust me but it's a really small town

and you can't miss it

the bus company is called conscious

daughter and it costs twenty four US

dollars roundtrip

oh the buses run from 5:30 a.m. to 6:00


keep in mind you also have the option to

hike all the way up to machu picchu from

aguas caliente but that's gonna take a

couple hours a lot of people do it we

thought about doing it and you see them

walking it yeah on the bus yeah that's

cool I mean I recommend it if you if you

have the time I want to do it we were

just kind of anxious to get there machu

picchu opens at 6:00 a.m. every day and

the last entry is at 5:00 p.m. they do

limit the number of tickets sold per day

you can see how many tickets are left

when you book on the website tickets for

foreigners are 47 US dollars for just

Machu Picchu itself and after 1:00 p.m.

you can get the half-day ticket for 31

US dollars you can and should buy these

tickets online and of course again the

link is provided below okay now we're

gonna talk about why do Picchu which is

the mountain above Machu Picchu so only

400 people are allowed per day 200

people per timeslot you have a 7 a.m.

time slot you have a 10:00 a.m. time

slot we did the 10:00 a.m. because we

thought we were gonna see like clouds

and stuff Wow the morning fog and we

were right we dodged it tickets from

Machu Picchu and wine if you choose to

do both of them together comes to 62 US


we highly stressed cooking these in

advance they sell out again websites

links below also it is somewhat of an

intense hike not just because of the

terrain but also because of the altitude

so we highly advise being in good shape

nope she gets harder and harder the

steps are like you know half the size of

your foot lips kind of just kind of go

off you're going up about this steep of

a terrain

oh and we're bucks I don't know why but

for some reason at the top of this

mountain there are ton of mosquitoes I

never would have thought to put on bug

spray and when we got from the top I got

eaten alive just be prepared okay

the moment we've all been waiting for we

are now here at Machu Picchu reporting

live there is seriously so much to

explore you can easily spend the entire

day there with no problem but before you

do that here are some helpful tips about

machu itself that you should know about

before you go we go ten number one this

one's a bit obvious but just make sure

you have your passport on there like

literally everything that we've talked

about just now that is the main form of

ID is your passport some places take it

some places don't so just like have it

on you and you can stamp a little macho

stamp on yours they have that up there

yeah it's a mic yes number two as a July

2017 you can no longer enter Machu

Picchu by yourself you have to enter

with a guy and pay llama I think of the

tour guide do you tell me a little bit

about what we're looking at here I'm no

three also as of July 2017 re-entry is

not allowed before you could go back in

and out now you can't there is no

bathroom inside though so if you do need

to go potty you just go outside and

they'll let you back in until they


yes Lee number Oh eat before you go in

once you go in there's not really any


so I recommend eating because you're

gonna be hiking and right where the bus

picks you up to go up but there's

actually a cute little coffee shop you

can get coffee and there's beer

survey says there's wine and you can get

nice little wraps and snacks we just put

them in our bag know that you can put

that into your videos where I'm supposed

to bring it which brings us to number

five no food or drinks look at that but

like no food water we didn't say that


government we said no food or drink nope

number six drones are not allowed over

700 umbrellas no tripods and no musical

instruments number 8 no high heels what

I can't bring my heels this is a hike

leave the high heels in your room I'm

burned 9 no smoking

this includes each cigarettes number 10

as tempting as it is to get the butt

cheeks out for an epic photo it's just

not allowed I don't stand up there like

so that was a lot of information but now

you have all the tools and knowledge to

go out there and go check it out for

yourself all the links you need will be

provided in the video description below

have an awesome time and please share

all of your photos and videos with us in

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you like and don't like if you don't I

don't care subscribe

crying really sweaty have a great trip

alright peace giancarlo what's your

favorite part of much of you - going up

- atchoo was cool if they don't like

that many people out there a day every

my favorite part of Machu Picchu was all

the water ducks all the little I guess

sixteen little water holes that they had

you need a hand