7 Things To Do In Niagara Falls New York, USA

hey guys thanks for watching I'm your

host Monica Ortega and I'm here in

Niagara Falls to show you that you don't

have to have a long time in the

destination to have a good time now I've

got 24 hours here let's go


with only one day to explore here are

seven things to do at Niagara Falls



the water that flows over it is fossil

water from the end of the last grade I

say the barrel was set to is from the

American Shore

the currents took the barrel toward

Horseshoe Falls the drop 175 feet


percent of the water ripple goes over as

false this is also a




all right so I've been to Niagara a few

times now and one thing I've never done

that I wanted to do for ever do the Maid

of the Mist the Maid of the Mist is a

sightseeing adventure that takes you up

close and personal to Niagara Falls and

it's been around since 1846




here's the thing I have been to Niagara


three maybe four times growing up and I

feel like I just experience them for the

first time today doing the Maid of the

Mist if you guys come you have to do one

of the boat tours there is nothing like

standing under that spray


so you know it's gonna be intense when

they give you shoes and a poncho





time to do and see here in 24 hours at

Niagara Falls thank you guys so much for

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