WESTBOUND | Epic Cross Country Road Trip | Fly Fishing & Skiing Colorado


easy but


a few months ago some of my friends and

I threw out the idea of going to

Colorado for spring break we had talked

about going the past two years but it

never became anything more than the idea

now that we were seniors this was our

last chance to make this happen the idea

started with just a few of us then a few

more and finally we had a grand total of

nine guys who run forth our goal for the

trip was simple we wanted to see a new

part of the country and take advantage

of the endless opportunities it had to

offer for some of us this was going to

be our first time skiing out west and

for others their first time making it

west of the Mississippi the only problem

was we need to figure out the best way

to get the nine of us and all of our

gear across the country


on whether to Bojangles and then we'll

come back this is all is for the fast

food run they've made it we're ready boy

we are ready she's - ready

it is officially spring break ladies and

gentlemen and we are heading to Colorado

we've got a twenty two hour drive ahead

of us we're packing nine dudes into two

cars and we're gonna see what happens


that's not

we are in the middle of Kentucky

somewhere we can't

gonna fall you ready

we're headed to


where we at you know man I just woke up

I'm sorry

let's go

puts the emergency brake on in the

goddamn parking lot we're flying

six-thirty we just drifted I just passed

through Kansas

so we are officially in Colorado 22

hours later and we are in Denver but we

are here at our Airbnb just checking in

bringing all our stuff in and we're

going to settle in for the night kind of

cozy down and figure out our plan for

the rest of the week

it gets for shower

let down strapped up car strapped up

ready go boys

some of us are gonna go hit the river do

some fishing the other guys are doing a

little hike Boulder or Estes what we're

thinking today that was it's a good dad

time to do it

we're Colorado I ate a slice of pizza

I'm good till lunch so I can wait as

long as me a thing got today Mike yeah

all right so here's the analysis for

today I've no idea what's gonna happen

but I'm gonna love it there's young Nico

coming just to the final sweep of the

house house is clear

ready for the next step I reckon where I

see some modest it out


look who we ran into here in Boulder

hey getting a little little fish and

action in my neighborhood boy Scott

showing us around we actually fished

together a couple years ago when we

first came and got flanked up again

let's do some fish in and see if we can

make it happen two beads to go voom

travel double the trouble







of course I went downstream for a little

bit away from these guys and then come

to here like 20 minutes later they've

been slaying them just another day curse

to the camera we're gonna go to the car

maybe get some Bruce and definitely some

PB and J's maybe some Pringles yeah

we're gonna get back after it what

happens fish too hey Sam yeah we don't

want none of that Kevin VanDam hook sets

out here okay Mike fling him out of

water after a steep hike back to the car

at altitude we were not quite adjusted

to we were pretty gassed so we decided

to call it for the day and make our way

to where we'd be staying the next few

days we just made two Estes Park super

cozy cabin we've got here and it should

be should be a nice night just to relax

and rest the legs haven't had a whole

lot of sleep on this trip yet but

looking forward to the rest of the week

and next couple days here yes


yo check that out right there looks like

a construction or the structure of some


yeah the stones oh Jesus child astrovan




about to go to Deer Lake and Rocky

Mountain National Park Deer Lake baby

deer Lake baby deer mouth deer mountain

never mind

okay but it's just the amount


you know it is you know where we are at

it's called dear something dear mountain

we are a dear mountain and if you look

there without way there's a mountain if

you look over this way there's a

mountain over this Ridge and you're

about to hike that Ridge



alone up the trail getting some some

pretty epic views here after all right

and getting close to top going for shame

there's a summit right there

it's in our sights but we can't see it





we made at 1/8 to the top I made 10

absolutely incredible but I think the

last point two miles we were only

thinking about the PB&J so you made

earlier and then we now get a feast on

what's the word step off the trail leg

as I'm trying to like not yeah

buggy backwards down a hill not the

smartest idea


like it

oatmeal man fuel today beautiful sunrise

snow we got snow last night no telling

how much snow we got on the top of pilot

peak which we're about to go summit all


well catch you guys later I just sent

the address to a man about to hit the

fly shop get some flies rip some lips

let's make our way to brick yes sir

about to be my first time five fish cook

brought a full tempur-pedic pillow and a

freaking sound machine


we uh we just stopped in to town checked

out a fly shop got some intel got some

bugs and we just made it out here we got

Luke Luke's first time the first time

fly fishing so we're gonna try to show

him how it's done

see if we can uh can't catch a fish or

two while we're out here before we have

to head back into town at the Bear Lake

trailhead summit pallet Peak screen bird

gets the worm Sun just came up we're

going up there into the clouds


and fall through the ice man


here's our song buried all the way down

snowing snows deep just now getting able

to see some mountains we had to strap up

with a couple extra layers currently

about 11,000 feet let's get it going up

there keeping an eye out for sasquatch

possibly the Yeti with these chronic



do not miss it


well as I was fishing that first hole

got my flies stuck in the grass behind

me tried to yank it out not even that

hard my rod just my rod you snapped I've

made like 10 casts in the TARDIS now

well it's a fan man he's got a roll of


we got the other rod rigged up and

within like three or four pass hooked up

this little bow it's nice truck you got

riding that uh that seam right there

awesome little fish



we got a lookout here letting out a cast

and everything making it happen

set oh that's a nice dude

hold tight yeah I get stuff dude getting

someone to Kim someone want to take it

just keep it tight keep that rod high

man and slowly start bringing in this

wet it's a good already one to

first move your trowel

yeah dude


Oh No it got away he's right there


dan dan that's good then he snapped it

snapped me clean and of course as I was

going back to the car to put my broken

rod away in blue calls me says he has a

fish stands killing it bigger

Haley this guy didn't need me

oh dude

whoo like literally every time you told

me to like set the hook out like with it

but the moment you weren't here I did it

like so with such finesse yeah it's a

little fight I brought him over it I was

all by myself and so I'm sitting here

trying to pull in the fly rod but your

first time out myself out here and how

to pull it in with the net boys what you

think for some fishing incredible day

it's pretty cool I caught two fish and

there's extremely satisfying tangled

three lines


alright boys we think is paint on


all right we're gonna wrap a basin and a

basin if it floats the first time of

Colorado served be a good treat

I'm ready for it I'm ready let's do it

stash game here we go



he's like getting sleeps child




six tree


oh yeah man snowboarding this morning

had a nice breakfast I shift with the

help of Sam it's pretty nice

but I don't know if you guys can see

this but I you turn your head that way

look at it it's pretty nice look look

see it Scottie didn't you see what I see

didn't you see cook like kind of like

she did I don't know what he's doing

Scottie said he's dropping in from up

there it's off the peak yeah yeah we'll


Travis rise

you have to pay attention Briscoe score



so I did the next best like soup they're

trained to Houston and I couldn't get


of the find and about that


man attention


crashing down

first fish on the fly it was a beast

wasn't it it was pretty good-sized fish

it had red spots all over it was pretty


this told us a big brown credit goes to

Sam right there he set up the rig for me

and all I did was you know all the work




all right it's day seven it's the final

day of skiing it's no I've already at

Arapahoe Basin and we need a little

liquid courage for the day







Oh snows good


yep yeah this is really good this is

really good oh yeah oh there's good snow

in there honey

oh come on all right we just got back

and it is dumping now and yeah we're

gonna rest the legs because the legs are

freakin shot right now yeah legs are

shot right now so we're gonna we're

gonna chew up for the next couple hours

enjoy the last night here and then

figure out our plan for tomorrow

later boys safe travel all right well

today is Saturday and from our plan this

is officially our last day in Colorado

but due to the kureta virus our school

actually extended our Spring Break and a

whole another week so we decided we're

gonna stay one more day and we're gonna

take Nick on his first time fly fishing

and hopefully we can have a good day

a dedicated day to just fishing and

getting on some nice fish oh thanks

they're just things just as we're

getting going

getting the rods put together rod

slipped into the door Shane actually

closed the door patootie or two rods -

that makes three on the trips oh my god

man that sucks but what can you do at

this point we're gonna you know try to

make the best of it we've got three rods

five of us but we're gonna get out I'm

gonna try to catch some fish and try to

move past this whole little situation

I'm not taking blame was your wife

what's going on my rods rigged up on the

side right two rods in the door jam like

I don't care to try

set your rod somewhere else I feel bad

that's still kickin we could duct-tape

fly rod broken heart broken Shane


snapped in two places so Nick this is

fly-fishing this is how every trip goes

just about you got to make sure the

heisman blind up gonna work is it




no it was a good fish

thanks hooked up oh let him run run run

come this way come this way Nick





your buddy give it to keep it tight

there you go

last cos baby


Oh awesome

yeah man yeah buddy

whoo that's how you end the day right

what a way to end it

last cast nick nick hooked onto a nice

lorraine bow i literally told them to

take one more cast turn my back for one

second and sure enough he hooked onto

one but that's gonna do it for us in

colorado absolutely epic Tom look at

this place I definitely know that some

of us are considering moving out here

one day or our stress that's right we

graduate in May


hey yo you're right get it right hander

I'll dude someone's gonna nail yo yeah

hit him right and all the hit I know



it sees snowflake on here and it's so

beautiful here we are in Narnia who's

walked out of the Wardrobe we're gonna

see Mike Jones cast his first

fly-fishing rod of all time first of all

time yeah

cook jumped in the water and save the

day save the day

ripped his shirt off and everything's

gonna see them