Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Visiting CHERNOBYL

airplanes are great ways for accessing

in hard to reach areas

just such flight simulator 2020 opens up

infinite possibilities of extremely

interesting locations to visit

chernobyl ukraine then is one such area

whilst there's clearly a lot of terrible

and tragic history here at pripyat

flying over the location really doesn't

give much indication of that

for intents and purposes the place looks

peaceful and the forest and landscape is

truly stunning

but we are not here to look at nature

rather we are here to look at chernobyl

and the nearby town of pripyat here in

the plane

we're looking at the vfr map and

chernobyl is located

on the lake's left tip so we're going to

turn it towards that

and head in that direction right now you

can see the

massive open expanse here forest

absolutely everywhere

waterways and roads are also scattered

throughout the entire region

now if you look out the window here just

to the left of the dashboard you can see

a smaller cluster of buildings

i'm going to jump into big maps for a

moment and have a look at exactly what

that is

and get a feel for where we are so

here's the lake i mentioned just now

over on the left we can see a chernobyl

and north of snowboard is a pripyan

here's the power plant uh keep this

image in mind because we'll be having a

look at this

in the sim in just a moment we're

actually flying over this location

right here to the left and we can get a

bit of an idea

for comparison's sake so obviously in

the background

this is in the sim up in the top right

is the satellite imagery

we can see the buildings are pretty

accurately represented

aside perhaps from the slight ruins

there on the bottom of the map which


is a fully intact building in the sim

but still

close enough very impressive actually

now here is the bridge that crosses the

river pripyat over to a chernobyl power


you may notice that the bridge here has

a slight problem it goes underwater

this happens from time to time with the

new flight simulator

it's not a massive issue but you will

come across it occasionally even in

some of the cities but overall not a

major issue

across the other side of the bridge here

we're doing a flow over

of the infamous power plant now you may

have noticed that the new

safe confinement is not in position here

it's very likely that microsoft flight

simulator is usually an

older imagery here because the safe

confinement is still under construction

to the east of the power plant and we'll

see that in a little bit when we get to


slightly higher up aerial photography

and i'll have a look at that in

just a moment we'll shoot all the way up

into the sky to get a nice

top-down view but even without the safe


in the position and completed the rest

of the area looks to be

very accurate all the buildings are

where they should be and even some of


trees the issue with the safe

confinement that does highlight though

is that from time to time in various

places microsoft flight simulator does

use older imagery but due to the fact

that flight simulator is so heavily tied

into big maps which is regularly updated

then it would perhaps suggest that the

sim is likely to be

frequently updated and improved as time

goes on

i also took the ability to use the drone

camera to go

way up into the sky and you can pretty

much go as high as you like here

at many many tens of thousands of feet

okay there now moving away from

chernobyl it's time to take a look at

the town of pripyat

we can see that above the dashboard

there in the distance

and from this perspective right above

the plane we should be able to see the

iconic amusement park

that isn't represented in the sim but

just about everything else

actually is now trees are absolutely

everywhere here

the forest doesn't merely extend all the

way to the horizon

but it also completely overwhelms

everything that however doesn't prevent

you from making out details it's very

easy to see

each individual building it's also

possible to make out the roads here

now getting a little closer to the

buildings we can see that they use a

flight simulator's auto gen technology

that is these are generic buildings that

flight simulator is

placing where it thinks they should be

according to satellite imagery

and it actually does a very good job but

it does mean that some places

like the amusement park here are not

quite where they should be

now on another note you may have noticed

that there's been a huge amount of

flight simulator videos released over

the past few days there is one

youtube channel i'd like to recommend

and that is oz

flight zimmer there's a link in the

video description do go check it out

highly recommended and on a final note


it seems we're not the only people

visiting chernobyl at this particular


on occasion you'll find the odd car

passing through

who knows what they're looking for as

always thanks for watching

and i catch you guys and girls next time