How to get from the Cancun Airport to Tulum Mexico

welcome to the Cancun International

Airport you will soon be arriving in the

beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico in this

video we'll be showing you how to get

from the Cancun Airport to Tulum and all

the ground transportation options you

have this way you can pick the best

option for yourself and get right to

your vacation in Tulum so you can relax

so you're coming to Cancun Airport and

you want to know how is the best way to

get to your hotel well in this short

video we're going to tell you the five

ways which you can easily get

transportation from the penguin Airport

to where you need to go the first thing

we should mention about getting to Tulum

from the Cancun Airport is the distance

it is about a hundred and twenty

kilometers or will take about one hour

and a half so it is important to be

comfortable so you can sit back and

relax and get straight to the beach

let's now talk about the transportation

options you have the first one is

booking a private transportation to

anywhere you will need to go whether

it's a hotel or a rental now this is

what most people booked because it is

the most efficient way to get from the

Cancun Airport directly to where you

need to go these are just for your group

or your family and you can book a

roundtrip and get a discount this is

what the private transfers look like

from the Cancun Airport they're a

spacious fan and will give you more

space than a taxi also your driver will

meet you at the exit of the terminal and

take you to your van there are also

luxury private transfers available from

the airport and handicap bands also in

our article we'll have a link to the

best recommended private transportation

company that you can use your trip here

to the Riviera Maya we will say that now

all private transportation companies are

the same and that's why we like to make

recommendations for our readers

number two is the audio bus this is the

only public bus that services the Cancun

Airport they mainly have service to

downtown San Khun Porter merliss and

Plato Carmen

there are infrequent buses also directed

to lune now these buses are very

cost-effective if you're traveling by

yourself or on a budget and staying near

the bus station

however the audio bus does not stop

along the highway at individual hotels

and in our article we'll have detailed

instructions as to how to take the audio

bus and some important tips the audio

bus does leave from all four terminals

of the Cancun Airport if you're going to

CH Illume you have two options

number one you can take the bus to Playa

del Carmen which will take you to the

Juarez and Fifth Avenue bus station

where you can transfer to another bus

going to Tulum or you can catch one of

the infrequent buses going direct to

Tulum to this station here you can check

the audio website for the exact

schedules you can purchase your audio

bus tickets upon arrival inside the

terminal or on the platform at these

stands here we do recommend purchasing

them when you arrive because they are

time tickets you can purchase bus

tickets from Cancun Airport to Tulum in

pesos small bills of dollars and credit

cards it should be noted that the audio

bus arrives in the downtown of Tulum if

you are staying along the beach in the

hotel zone most hotels are about 15 to

25 minutes away and taxis are very

expensive in Tulum this is where you

might just want to take a private

transfer to save time and money

number 3 option is if you're staying an

all-inclusive hotel sometimes they have

buses it will pick

and you can include transportation in

your package now this can be very

convenient but you might have to wait

when you get here to airport because the

bus is often or 450 people or 60 people

and you have to wait for everyone to get

through security and customs so in this

case you also could just book a private

transportation and go straight to your

hotel and that way when you get to your

hotel you're not with a group of people

they're all checking at the same time

another thing to consider if you're

taking the hotel transportation is the

return to the Cancun Airport often the

return to the airport is with a group of

people leaving at multiple climbers so

this might put you at the airport an

hour or two before you need to be there

this is where you might just want to

take a private transfer to save some

time on your vacation we will say there

are no large all-inclusive hotels in the

downtown of Tulum or the hotel zone of

Tulum there are a few just north of

Tulum you can check the link on our

website to the private transportation

company to see what zone your hotel is

in the fourth option is car rental

there's many cars for rental at the

airport and if you're going to be

staying and doing a little adventure and

driving on your own this can be a good

option to get to and from the airport

check out our guide on our website for

driving in Mexico for important tips for

your vacation number five is a taxi or

uber now we have to say uber does not

operate currently in the Riviera Maya so

this is not an option from the Cancun

Airport taxis are another option of

course when anybody flies into an

airport they want on maybe just hop in a

taxi taxis from the Cancun Airport might

not be the best option for you for

several reasons the first reason is

there's no set prices on taxis and taxes

do not have meters nor are there booths

where you can buy tickets so the prices

are open to negotiation and that's kind

of hard when you brand and you don't

want to have to negotiate a price like

any airport in the world it can be a

little confusing after a long flight

being asked by many people about

transportation options it's very nice to

have a pre booked transfer waiting for

you at the airport so you can go right

to your hotel

second you can't get a round-trip

discount because you'll be taking

different taxis so with the private

transportation you can get a round-trip

discount and so this is a much better

option because you can pay in advance

you have several methods of pain and you

have a bilingual driver we hope whatever

option you choose to get from the Cancun

Airport to Tulum that you have a great

vacation in the local area to help you

along the way we've written a few guides

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the Tulum area we've written a guide

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and also the mine ruins which are right

in our backyard we hope you have a great

time and we'll see you online